WTF, Donald: President Trump Falls For Syrian Gas Hoax, Alludes To Possible Military Action

Remember the time when Donald Trump messed up his response on H-1 Visas during one of the debates, and got justly shredded on social media for waffling on immigration?

Well, that was probably the last time that I was this mad at the guy over words said in public, although now we’re playing with far more than a few stupid comments on live television.

We are now talking about the lives of thousands of White Americans – potentially now on the line thanks to Trump’s gullibility on the Syrian issue of Bashar al-Assad allegedly using poison gas against his own people.

Never mind the fact that this is like the fourth or fifth time (((certain elements))) have tried to pin ISIS/rebel atrocities on the rightful leader of Syria, and never mind the fact that both the Russians and Syrian military have come forward to explain that the gassing was caused by an airstrike on a terrorist munitions factory storing chemical weapons.

None of that matters anymore – even apparently in the mind of the President (at least when certain elements whisper nonsense into his ear).

Instead you must look to your feels in a way that seems more at home in a Bush-era nation, or in Sweden.

From RT:

Trump has said his attitude toward President Bashar Assad and Syria has “changed very much,” when asked at a joint news conference with Jordan’s King Abdullah if the alleged chemical attack in Idlib crossed a red line.


“It crossed a lot of lines with me. When you kill innocent children – innocent babies – with chemical gas… that goes beyond red lines,” Trump told reporters on Wednesday.

Trump said the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria “cannot be tolerated,” but he did not say what the US might do in response. He blamed the incident on the government in Damascus.

“These heinous acts by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated,” added Trump. “My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much. What happened yesterday is unacceptable to me.”

Pressed by reporters to reveal what he intended to do in response, Trump declined.

“Militarily, I don’t like to say when I’m going and what I’m doing,” he added. “I’m not saying I won’t do anything one way or another, but I certainly won’t be telling you [the media].”

Jordan’s King Abdullah praised Trump’s “realistic approach to the challenges in the region,” adding that Syria requires a political solution “that ends the conflict with the country preserving its unity and territorial integrity.”

At least 58 people, including 11 children, reportedly died and scores were injured after a hospital in Khan Sheikhoun was targeted in a suspected gas attack on Tuesday morning, Reuters reported, citing medics and rebel activists. Soon after a missile allegedly hit the facility, people started showing symptoms of chemical poisoning, such as choking and fainting.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, the Syrian Air Force destroyed a warehouse in Idlib province where chemical weapons were being produced and stockpiled by rebels before being shipped to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq.

The warehouse was used to both produce and store shells containing toxic gas, Major-General Igor Konashenkov said. The same chemical munitions were used by militants in Aleppo, where Russian military experts took samples in late 2016, Konashenkov said.

Trump himself harshly criticized the Obama administration’s intentions to intervene in Syria back in 2013, saying that the rebels were “just as bad as the current regime” and the US should stay out.

Asked about it on Wednesday, however, the president said his position has changed.

“I do change, and I am flexible. I am proud of that flexibility. The attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me,” Trump said.

“The world is a mess. I inherited a mess,” he told reporters, pointing to Syria and North Korea before adding, “we’re going to fix it.”

Donald, I want you to understand – you actually already might – that the Alt-Right supported you partly because of your commitment to ending foreign wars in desert hellholes as part of an initiative to benefit the Jews.

We’re sick of dead, we’re sick of wounded, we’re sick of our money being sent to support the infrastructure of useless nations that mean nothing to actual White humans, and we’re sick of “refugees” entering our nation thanks to our own military attacks.

Again, Mr. President, understand that we created you, and know that we could easily guarantee that you only exist as a one-term leader if you keep up with this foolishness.

Talk to Bannon, and have him explain to you just exactly what is going on in Syria.

Read RT, and have Tillerson ask the right questions in his upcoming meeting with Lavrov.

And at the end of the day, remember three simple words that will all but guarantee continued support in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.



  1. If Trump goes for the Neocon line and gets bogged down in Syria, then can you say President Elizabeth Warren in 2020?

    This is not 2003 when Jewish reporters at the NY Times and Neocons in the Bush Admin could spread the Iraq war lie in an age before social media. This story will be quickly debunked. Assad has ZERO reason for using chemical weapons mere days after the American government said they were not going to call for his ouster.

    Russia is firmly ensconced in Syria with fighter jets and s-400 Anti Air defense. Putin will not allow this false flag to lead to the overthrow of his ally, Assad.

    What I think will happen: A lot of huffing and puffing from Nikki Haley and the neocon crowd, a tough line from Trump, a UN Security Council vote to set up a No Fly Zone against Assad that gets vetoed by Russia and China after the Chemical attack claim is debunked, American brinkmanship with Russia on the Syrian question that will look scary as it could turn into another Korean War type proxy conflict, with America finally standing down and doing nothing, further embarrassing America and Trump on the National stage.

    Read Colin Liddell’s take on this:

    • Agreed about that. He’ll do nothing substantial.

      I guess he could whack a few top brass though.

