Antwerp: Entirely-Equal Pension-Paying Moslem Arrested After Attempting To Drive Car Into Crowd

Guys, what was the name of that movie where you had people going berserk and killing themselves due to some weird evolutionary response by plants?

The Happening, right?

I remember that the flick was kind of stupid (not my cup of tea), but there were some pretty funny clips now that I think about it.

Maybe, and it’s just a rough hypothesis, this is what we’re seeing among the migrants throughout the West – some sort of evolutionary response to the environment that manifests itself through terrorism and random car rampages.

Or maybe it’s just because they are a subhuman group of Moslem foreigners, bound by their faith and somewhat-similar racial composition to destroy the White Man through fear and subjugation.

Because unlike us, the Moslems – whether North African, Afghan, Turk, or undefined – remember the days when they had Europe on the ropes.

And in some instinctual part of their primitive brains, they sense that they now have another shot at conquering the Light of the World.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Belgian police arrested an inebriated 39-year-old French man of North African descent after he attempted to drive through a crowd in Antwerp in a car containing weapons before being stopped by Belgian security forces, officials said Thursday.

The suspect, a French national and resident whom officials identified as Mohamed R., was found under the influence of drugs, alcohol or possibly both, according to a Belgian official. A French police officer said the suspect’s blood-alcohol content was several times above the legal limit.

Authorities would likely wait until Friday to interview him, the Belgian official said, giving the man time to clear the substances from his system.

Around 11 a.m., a car registered in France drove rapidly toward pedestrians in the center of Antwerp, causing them to jump out of the car’s way, a spokesman for the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office said. No one was injured or killed in the incident, he said.

The car fled when soldiers attempted to intercept it but was later stopped by the Antwerp police’s rapid response team, who arrested the suspect, the Belgian prosecutor’s office said.

Various weapons were discovered in the car’s trunk, the prosecutors’ office said, including knives, a riot gun, and a canister containing an unidentified substance, adding that the security officials were continuing to investigate the car.


  1. Well, one silver lining to these weekly Islamic slaughters of our people in Europe, UK, some USA is that we have way less of the conspiracy theory 9/11 loons.

    It’s getting well nigh impossible that the Islamists are slaughtering us, invading us, raping our women.

    Sure there is the related J question, but yeah, Islam is our enemy then and now.

    • I really have had enough of you silly assed SPOOFERS who never bother to explain how building #7 on 9-11, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air for roughly 108 feet. The force of gravity on the rock and the building are exactly the same. Since both fell at the same speed, the rock and the building, that means that the building and the rock were supported by the same thing…air. Well we all know the damn building wasn’t floating in the air and the fires were only on three or four floors as videos acquired with the FOIA show around one hour before the building fell. In order for the building to fall as it did all support, the columns, the sheet rock, everything had to be boiled away by fire to be the same density as air for a minimum of 10 floors. Maybe you can show me that? This is absolutely simple high school physics and needs no complicated engineering to understand. The only possibility is that the bottom was demoed out from under it.

      If I can see this then surely the “brilliant” Jews can also and they own the media. They’re the only group that profited from 9-11.

      If you wish to dispute what I said I can provide numerous video, engineering, and first hand testimony to this effect. Evidence that there were explosives set off in the building by people in the building, outside the building and actual videos where you can hear the explosions yourself.

      Or maybe you could convince us how we should listen to the (((Fake))) Jew press instead?

      • Please go spread your nonsense to some Islamic no go zone in Lutton England or in so many of the worst Algerian, Black convict convert slums, the “Jungle” in Calais.

        There is always a 1% of weird confessed White Western guy falling down with these unter – it obviously includes you.

        You simply can’t function around healthy, sane White Western Men and especially healthy, attractive White Western women.

        Be gone.

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