Healthcare Vote Set For Today, Slimy Cuck Paul Ryan Demands Congressional Compliance

We need this bill to fail, as it’s just too damaging in the long-term when it comes down to Congressional Elections and the 2020 Presidential Race.

Americans are not like these weird Reaganite “Fiscal Conservatives” and double-crossing cuckolds that have fleeced the nation time and time again, and they will not be too thrilled once it becomes clear that their insurance premiums and deductibles will likely continue to rise under the new Republican policy.

For Trump’s sake (and I know he’s invested a lot into this nightmare project), he better hope that Congress decides to shelve Paul Ryan’s nonsense.

And who knows?

Maybe it will help to facilitate the removal of the spineless Wisconsin Weasel from one of the nation’s most powerful political positions…

From AP:

Republicans muscled their capstone health care overhaul past an initial barrier and toward a climactic roll call Friday, plunging ahead despite uncertainty over whether they had the votes to prevail in what loomed as a monumental gamble for President Donald Trump and his GOP allies in Congress.

With Trump budget chief Mick Mulvaney and other White House officials heading toward the Capitol to lobby wavering lawmakers, Friday’s showdown was occurring after the president warned that he was through negotiating with holdouts. In a message delivered to rank-and-file Republicans at the Capitol late Thursday, top Trump aides said if the measure failed he would move on to the rest of his agenda.

“We’ll see what happens,” Trump said at the White House Friday when asked his course should the measure fail.

In the day’s first meaningful roll call, the House used a near party-line 230-194 vote to insert changes into the measure that leaders hoped would win over unhappy Republicans. These included improving Medicaid benefits for some older and disabled people and abolishing coverage requirements that Obama’s 2010 law imposes on insurers.

The GOP bill would eliminate the Obama statute’s unpopular fines on those who do not obtain coverage and the often generous subsidies for those who purchase insurance.

Instead, consumers would face a 30 percent premium penalty if they let coverage lapse. Republican tax credits would be based on age, not income. The bill would also end Obama’s Medicaid expansion and trim future federal financing for the federal-state program and let states impose work requirements on some of its 70 million beneficiaries.

In a bid to coax support from conservatives, House leaders proposed a fresh amendment – to be voted on Friday – repealing Obama’s requirement that insurers cover 10 specified services like maternity and mental health care. Conservatives have demanded the removal of those and other conditions the law imposes on insurers, arguing they drive premiums skyward.

Many moderates are opposed because they say the GOP bill would leave many voters uninsured. Medical associations, consumer groups and hospitals are opposed or voicing misgivings, and some Republican governors say the bill cuts Medicaid too deeply and would leave many low-income people uncovered.

Republicans can lose only 22 votes in the face of united Democratic opposition. A tally by The Associated Press found at least 32 “no” votes, but the figure was subject to fluctuation amid frantic GOP lobbying.

If this somehow makes its way through both the House and Senate, the American people will get to see Cuckservative policy in all its pathetic glory, and the Democrats – especially the hardcore Leftist wing – will likely experience a rejuvenation of their fortunes almost immediately.

Both Hunter and myself feared this would be the result of Trump getting involved in bureaucratic insanity here at home, and it looks like we were both 100 percent correct.


  1. Trump should, at the last minute, propose a Single Payer scheme to fuck over Ryan & Pelosis Punch n’ Judy show. It would troll everyone so hard and produce heart attacks in Congress.

  2. Seems Trump has put building The Wall, deporting illegal felons, going after sanctuary cities and defunding anti free speech colleges at the bottom of the list. Assuming they’re still on the list. This recycled Obamacare bill is bound to be a disaster and will hurt him. But then cucks like Ryan won’t mind.

  3. I don’t understand how Trump could ever have trusted the Republicans. Did he try to make a deal with them? You run against the Republican party through the convention and then you turn around and try to enlist Ryan to help you? Is Trump very susceptible to flattery?

    • I am not surprised by this. It is what a dealmaker would do. We are still far better off than we would have been under Clinton. I hope the Alt Right puts this breathing space to good use.

      I hope you all don’t waste your time and energy on ”reforming” the current system. It isn’t going to happen.

  4. My hope is they add the things the conservatives want, and the RINO moderates kill the bill, then let Trump go after them in 2018. As well as the House Leadership.
    The Speaker’s seat should have been declared vacant, or someone other than Ryan elected.
    I’m trying to remember why Massie or Webster or someone else wasn’t the one to replace Boehner.

  5. BobWhitakerisokay
    ‘Seems Trump has put building The Wall, deporting illegal felons, going after sanctuary cities and defunding anti free speech colleges at the bottom of the list. Assuming they’re still on the list.’

    They are taking bids for the wall and Trump has been expediting the arrest and removal of illegals from sanctuary cities.

    Trump is sending judges to 12 US cities to speed up deportations

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US Justice Department is developing plans to temporarily reassign immigration judges from around the country to 12 cities to speed up deportations of illegal immigrants who have been charged with crimes, according to two administration officials.

    How many judges will be reassigned and when they will be sent is still under review, according to the officials, but the Justice Department has begun soliciting volunteers for deployment.

    The targeted cities are New York; Los Angeles; Miami; New Orleans; San Francisco; Baltimore, Bloomington, Minnesota; El Paso, Texas; Harlingen, Texas; Imperial, California; Omaha, Nebraska and Phoenix, Arizona.

  6. Speaking as an Australian ( from the outside looking in ), doesn’t the U.S. have any parties other than the Democrats and Republicans to choose from? Having just two Jewish Leftwing parties to choose from in the dictatorship of America is not giving the white South much representation.
    In Australia, a ‘Trump’ would start up his own political party where he’s free to call out wrongdoings in the mainstream parties, and is free of the obligation to waffle the party line.
    We have Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party and she really sticks it up the establishment. She speaks to the people, speaks for the people and visits rural areas and heads their concerns OUTSIDE of election times as well as DURING them. She is gaining traction, particularly in the country.
    These days, a new leader always means more of the same. You need a new system.

    • No, we have a winner takes all two party system. No chance of ever getting a third party to win. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation gets seats based on proportional representation, she wins 10 percent of the vote, she gets 10 percent of the seats. In America, you win your election and your seat, or you get NOTHING. We were lucky to get Trump, he had the entire media and political establishment against him.

      As an Australian, please troll the shit out of this faggot who wants to swamp Oz with Wogs.

      • Yes I will.
        In Aus, traditional values parties face the same problem they do everywhere……third world votes that ensure votes for leftwing parties. If only Australians alone voted, Handon type parties would likely yield more like 40% in cities and I’m guessing 80% in rural areas. The left knows when they’re importing Somalians, Paki’s, etc they’re effectively importing votes.
        If you think rural Texans are conservative, they have nothing on rural Australians.

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