East Asian Equality: Chinese Nationals Riot In Paris After Police Shooting Incident

It would be interesting to see whether the apologists for the Chinese crawl out from under their rocks to defend this insurrection against the French state, which seems much more like the activity of feral Africans or Moslems than the insect-like Asiatics.

But, if anybody has ever traveled to China proper, you’ll know what I mean when I say that the average Chinese peasant is primitive, relatively-savage, and unable to process much more than the other lesser races that inhabit the globe.

Really, they’re like The Flood in the Halo video game series, just with slightly better culinary skills.

I’m just surprised they have the testosterone to actually rise up in violent revolt over an incident that occurs in China roughly every 0.34 seconds – I guess Yellow Lives Matter too.

From RT:

The Chinese Foreign Ministry says it summoned a French diplomat after a Chinese national was killed by a police officer in Paris. The incident triggered violent protests with demonstrators, mainly from the Asian community, clashing with police.

Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying announced the French diplomat had been summoned during a daily news briefing, Chinese media and Reuters reported. The name of the envoy has not been revealed.

Hua asked French authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly and ensure the safety of Chinese nationals on French soil.

Later on Tuesday Reuters reported that French police opened an investigation into the incident. It was also confirmed by a source in the Chinese embassy in Paris to Xinhua news agency.

On Monday, the Chinese embassy released a statement calling upon French police to understand the situation and as soon as possible “to identify the truth.” The embassy added it is planning to maintain close contact with the French side over the incident.

Hopefully Marine Le Pen has the skills of a Master Chief once she ascends to the French Presidency, or her nation may be looking at a nice long Dark Age that will make the Early Medieval Period look like pure prosperity.

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  1. “the average Chinese peasant is primitive, relatively-savage, and unable to process much more than the other lesser races that inhabit the globe.”

    The Chinese don’t try to pass off potatoes as carrots to the outside world. They always put their best people forward and keep the peasantry in the back country, out of sight.

        • I’ll say they’re nuts, these sanctuary city idiots have to be seen to be believed. Chicago is a city close to bankruptcy, in a state close to ,bankruptcy. they don’t have the money to take care of, or educate the people they have. Yet the whole world should come there. It’s so stupid, it takes your breath away.

          • To hear the Trendy Lefties tell it, blue states like Illinois are rich and buy everybody else’s groceries and pay all their bills.

        • There’s an article being passed around, where scientists used magnets to deactivate parts of the brain responsible for religious feelings and registering threats. To have the brain of a liberal, you must first damage your brain.

  2. Chinks don’t normally engage in rioting, especially in someone else’s country. That’s really more of a darkie or Mohammedan thing. Since most of what you see reported in the press is bullshit I’m inclined to think the chink protest is “fake news”. Perhaps it was meant to deflect some of the negative attention away from the Saracens?

  3. Well, that’s a surprise. I thought they were better than that.

    If this becomes a trend, I’ll no longer be able to use the “Asians don’t assimilate either, but at least they’re civil” line on normies anymore.

      • Yes, I would like them to assimilate with whites. If that were actually possible then there would be no need for white nationalism at all. The fact that nonwhites cannot assimilate in any significant number is the reason we’re here trying to defend what we have.

        • If they assimilated with Whites then intermarriage would occur and Whites would go extinct.

          If you want to live in a brown country, instead of calling for assimilation in White countries, you should move to a third world country like Brazil, where the assimilation and intermarriage you desire has already occurred.

          All brown countries are poor.

          • And intermarriage would not be a problem, if genetics and culture were not so inextricably linked. That is what I lament.

            This should have been very clear from what I said above.

  4. Blacks drag white from car and kill him after accidentally hitting a 4 year old black in the street

  5. Let this sink in to all the WN’s who gloss over or embrace the yellow peril in White countries.

  6. Beware the polite and giggly Asians- they’re politely destroying our race, stealing our jobs and taking over our nations.

  7. I can see the race realist cucking in the comments…along the lines:”we get the better Chinese Legal Immigrants in America”…

    This race-realist chucking was nurtured in the manure of IQ test psychometric score jibber jabber…

    Bring back the 1882 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT!!!…whatever the IQ test score….

    THE Chinese and Hindus are now the racial gate keepers and technological mentors in Silicon Valley and the University of California University System…and the Chinese will probably eat the last remaining population of legged frogs species…in Northern California…

    You all know about the red legged frog right?…

    • It’s really pathetic to see Richard Spencer and Paul Kersey quoting the Bell Curve as a debating point in their tweets with the race-replacement enthusiasts….when you consider the fact that Charles Murray…an enthusiast for importing Chinese Legal Immigrants is enthusiast for exterminating centuries of acquired Native Born White American tech… medical…engineering…scientific…expertise never to be developed and cultivated ever again..because the Chinese “Americans” will make certain of this on Nov 3 2020…

      And a really big FUCK YOU to asianphile Jared Taylor…

      • I thourghly despise Jared Taylor and the Race Realists…..not because I don’t think race is real…but because the race realism movement is about quoting the latest Robert Plomin study….when a gang a negros breaks into a race realist’s home with the intent of gang raping the race-realist white wife and daughters…does the race realist read the negro Youth the latest Robert Plomin study?…..perhaps throw a copy of the Bell Curve at the negro yoot gang rapists?

  8. Dang, I got to brush up on this stuff! I gotta get out all those old Fu Manchu DVDs I own and take notes!

  9. Anglin thinks the cop who shot the Chinese guy was probably an Arab. Maybe we’ll find out with the Chinese Govt putting on the pressure.

  10. Sometimes it looks like the Great war and World War 2 just wore Europe out. At times it seems like there isn’t anybody left except drug addicts, fags and leftists of various types; terrible, the light of civilization going out. Maybe the army could stage a coup in France and stop the open borders madness.

  11. Have a listen to “In the Jaws of the Dragon” on Red Ice. This interview pulls no punches (as usual) when detailing China’s full-scale invasion of Anglo-Saxon nations.

  12. It is highly unusual for my fellow East Asians to riot like this, especially as guests and tourists in other countries. The French (((Globalist))) government has been looking the other way when the Africoon and Muslim trash attack Chinese tourists as well as the Native French (as a result, the Chinese government has issued official warnings for Chinese tourists to avoid potential Islamic terrorism and Nig Nog violence in France, since the (((Globalist))) “French” government refuse to act to defend taxpayers and order). As Andrew Anglin has noted, the race of the “French” policeman isn’t identified.

  13. I wish Whites would riot like this when one of ours is slaughtered by Diversity. There was a time up until relatively recently, when Whites had a real society and we defended our own.

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