Jewish Children Join Together To Sing “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish”

What do you think would happen if I decided to identify as a Black man to argue for the immediate repatriation of all Negroes either to Africa or sealed-off urban reservations?

More than likely, I’d be attacked, vilified, and cast out of society faster than physics can even calculate.

But with Jews, we see a switching back and forth between races that should make everyone ask a few questions.

Because with the Christ-Killer, identifying as White works perfectly when the topic of “privilege” needs to be addressed – study Tim Wise if you have any doubts about this statement.

But when the facade – or subversive scam – is complete for the moment, they return right back to their foreign alien roots.


  1. Jews need to go be Jews in Israel and leave White nations permanently. There are even hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Huwhite homeland of Argentina.

    Of course Jews would use Negro Hip Hop to push their Kike cultural Agitprop.

    • That’s exactly what it is.
      Neanderthal DNA is heaviest in the ME today. Europeans are the result of a series of mutations that followed on 10s of thousands of years after the first admixture of Out of Africa humans with Neanderthals…the ME is literally a scrapyard of DNA detritus.

      • Not true.

        In fact, did you know there is significant eskimo DNA in Aryans (properly so called) and the Modern Englishman have about 4% eskimo blood from the influx of Aryans into the British isles in the last couple of thousand years? They call it ANE in the scientific papers (Ancestral North Eurasian).

        R1 is definitely not from Europe though most European males are R1. It’s likely from southern asia.

        All “non-Africans” in other words all non blacks have significant Neanderthal DNA, with admixture episodes in Europe AND the Middle East.

        • “…All “non-Africans” in other words all non blacks have significant Neanderthal DNA…”

          There is some dispute to this. The major paper saying this was written by a Jew and he says that the 4% is an average BUT he uses Asians’ Whites and Middle East in the pool to average. What if almost all the Neanderthal DNA was in the Middle East and Jews and almost none was in Whites and Asians???? It would still average 4% but it would be very deceptive. Look at the links I have above and Micheal Bradley discusses this.Has the Jew opened up his data that he made these statistics from?

    • If anyone is interested in the idea that the Jews are descended from Neanderthals here’s some good links.

      In Michael Bradley’s books “The Iceman Inheritance” and “Chosen People From the Caucasus and The Cronos Complex” he talks about the possibility that Neanderthals with some human admixture cause the large majority of violence on the planet. Bradley is half-Jewish by the way.An anthropologist surveyed all the Neanderthal bones and found they had enormous numbers of fractures. Double the amount of all others. Maybe the Jews are not only psychopaths maybe they’re Neanderthals. The link below has some good reading.

      At the link below look at “Anthropology, Human Evolution”

      Here’s another site with Eric Hufschmid’s pages on Neanderthal looking people. Start with page #1.
      Chapter 4. The Decline and Fall of Esau’s Empire?,_Willis/Barnes_2006-2010/Willis_A._Carto_2010_05-06_TBR;_Revenge_of_the_Neanderthal.html

      I think this is very highly possible that they have a large amount of Neanderthal in them. I’ve said many times that I think that the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths but I also believe that the Neanderthals were a tribe of psychopaths. The Neanderthals spent 250,000 years in Europe and did… basically nothing. I think that not having empathy for your fellow Man means that civilization can never arise or continue. Blacks have much, much less empathy than Whites and as soon as they control an area it immediately de-civilizes. If it were not for continued White support sent into places like Detroit and Baltimore they would be eating each other in a matter of months. Same for the Jews. Every country they move to and start to control goes down hill. It would also account for their intense hatred for Whites. Cro-Magnon kicked their asses out of Europe. (GO CRO-MAG).

  2. Thank Heavens they are not White! Of course it is an escape hatch from the agenda that everything is the fault of “Whites”!

      • They aren’t white, they are Middle Easterners. The Middle East doesn’t look white to me. If they say they are from the Middle East, I believe them.

      • I think the distinction you’re trying to make is they are “Caucasian” but they aren’t what’s commonly known as “white”. That would be a “Caucasian” of European descent with a Christian heritage. Jews are none of that. They may claim some European country as their “home” or origin, but no doubt they moved there from somewhere else.

  3. I have told people this for years, yet they look at me like I’m from Mars or got a horn growing out of my forehead. NOW I AM VINDICATED

  4. Then for heavens sake let’s not stand in their way. Please consider yourself Jewish and join your brethren in Israel.

  5. Why on earth would anyone think they are white? Any white person can tell you those people are most definitely not white.

  6. Whatever they call themselves they ain’t on our team. They are like players who put on our team uniforms to gain the advantage of being on a winning team, using that position to undermine us, and then changing uniforms to avoid going down with us.

  7. This is great news. Jews should acknowledge who they are and be held accountable for their historical actions. Blacks are becoming more and more aware of the jewish domination of the transatlantic slave trade. Dr. Tony Martin:

  8. Bunch of low life. And they know it. That is why they support each other. From stealing to killing.

  9. There are plenty of “white” jews. many are either descendents of jewish slave owners or converts over the years. Religion doesn’t define colour. The sad part is white jews professing their 3000 year old heritage without truly knowing where they came from.

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