President Trump Launches One Last Offensive To Try And Sell Ryancare Health Bill To Congress

I’ve said it before and I suppose I’ll say it again – I don’t like this healthcare bill circulating through Congress at the moment, and it’s not because of “muh Conservative principles” or some similar nonsense.

It’s missing much of what was promised to us by President Trump, and if what has been said proves to be true, we’re going to essentially have a plan that will be Obamacare with a few small tweaks and changes.

Premiums and deductibles are likely still going to rise, and the political damage to Trump – thanks, Cuck Ryan – that could come after working-class White Americans see the results could potentially be catastrophic.

But apparently he’s fully-invested in the plan, which seems to be a rare mistake on his part, and we’ll likely see the fruits of his labor come voting time for the bill – supposedly this coming Thursday.

From Politico:

President Donald Trump arrived on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning with a clear message for Republicans who have been wobbly about dismantling Obamacare: Give me your vote or you may lose your seat in 2018.

Trump is taking his case directly to Congress, huddling privately with the House GOP conference two days ahead of a planned vote to repeal the 2010 Democratic health care law. It could determine the course of his entire first-term legislative agenda.

The president was accompanied by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, both of whom served in the House until recently.

Trump’s warning was one that Speaker Paul Ryan and the House GOP leadership badly wanted delivered to their rank-and file colleagues, many of whom are wary about or outright opposed to the GOP bill.

Trump entered the meeting to loud cheers. He started his remarks, then paused and said, “You guys don’t mind if I go off script?”

“We have a chance to do something fantastic, to do something amazing,” Trump told the lawmakers, according to sources in the room. Trump made the case that voters gave Republicans control of the White House and Congress to do just this.

Trump noted that previous attempts to repeal Obamacare weren’t going to pass the Senate or be signed by President Barack Obama.

“I’m asking for your vote on Thursday,” Trump said. Many of you came in on the pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare. I honestly think many of you will lose your seats in 2018 if you don’t get this done.”

This is a big gamble for the President, as he stands to lose much – including possible reelection – if things go sour after all is set and done.

My personal wish originally was for this thing to fail in the House, with Paul Ryan taking the flak hard enough that he would lose his Speaker position before too long.

Now we’re faced with a question that is nasty no matter what the answer.

Do we let this thing pass, and have Trump look like a fool if insurance prices become too much for most to afford?

Or do we want the bill to fail, and risk collateral damage to Trump due to his intense support of Ryan’s idiocy?


  1. Ryan has engineered massive losses in 2018…short of some unifying War the GOP will lose the Senate and House.

    He’s a cunt.

    It’s best if the Congressional GOP Rebel against Ryan.

  2. Mistake or part of the (((plan)))? How much backtracking will we tolerate before realizing that trump is firmly in team kike? His lack of accomplishments up to this point leads me to believe he will be ineffective at best, cuck/like at worst.

    • If Trump radically increases beaner deportations and goes hard after the Muslims (deportations) and trolls the Jews enough for long enough he’s done good.

      Keep some seblance of peace with Russia and assist Le Pen openly he’ll have done better.

      Anything short of nationalizing the Health Insurance industry is not worth bothering with.

      It’s where things are headed in healthcare anyway.

      • If he fucks up, nationalism is done in the us govt. Revolution or displacement will be the only options left. If he fucks up healthcare, he will lose the congress, and the presidency.

          • That’s my theory as well. Ryan represents a part of the Republican Party that is perfectly fine being a minority (in both government and as a race).

            They represent selfishness, corruption, and self-hate, and treat men like Trump (and us) as worst enemies than even the most hardcore Communists.

        • Tbh nationalism never had a real chance in the US. Trump was kind of a fluke but he’s useful to increase polarization, which should be our real focus.

          • You’re probably right. Just wish the polarization would accelerate further, though it is accelerating every day.

          • It feels like it’s slowed down to me but of course it’ll pick up in 2020, maybe even around the midterm elections. If Trump keeps going like this, governing like just another conservative, he may lose reelection. If he does the Democrats will want to take revenge against this country for giving Trump even one term. That’s when polarization will really start getting extreme.

          • It feels like it’s slowed down to me but of course it’ll pick up in 2020, maybe even around the midterm elections. If Trump keeps going like this, governing like just another conservative, he may lose reelection. If he does the Democrats will want to take revenge against this country for giving Trump even one term. That’s when polarization will really start getting extreme.

  3. Very depressing situation. Trump needs to take down Ryan, not take down House conservatives. Between the Kushners and Priebus Trump is between a rock and a hard place.

  4. IMO President Trump was wrong to get Lyin’ Paul Ryan involved in any part of the administration’s agenda, especially where health insurance is concerned. Ryan is bad news and cannot be trusted.

  5. Trump is on the VERY high learning curve. I hope he can get to the top…I’m sure he doesn’t regard Kushner and (((Ryanberg))) are internal subversives

  6. Dealing with immigration is most important. Health care bills, Obama taps, Russia taps, SCOTUS nominees, blah, blah, blah are only serving as distractions from what’s most important.

  7. Speaker Ryan isn’t a “Cuck” but a “Bull,” he is cuckolding whites as a Roman-Catholic. When he distracts people with this so-called economic conservatism, he is able to get more fellow Roman Catholics into the United States. People here don’t believe me, but those Hispanics are voting papists into office as was the plan all along.


  8. health care another crisis. decline of law and order collapse in urbanized cities .economy recovery will never be 1970s quality in private sectors. economoc index includes security industry as growth and old nursing home and day care center. employement of gambling and sex . criminal justice and prison population and war spending GDPY2K.acceleration collapse taking place .

  9. What happened? Donald Trump and Paul Ryan had no “Love” for each other. Now friends and promoting Ryan Care? Republicans……….This health care plan is bad news for sure. Need a better plan for Americans. WPWW !

  10. I’m not as worried as you are, Hunter. I don’t think Trump is some naïve babe in the woods where it comes to the backstabbing Paul Ryan.

    For example, why for a man who loves to put HIS name on EVERYTHING does Trump have his surrogates refer to this bill as RYANCARE?! He KNOWS this is a disaster and he is going to make sure to hang this albatross around the necks of Paul Ryan and any of his allies. He WANTS it to fail.

    It may pass in the House, but I would be greatly surprised if it passes in the Senate. That leaves Obamacare in place to implode

    Then Trump produces his OWN plan and I suspect what he has in mind in the Franco-German style single payer basic healthcare insurance he was talked out of when he first ran. Already the newspapers are getting leaks of private conversations he has had with key Republican donors who support it, like Reddy.

    I think, Hunter, you are too caught up in the left-right, Democrat-Republican, either-or, if not, then paradigm that you cannot see what the civic nationalist, Trump sees. Whites cannot be allowed to let themselves nudged into one pen or another. They must go ala carte and take only what is useful to THEM..

  11. By giving a full endorsement of the plan wholeness knowing it will fail, the weight of the loss falls squarely on Ryan, not Trump.

    Trump will come back with a winner.

  12. Much of mundane health needs could be done by non-physicians. They’s need to be protected from lawsuits, but people need not incur $300 doctor visit bills for the sniffles. Why can’t the pill and ED medications be over the counter? Why can’t some more mild prescription medicines be obtained from pharmacists with a simple consultation? I notice you don’t even start seeing talented Doctors until you see a specialist for some condition. General Practice is either all little girl doctors or Indian quacks.

  13. I think sometimes voters read things into a candidate, and believe that he is who they want him to be, and not maybe who he actually is. I think I wanted Trump to be William Jennings Bryan, or Huey Long, but I think he’ll turn out to be Ronald Reagan.

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