Attorney General Jeff Sessions Finally Announces Punishment Measures Against Sanctuary Cities

At last, we can forget about the nonsense of Ryancare, tax breaks for corporations, and possible military action against Yemen, and move into the policy spheres that were the pylons holding Donald Trump up for his entire campaign – immigration and illegal sanctuary cities.

Because you see, sanctuary cities will need to be broken and cowed if we are to ever get a hold of our demographics in time to prevent chaos and terminal decline, as otherwise we’ll just be playing a nationwide game of tag (with safe zones) for the next twenty years until Whites at last become a weak minority.

Economics may go a long way to remedying the problem at first (these urban centers are pretty much dependent on federal aid to merely survive), but my guess is that actual boots – likely military – on the ground will have to be the Final Solution to our Hispanic/Moslem/Asiatic/Mystery Box Migrant Problem.

And it looks as if Jeff Sessions understands this concept quite well.

From Washington Times:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday he’ll begin punishing sanctuary cities, withholding potentially billions of dollars in federal money — and even clawing back funds that had been doled out in the past.

Speaking at the White House, Mr. Sessions said his department is preparing to dole out more than $4 billion in funds this year, but will try prevent any of it from going to sanctuaries.

“Countless Americans would be alive today … if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended,” Mr. Sessions said.

He said he’s carrying out a policy laid out by the Obama administration last year, which identified three grant programs — the COPS grants, Byrne grants and State Criminal Alien Assistance Program money — that already require sanctuary certification.

The Obama administration didn’t end up enforcing that policy, but Mr. Sessions said he’ll begin.

Sanctuaries are jurisdictions that thwart federal immigration agents’ efforts to deport illegal immigrants, usually be refusing to comply with detainer requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Just for laughs, I want you to note that aside from areas of Florida, Austin, and New Orleans, the South seems to be relatively free of concretely-defined sanctuary cities, although some localities – Birmingham in particular – have tried to jump on the emotional bandwagon by declaring their municipalities safe for invading vermin.

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  1. Marcus, Orcs are everywhere. There a Sharia Mortgage companies. The with-holding of shekels is wonderful – but it’s the merest beginning. The are 3 mosques in Knoxville alone.
    I need to see massive trebuchets flinging the Orcs OUT, all over.

    • Sanctuary city officials need to be prosecuted for obstruction of justice if nothing else.

    • Oh, I know. It’s just that the cucks and traitors in the South rely on other avenues – religious groups, for example – to get their enrichment.

  2. I notice the Northwest Redoubt isn’t much of a redoubt. Unless we are talking about redoubtedly stabbing whitey in the back.

      • I’ve listened to some of Harold Covington’s podcasts recently and he is a good speaker who makes an interesting case for White migration into the PNW. I can’t imagine myself living in Portland or Tacoma but there are a lot of good White people out there. And that part of the country is well known as a place where many have moved to make a new start in life.

    • The Northwest Front isn’t feasible because of the QUALITY of White Folks there. Demographically its MUCH WHITER THAN DIXIE but DEMOGRAPHICS AINT EVERYTHING. Culture trumps Demographics. For instance Maine and New England are fairly White, BUT WHO WOULD WANT TO LIVE THERE? Nobody because the Whites there are Leftist Antiwhites.

      Dixie with all of her Demographic woes, IS STILL SUPERIOR. Never forget that

      • The quality of the white folks here?, you need to check out the NW in person before saying that, look at Colorado , you’d think that would be similar with all those sanctuary cities around Denver, the truth is, Colorado has the most guns and militias in the US.
        I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but the NW, away from Seattle of course.

        • Nothing wrong with the NW, but the only problem with the Northwest Front is that you have a large population of Leftist Whites similar to New York and New England and places like Minnesota The common people away from the cities are good we know that, but there are some problems that any future considerations there would have to address.

          The South has a better foundation, a separate culture and an aggressive population. That would have to be built in the NW. The question is do we have time to do that?

      • Billy Ray, you’re a good man but you underestimate the quality of many White folks here in the Northeast. We’re not all androgynous latte-sipping metrosexual Bernie bros, there are White men up here who hunt, fish, listen to country music and fly Rebel flags from their porches and trucks. Yes, many of them are Red Sox and Patriots fans but other than that you would like them just fine.

