Finally: America Drops The “Assad Must Go” Idiocy In Regards To Syrian Civil War

I know somewhere, some Jew or George W. Bush-era Cuckservative is going to whine about what I’m about to propose, but I don’t really care.

As a token of our now-budding goodwill towards the lawful government of Bashar al-Assad, I say the United States should donate at least two squadrons of F-16 fighter aircraft and one squadron of B-52 bombers to Syria immediately for the fight against Moslem “rebel” scum.

We backed and financed the terrorist elements in that region for so long, and we should be willing to redeem ourselves for such idiocy.

I also suggest an immediate arrest and extradition of John McCain to Damascus for crimes against the Syrian people that most definitely include collusion and support for ISIS-linked organizations – the pictures don’t lie, Brothers.

Maybe after those simple tasks are complete, we can move towards a true alliance with one of the last secular regimes left in the Middle East after well over a decade of nation-wrecking and conspiring on behalf of (((alien))) vermin in our government.

From RT:

Washington’s priorities in Syria have changed with the new administration, and the US will no longer focus on the removal of President Bashar Assad as a condition for ending the six-year civil war, a top official said.

“Our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out,” Ambassador Nikki Haley told a small group of reporters on Thursday.

“Our priority is to really look at how do we get things done, who do we need to work with to really make a difference for the people in Syria.”

Earlier in the day, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the future of President Assad “will be decided by the Syrian people.” 

It’s already been decided, and will continue to be decided in the same manner so long as the enemy is kept at bay and eventually broken in their quest to destabilize Syria in the same manner as happened to Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and on and on.

Assad is not our adversary, and could in truth be a useful friend moving forward into the future.

Trump seems to understand this, and for everyone involved, that is a great thing indeed.


  1. President Assad is a really handsome, good looking, clean shaven, well dressed pretty White looking Arab/Middle Eastern guy.

    When in doubt in Middle Eastern conflicts…

    Go for the well dressed, good looking, less hairy leaders, also their women.

    Lebanese (Christians) used to do very well in international beauty contests, including the swimsuit contest.

  2. Well, I’m glad President Trump found a use for that Paki princess “Nikki Haley”. But I’m still fuming over her outrageous and disgraceful decision to remove the Rebel flag from the SC state capitol.

  3. Brain addled Neocons, supported by traitorous DC enablers, hate Putin. He has successfully thwarted Israeli ME designs and they want revenge, even if it means the whole world goes up in nuclear mushroom clouds.

  4. Who’s responsible for the Iraq War, all the twit war mongers, hebe and non hebe, who are always wanting to send somebody else’s kids off to get shot at, so the American government can boss the rest of the world around. These damn wars are seldom if ever have been about freedom, they are about power. Since World War 2, the American government has been dominated by foreign policy obsessives, they act like a bunch of dumb ass kids playing Risk, and seemingly care nothing about this country, or the guys that get their legs blown off so they can pretend to micro manage the planet.

  5. The real story is Nimrata Haley’s only goal in the UN is to support Isn’treal. She is being feted by AIPAC, Murdoch, and Breitbart as a “folk hero” now for her zionist boostering. The real story is not a vacuous fragment out of her dumb mouth about a pettty leader of a wartorn ‘stan.

  6. Nice column. Too many people aren’t understanding the reality of what is going on over there and your column helps make it clear.

    But, there is more to this in my opinion. The reason the neo-con loons such as Lindsey Graham, John McCain and others are trying to get rid of Assad is so Syria can be partitioned in such a way that israel can relocate Palestinians (who they are trying to strip of the identifier “Palestinian” and replace it with generic “Arab”) to part of Syria so Israel can expand into Palestinian land.

    • Before the invasion, Gaza was part of Egypt and the “West Bank”, including Jerusalem, was still Jordan.

  7. Have you ever examined what the Baath Party believes? Or listened to Syrian Girl Partisan on You tube- a beautiful Syrian Nationalist? Or videos of the Syrian Social Nationalist party fighting ISIS?


    Regime change still the goal…


  9. Donald Trump is already an indictable War Criminal..

    Donald Trump’s US Military occupation of Syria=DONALD TRUMP’S MAGA JOBS PROGRAM!!!

    And Richard Spencer and Paul Kersey are onboard with this…

  10. Donald Trump does not want peace in Syria…


    BODY BAGS…flown back from Syria….shocking to see the Alt Right CUCKS here supporting this….

    Richard Spencer….Paul Kersey…suppprting the Greater Israel partitioning of Syria…


    Supporting the GREATER ISRAEL partitioning of Syria….

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