    • The Syrians had all their chemical munitions removed to Russia. That was how Putin got Obamny to not fire cruise missiles into Damas.

    • If I were Russia, I would quietly hand over maybe 7-10 nuclear weapons to Assad, and make sure the city of Lattakia has enough munitions to hold off 5 American divisions and/or a naval bombardment.

      If Trump wants to channel his inner George W. Bush, he needs to be punked and humiliated for such a sacrilege.

      • Russia giving Syria nukes provides Israel with an excuse to attack Assad. Israel already took out the Syrian nuclear program back in 2007. Russia’s presence in Syria is enough to deter America from getting involved. Indeed, that may have been Putin’s whole motivation, to stop another American regime change, not to prop up Assad.

        • Israel would not be insane enough to attack a nuclear-armed Syria knowing that Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem could go bang-bang in about 60 seconds.

          They’re a crazy bunch of Kikes, but they’re not stupid, and they’re more like the neighborhood fat kid bully that preys on weaker foes.

          • Would they do so if the nukes were sitting within a hundred yards of SAM batteries manned by actual Russian soldiers?

            Or if they were in silos manned by Russian experts?

            I guess if they want to poke the Bear, let them…

      • Are you kidding? I think Putin learned his lesson about letting advanced weaponry leave his chain of command when he gave those yokels in rural Ukraine anti-aircraft missiles which they promptly used to accidentally shoot down a commercial airliner.

  2. Bill O’Reilly now on FOX waffling on with Lindsey Graham about how Trump simply MUST attack Assad, after all Obama let him go and he’s just such a tyrant!

    What a rat bastard. I hope the budding sexual harrassment controversy sinks him.

  3. Typical anglo atlantic fuktards propaganda gas chamber, chemical weapons,baby butcher,nuns hands cut off,etc etc.

  4. Call the President Bitch:

    Call the President

    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414

    Comments: 202-456-6213
    Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121

    You can call between the hours of 9AM-4PM.
    I just sent a tersely worded email.
    I shall expound tomorrow, verbally, on the Jew house Comment line,
    It’s the POS Kike Kushner.

    • Denise, it’s a huge waste of time to call the President of the United States. You’re not going to speak with him or influence him.

      Likewise, postcards and letters to your congressman don’t work. I know so many young White congressional aides who explain that nobody reads them.


      You can speak with Congressional Staff members bot US Senate and US Congress who’s job it is to listen and not the concerns of constituents.

      We’ve beaten back about 8 illegal alien amnesties this way.

      We must learn to be practical, effective and not keep doing the same old, same old failed Cuckservative things of the last 50s.

  5. Israel right to exist Netanyahu addressed u.s congress critters an inspirational speech. comedian dwarf Colbert said republican party were on their knees, scatology.

  6. The fatal error on this chess board will be putting Israel First

    The Russians know that the US is going to put Israel First in this crisis.

  7. I have faith that President Trump knows this latest gas attack is a False Flag and is just playing along to set a trap of some kind.

    We’ve seen this before. He baits his opponents into committing to a course of action for which he has a trap already set.

    • Normally I’d agree with you, but I’m old enough to have followed the news back in 2002 and early 2003 when these Kikes banged the war drums against Saddam, and what I’ve seen in the last 24 hours is an almost carbon copy of the pregame for the Iraq invasion.

      Combined with the Bannon removal issue, and I think we may be looking at a serious problem here.

      • Its a carbon of the run up to Desert Storm. The kids in the goddamn incubators…boo fucking hoo.

          • It’s quite funny about this gassing stuff. In the Kaiser Schlacht my grandfather was gassed and captured and ended up working down a Silesian coal mine for a few months. He relayed to my father thinking the Germans were better employees that the pit Bosses in Newcastle.

      • If you’ll recall in 2013 the Zionist criminals tried to pull this exact same “Assad is gassing innocent civilians” crap with Bathhouse Barry, but they failed. Nothing short of a bloody uprising against the Zionist Occupation Government in DC is going to stop them.

  8. The usual suspects are at it again.

    Jerusalem Post Middle East
    BYANNA AHRONHEIM APRIL 5, 2017 14:56
    Following Tuesday’s deadly chemical attack at Syria’s Idlib province, Israeli officials strongly believe the Syrian regime has begun to rebuild Sarin manufacturing plants.

  9. “Victims” treated by responders wearing N95 masks and no gloves.
    I call bullshit.

  10. Trump! Listen up! Get rid of Kushner! He is nothing but an Israeli agent. No wars cor Israel!

  11. “We are now talking about the lives of thousands of White Americans”

    The U.S. government and the “Deep State” that controls it is to white people world wide what Nazi Germany was to Jews and Poles. Any white fool that would fight for it deserves anything he gets. Particularly any white fool stupid enough to join the infantry. These guys are adventurers out on safari, they’re mercenaries, and they don’t care that they’re fighting for an entity that is exterminating their people, again, worldwide. Screw ’em. We keep licking their hands and then wonder why they keep killing us.

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