        • I wasn’t meaning the common folks I meant the urbane Brahmin types, you know the ones who duped their own people to fight the South for the (((UNION)))

  3. Every year tens of thousands of Whites are assaulted, robbed, raped and murdered by nonwhite predators in urban areas, many of whom are illegals. Cities used to be centers of commerce and culture but now they are no-go zones for civilized humans. We still have the chance to turn that around.

  4. “At last, we can forget about the nonsense of Ryancare, tax breaks for
    corporations, and possible military action against Yemen, and move into
    the policy spheres that were the pylons holding Donald Trump up for his
    entire campaign – immigration and illegal sanctuary cities.”

    Amen, brother!

  5. It’s a start.

    Now I just hope that the cities dig in and refuse to cooperate. The greater the conflict, the higher the stakes become in the eyes of the public.

  6. Pittsburgh is not on there but there is a de facto sanctuary policy in place and there has been ever since diversity hire Police Chief, Nate Harper, announced he would not hand illegals over to the feds in 2010. Harper was subsequently jailed on federal corruption charges relating to conspiracy and tax fraud but the policy is still in place.

  7. “Birmingham in particular – have tried to jump on the emotional bandwagon by declaring their municipalities safe for invading vermin.”

    Thus attempting to curry favour with SJWs, who hate them no matter what they say and do.

    “Just for laughs, I want you to note that aside from areas of Florida, Austin, and New Orleans, the South seems to be relatively free of concretely-defined sanctuary cities”

    Which will give SJWs in the North and on the PacRim even more reason to curse and condemn Dixie.

    • “Just for laughs, I want you to note that aside from areas of Florida, Austin, and New Orleans, the South seems to be relatively free of concretely-defined sanctuary cities”

      Yes, that was telling.

      Not too surprised by other areas having sanctuary cities.

      But Iowa?


      This explains the articles written during the primaries revealing the attitudes of Iowans who placed illegal immigration very low on their list of concerns.

      • The Texas Democratic party by the 1940s and 1950’s under LBJ was such a bunch of bastards they were busing in Mexicans to vote in Texas elections. Of course when I now see Jewish geneologists claiming that LBJ is a blood lineal Jew and reading how the Texas Jews and LBJ conspired to break American immigration laws to bring Jews into the US it makes sense. Also makes sense as to how LBJ managed to muscle Texas into giving up Jim Crow so quickly. DER JUDE

        • Johnson turned the South against the Democratic Party. I know old time Texans who are still pissed at LBJ. BTW, I visited the Johnson Ranch on the Perdinales river. Also visited the LBJ Library in Austin.

          • Oh I guarantee most real Texans hate him to this day, it was just sad probably because LBJ had such power within the Texas business community and the newspapers no one caught on to him sooner. Of course I think Sam Rayburn was probably part of keeping LBJ’s true nature undisclosed.

          • I grew up thirty miles from Bonham, Tx. I visited the Sam Rayburn House. My parents and I would go to the Bonham flea market and pass by it, west of town.

          • What’s your guess? How do you think they managed to keep LBJ’s true nature hidden for so long? I remember when I was in TX i passed Dan Rather’s hometown Wharton and of course there is something there i forget whether its a small museum or something for him. I always thought about that and I thought how in the____ did Dan Rather get to be such a bastard? Wasn’t like he didnt know better.

      • The closer to the border one is the Sanctuary City isn’t needed, you just run back across and come back when the coast is clear. For some reason the last time the Texas Rangers really got active on the border was during the Pancho Villa era. For whatever reason since about 1920s the Texas governors have been so Cucked they will barely even think about doing that. Technically my understanding once they cross the Fed’s line they become your state’s problem. The question is why haven’t the Rangers been used for paramilitary operations in 100 years?

      • I went to school with kids from Iowa. Their religions beliefs and attitudes were New England/Puritan in nature. They and their parents were Left leaning to the extreme. Nothing surprises me about Iowa where it concerns Liberalism.

        • I wrote a piece on here, Greater New England is everything above the 41st Parallel. So if you have a map of the USA draw a line at the 41st parallel and that will show you Greater New England. Albeit leave off the Dakotas and Rocky mountain states in the middle. Think of it this way, Greater New England ends at Minnesota and Iowa’s western borders then picks up again when you see the following road signs,


        • The New England cabal was pretty powerful in Kansas once upon a time, but I guess after the War with so many moving west from more Conservative regions, their power was drowned out. Of course from what Ive read the Lawrence Cabal is doing its best to turn Kansas blue

          • From what I read., the New England Immigrant Aid Company brought no women and the one’s that survived the war headed back north.

