Chaos Spreads Through Government As Trump Wiretapping Claims Seem To Be Confirmed

Since this whole story – centering around President Trump’s claim that he had been under surveillance by the Obama Usurper Administration – broke several weeks ago, I had the feeling in the back of my mind that eventually all would be brought into the light.

Trump may be a bit hyper and a bit emotional at times, but he is by no means a liar, and has demonstrated a cunning that is light-years beyond what we have been used to in recent decades.

In fact, he has thus far proven to be a man capable of outsmarting the most shrewd Jews time and time again; a skill likely honed through a lifetime of having to deal with the slimy rats in every facet of the business world.

Could it be that Trump has once again caught the vermin of government in a trap?

Well, according to Rep. Devin Nunes, that is exactly what is happening.

It gets even better, with Nunes doubling down on his original remarks that there really and truly was a vast conspiracy to destroy Trump during the interval between the Election and the Inauguration.

Right now, I see the entire narrative of the Left and cucked Right unraveling in the next week or two, with every diversionary effort being deployed to halt the collapse.

But it’s going to fail, and Trump will prevail.

And then the American people – if they pay attention – will be able to at last see the snakes in the grass for what they are:

Vicious backbiting scavengers and enemies of the state.

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  1. Abolish the FBI and CIA? Answers on a postcard to

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave
    Washington DC

    • Are you getting your daily emails from our President?

      One of these days there will be a petition attached for draining these intelligence swamps, we all would do well to participate in that one. I pretty much answer all of them anyway.

      Of course, postcards can speed things along too.

  2. We’re all being wiretapped.

    Trump should be taking a stand for ancient liberties here, but is only concerned about how he himself was affected, and the back and forth of Washington politics.

    I am glad that Trump Care is being defeated by Rand Paul et al. Trump needs a slap in the face, a bloody nose, a wake up call.

    He is drifting badly.

    The precedent set by Trump Care is that, no, you really don’t have to go back. Translate to immigration, and it is suicide for our nation.

    We can and must go back on many fronts: immigration, AI/robotics/surveillance, markets, spirituality, and so much more. We all can’t win. Some people have to win, some people have to lose. I hope that the good people, the godly people win (Trump’s base). I hope the unrighteous lose. That means war, and as Trump surely must know*, the best and only way to prevent a war is to prepare to fight it AND to win it.

    * He went to Wharton, after all…

  3. According to HuffPo, Trump is a deluded maniac and this whole wiretapping business is just a product of his feverish, crazed mind.

    When it’s proven correct, they’ll no doubt remain silent afterwards.

  4. That’s a pretty optimistic contention. But if your prognostication comes true, I will likewise be very pleased.

  5. Trump would have to be an idiot to make up the Obama wire tapping claim. He’s anything but an idiot. Perhaps he has more knowledge of bombshells he’s holding onto until the proper moment.

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