          • There were families but as I have written about the New England bunch, they tended to remain in the cities. That’s howcome they were able to wield so much power. The Yankees weren’t much on farming, they were more on business. Farming was just something to survive on until something better came along

    • Greedy Texas farmers and oil barons are the reason the United States is in this fix to begin with. In 1924 when the Republicans attempted to close both borders, a group of Texas businessmen approached them and threatened them stating that the price of food and things in the USA would go through the roof without Mexicans. Bowing to pressure from the Texas farm lobby and the oilmen, the border remained open.

      The innocent White Texans never knew what a bunch of bastards the Texas farm lobby and oil lobby was. The mess on the border is largely Texas’s baby. Unfortunately innocent small Texas farmers and everyone else we kept completely out of the decision making on this deal.

      Never could understand why these Texas politicians could out of one side of the mouth praise the Alamo and out of the other side of their mouth praise open borders.

      • Money and power are the answer Billy Ray. It’s just the nature of Texas politics. George Bush Jr, for instance worked some kind of a shady deal on the Texas Rangers stadium. He made/makes a pile off of it. He even shows up for games every now and again. Lots of money to be made under the table on land speculation and mineral rights.

        • That’s what I thought. I never quite understood how the business lobby down there got away with such trickery, such as the whole disowning Dixie thing when LBJ began trotting out Texas Liberal Democrats to criticize George Wallace, even though probably 80-90% of whites in East Texas especially agreed with Wallace. Strange.

          I once had an arguement with a girl online from Texas who tried to tell me Texas ain’t Dixie. I was like I don’t know what in the ____ they are teaching in schools these days. Hated that a person who claimed to be born and bred didnt know that,.

          • Billy Ray, please bear in mind that West Texas is just as Southern as East Texas. West Texas is where the bulk of the Texas cotton belt is.

          • I know that but when I talked to this person I remember face palming and I said OMG we are screwed if the education system is this bad

            Dixie ends when you see the sign that says WELCOME TO NEW MEXICO. Anyone with a brain knows that. I guess I can say as for myself I read enough books to know the truth

  8. Alt Right men are the ONLY white men deserving of respect and honor.

    It is the duty of men to fight for their women(the life vessels of racial survival), their land, their culture, and their historical memory.

    Men who do not bear this blessed burden are a bunch of pansies. Now, some men do fight for those things but lose. For their courage, they deserve respect. American Indians lost but AT LEAST they put up a fight.

    When white people look back on the history of the American West, they respect Red Men like Geronimo and Sitting Bull because, against all odds, they did put up a fight. But there is no respect for Indians who collaborated with white expansionists for a case of whiskey.

    White men can choose the Viet Cong way or Viet Cuck way.

    Even though the US fought bitterly with the Viet Cong and North Vietnam, there is a grudging respect for those men. However, Americans feel Zero Respect for Viet Cucks who allowed the US to use South Vietnam like a fiefdom and offered their daughters and even wives for US soldiers to hump and impregnate.

    Even if Viet Cong and North Vietnam were infected with the disease of communism, they believed in national independence, driving out foreign invaders & imperialists, unifying the nation(cut in two by the US), and reclaiming control of land and possession of women.

    In contrast, Viet Cucks whored out to the US, let Americans occupy and run the South, reduced Viet women into prostitutes and sex meat for foreign occupiers. They were collaborators. They served a foreign power instead of resisting them. No one honors them. Not the Vietnamese and not the Americans.

    Now, it is the White World that is under Jewish-Globalist Occupation. Jews have created a Vietnam-like situation among whites. Just like the US divided Vietnam into North and South, Jews have set ‘red states’ against ‘blue states’ when, in fact, all whites have core common interests. Jews use ‘blue state’ whites as their collaborators. Jews tell white men that they should surrender their lands to masses of foreigners and hand over their daughters to black men.

    Jews call for the colonization of white lands, white minds, and white wombs.

    Jews say non-whites should become ‘new Europeans’ and remake Europe by replacing whites.

    Jews say PC(via academia & media) should colonize white minds and fill whites with ‘white guilt’, white self-loathing, and white self-doubt. Jews say white wombs should be colonized by black seed and Muslim seed and dilute and destroy the white race.

    No people can survive for long without control over the land, narrative, and women. It is on Land that a race is most secure and stands firm. It is the Narrative that instills a people with pride and justification. It is through wombs that future generations of the race are born. Imagine if your mother’s womb had been colonized by a Negro. YOU would have been afro-aborted and tossed out of the nest of white womb that would been colonized by alien seed to create an enemy of the white race.

    To the extent that Alt Right men are the ONLY white men who are aware of what is happening and why AND to the extent that they are the only ones who are explicitly struggling for white survival through possession or reclamation of white lands, white narrative, and white wombs, they are ONLY white men who deserve respect. The rest are cowards, cucks, or collaborators of Jews.

    Only Alt Right men understand the absolute importance of Land, Narrative, and Womb or LNW.

    Is it any wonder that Jews are most committed to destroying those three aspects of whiteness?

    White men must resist Asian-ization. What is more pathetic than the sight of Asian-American men? They come to the US, their women reject them as inferior pansies and offer their wombs to white men and black men. Asian men will come to America and hand over their daughters to white men and black men just so they can have bigger houses and fancier cars. They have no pride. They are submissive wussies.

    White men must not become like yellow Asian pansies.


  9. Diversity leads to either Division or Dilution. Division leads to strife, Dilution leads to dissipation or even total loss of identity.

    Since when is division a form of strength? Since when is dilution a form of strength.

    Diluting something makes it stronger? Really? When whites mix with blacks, is whiteness strengthened in the mixed-race offspring? No, whiteness is lost and the child identifies as black. When whites mix with Meso-Americans, is whiteness strengthened in the mixed-race offspring? No, the kid will most likely identify as ‘brown’ or ‘Latino'(or ‘Latinx) and work against whites.

    It’s simple chemistry. When you dilute something, it becomes weaker and less potent, not stronger. Also, when something bonds with something else, it could well become subordinate or submissive to the other. Virtually child of black-and-white mixing leads to blackness and total eclipsing of whiteness.

    Does anyone really believe Jews care about white gentiles? Does anyone really believe Jews that whites or Europeans will be empowered or strengthened by diversity via massive-invasive-immigration and race-mixing? How are whites or Europeans made stronger by the demographic takeover of white lands by non-whites? How is whiteness served or made stronger by race-mixing when most mixed-race kids identify as non-white and are encouraged by Jews to hate and work against whites?

    More Diversity in the West means more division and strife if whites were to maintain their racial identity and consciousness. They will come in conflict with growing numbers of non-whites.

    Or, more Diversity means more dilution and dissipation for whites if they were to racially mix with non-whites. Most of the kids will identity as non-white and may well work against white power and interests.

    Jew would have you believe that White Power is evil. So,what is preferable? White Powerlessness?

    When it comes to Jews, DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT.


  10. The thing is the ALT+RIGHT is going to have to be prepared for the upcoming Revolution. THOMAS CHITTUM who wrote CIVIL WAR 2 Picked 2020 to be the end of the United States and we are three years out from that. Judging by what Ive read, Id say thats about right

  11. This is Trump’s Operation Wetback. We finally have a President and AG with the balls to stand up to the shitlibs who’ve given safe haven to millions of “undocumented immigrants” i.e. foreign invaders, that have illegally come here since Reagan’s terrible asylum in 1986. Simply begin enforcing the laws already in place, and they will self-deport as they did 60 years ago.

    • Operation Wetback wasn’t even really that much of a success, considering that the border was opened wide by FDR and kept open until 1954. The Minute Kennedy was elected, the border was opened again. In fact LBJ once bragged that Mexico was such as good friend, we’d never put army on the border. #traitor

  12. If you look at the South since WWII and I don’t know why this is Hunter should write a piece on this, but the most Based Red-Pilled politicians always have come from either Alabama or Mississippi. Missouri is basically a Southern State with two huge Northern cities on each end, that probably screws them. Kentucky and West Virginia have always been in the back pocket of the United Mine Workers, Virginia for whatever reason, their conservative political establishment died with Harry Byrd’s death. I think South Carolina’s been basically politically worthless since Tillman and Georgia seemed to really get into trouble with Atlanta’s growth in the 1950s. Florida allowed the Jews and Northern liberals to own South Florida until they ended up with enough political clout to buy the state. As for Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina, I guess they’ve always been like little brothers, they we never good enough to lead anything all those states do is follow.

    Thoughts? Seems as if the entire South turned on the word of Virginia, South Carolina and Alabama/Mississippi for so long, that none of the other states have a clue how to lead, they only know how to follow.

  13. Social Privilege vs Genetic Privilege

    White folks are indeed privileged. And it’s about time race-ists admitted it.

    White people really are privileged with genetic traits that give them an advantage over others in certain areas.

    This privilege was bestowed on whites by evolution and nature. It is genetic. Whites can’t do anything about it since it’s inborn.

    It’s like blacks are privileged when it comes to sprinting, jumping, and punching. No matter how much blacks apologize for their genetic privilege in athletics, they will run faster than others. They can’t help themselves.

    A black guy, upon winning the sprinting competition, can say he’s sorry, mope about about it, and speak in favor of sports-equality. But in the next race, he will beat other races once again due to his genetic privilege that makes him faster than other races.

    Likewise, Ashkenazi Jews are genetically privileged with higher IQ. Evolution made them that way. So, no matter how many times Jews apologize for this genetic privilege/advantage and no matter how badly they may feel about it(or may try to deny it), they are going to outperform gentiles, particularly blacks, in academic endeavors.

    Nature is all about genetic privileges. Just look at birds. They got wings, so they are privileged in flight, something most animals cannot do. Look at fish. They got fins and gills, and that means they are privileged to thrive in water. Even a dumb shark has great advantage over a smart human in water because genetic privilege makes shark master over man.

    Genetic privileging is what nature is all about. Without these natural privileges, organisms wouldn’t have their niche advantages that allow them to survive. Turtles may be slow, but they are privileged with shells that offer them protection. Thus, their chance of survival is improved. A skunk isn’t big or fast, but it is privileged with musk odor that can send predators running. Imagine a ‘progressive’ animal speaking ill of a turtle for its shell-privilege and of a skunk for its stink-privilege.

    Different organisms have different privileges.

    Likewise, different races have different genetic privileges that persist even when social privileges are removed from society.

    Sometimes, social privileges and genetic privileges may be aligned. Suppose there is a social law in America that says ONLY BLACKS can play in NBA or NFL. So, blacks would be socially privileged in sports and totally monopolize both sports. But suppose other races denounce this privilege and call for end of such privileges. But will the change of policy really change the sports scene all that much? NO, because black genetic privilege in sports will remain despite the removal of social privilege. So, even as some whites who are exceptionally good might make it into NBA and NFL, both leagues will remain predominantly black, and there is fat chance of Asian, Mexican, Hindu, or Arab getting in.

    This is the problem with blacks and academics. It is true that blacks were effectively denied entry into many intellectual institutions that once socially privileged whites. But even once those social privileges were removed, white genetic privilege in brain power remained effectively in play.

    In contrast, the removal of social privilege for whites in sports had a huge impact since blacks have natural genetic privilege in athletics. So, change in social policy led to huge changes in sports based on biological factors.

    If people understood the concept of social privilege vs genetic privilege better, they wouldn’t be so confused and partial to PC.


    • ” privilege was bestowed on whites by evolution and nature…”

      Impersonal forces cannot bestow anything -only a person can bestow something to another person.

      And that person, is God.

  14. George Wallace had his own National Guard federalized and turned against him for keeping students out of a school. Sanctuary city mayors are refusing to turn over illegals who are MURDERERS and, until now, not only suffered no legal, financial or political consequences, but been praised as morally upright heroes!

    • State approved speech is not free speech … even if you don’t like it. If you don’t tolerate other people’s words, you can tell them to get the hell out of your living room, not others. Suppressing speech makes you a tyrant. To be a freedom fighter, you have to fight for freedom. I doubt you can even understand the meaning of the text.

  15. Well, let’s see if he follows through. It will be time to break out the beer and popcorn.

  16. The anti-White pols are saying they’ll defy federal law. Hopefully, the Trump Admin will turn the screws tighter and tighter on these scumbags. The last time something like this happened was during the start of the Black civil rights era in the ’60’s. You may recall, local pols wanted to defy the feds then. Unfortunately, in that case, they lost to the feds largely because the feds ramped up the PR to give the Blacks in the civil rights movement and the feds that supported them the high moral ground.

    Trump and his Admin should learn from that and should ramp up the PR for the high moral ground. If they don’t know how, then they need to hire some top PR types to shape the message that Sanctuary cities and pols are evil bastards who are trying to screw average American citizens.

  17. so if the south announced plans to secede now, the federal gov’t would just say “well, you’re not getting any federal funding then.” why is this different than 1860-61?

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