BREAKING: Truck Of Peace Crashes Into Department Store, At Least Three Dead And Large Numbers Injured

Update 1: Word is circulating that the culprit has been arrested by Swedish authorities, and we’re now just waiting for his identity to be released – my guess is that he’s a F#cking White Male.

Update 2: Some outlets are reporting a shooting in a separate part of the city, although nothing has yet been confirmed.

Update 3: Looks like the Swedes didn’t actually catch the culprit earlier, and we now have an image of the terrorist – who is currently being sought “for questioning.”

Looking at this picture, I seem to be noticing something really important, but I can’t place what it exactly is.

Perhaps y’all could help me…

Original article follow below:

Well, Everyone, looks like President Trump’s “moderate rebels” are already showing us what they think of Cuck Regime Redux in Washington, and unfortunately for the Swedes, they appear to be the softest available targets.

Right now we’re monitoring a situation in Stockholm, where at least three people have been killed after a large truck slammed into a crowded department store.

An unknown number are thought to be injured – I figure it will be several dozen once everything becomes accounted for.

Could the suspect be an evil Buddhist cult member, though?

That remains to be seen, as such a development would likely help us see that Trump’s boys over in Syria are just freedom fighters yearning for democracy and consumer products.

From RT:

At least two people have been killed and many injured after a truck drove into pedestrians on a Stockholm street before crashing into a department store, police have confirmed. Authorities say they are treating the incident as a possible terrorist attack.

“I saw hundreds of people run, they ran for their lives,” a witness by the name of Anna told the newspaper, adding that she also fled the scene.

A vehicle has injured people on Drottningatan,” police spokeswoman Towe Hagg told Reuters.

Police have confirmed that two people have been killed and many injured.

A reporter for Sveriges Radio says he has seen at least three dead people. Public service radio EKOT has also reported that three people were killed in the incident.

Swedish police have issued a warning to avoid Stockholm’s city center. All Stockholm subway services have been shut down, according to TT news agency.

A worker at Åhlens department store said the truck drove into the store’s perfume department. He said an alarm went off inside the store and everyone was asked to leave the building, SVT reported.

A photo posted online shows the truck after it crashed into Åhlens department store, with the caption stating that the vehicle came from a direction in which trucks are not allowed.

There are also reports on social media that police are searching for an armed person in the area and shots fired.

A Swedish brewery says one of its trucks was hijacked earlier on Friday, according to a Fox News reporter.

As always, updates will be available as soon as possible, but with all these Cuckold King happenings, things may not be as fast as usual.

But here is a live stream of the coverage that should keep everything current for those interested.


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  1. What do the guys in the control rooms for the drones and cruise missiles think about what they are doing? Trump would have been better off sending 666 Cruise missiles at Croydon or Norbro or La Defense or Deerborn. Instead they hit an airfield that was used to actually bomb ISIS units. The lads must know on some deep level what’s wrong here.

  2. If the Swedes want to kill themselves why don’t they just put a gun to their heads instead of importing thousands of murderous brown savages? It would be a lot more dignified.

  3. Does any male here think that his honor has no worth? That if someone was messing with you that you just have to sit there and take it? Even if they were stronger you wouldn’t fight back?

    We cannot stop messing with these people in their lands. We have subjected generations of them to death and dishonor. The Ryder truck is their tomahawk middle.

    Us out of their lands, them out of ours. It is the path of peace, and perhaps more importantly for men: honor.

  4. The motive is yet to be established. Could be a radical Presbyterian. It has nothing to do with religion. Time for some serious denouncing…..and more candle lit vigils…..that’ll scare ’em off!!!

  5. At this point, I wish the Swedes joy of their guests, with a benign and uncaring smile. As they sowed, so let them reap.

  6. Our troops out of their countries, and their reffo’s and invaders out of ours- every last one of them! Fair swap?? We don’t want them.

    In Australia , our ‘conservative’ government pretends to be tough on Muslim immigration by
    Removing 5000 illegals who arrived by boat…..but then allows in 100, 000 legally every year. Arriving here legally doesn’t make them any less Muslim. They will still breed and Islamize our country. Then its more attacks / condemning / vigils / immigration / Shariah law. Can’t our ‘leaders’ just wake up???

  7. Afterthought – this slaughter happened in Sweden.

    Sweden has never invaded, attacked, colonized any Muslim nation. Never in Swedish history. That’s never.

    Whites in Sweden to not need to be raped or murdered for some alleged sin against Muslims.

    OK, we have to get over this knee jerk reaction that every time some Muslims, Arabs, Pakis rape our girls or just mass murder our people in our countries, in their countries we somehow deserved it.

    No Afterthought we must definitely do not deserve to be sexually raped, enslaved or murdered by any Muslims anywhere in the world.

    Stop thinking like this.


  8. The Swedes (and the rest of the West) committed the one sin that is invariably punished in this world: Weakness.

  9. spahnranch1969
    APRIL 7, 2017 AT 6:12 PM
    There’s only one logical thing the Swedes can do – ban trucks and import more Moslems.


  10. New York, London, London, Brussels, Boston, Madrid, Paris, Paris, Marseilles, Stockholm, Cologne……have I left any out? The malignant traitors at the wheel need to be tossed overboard. They’ll never do a thing except announce that ‘ these terrorists will never defeat us’. Umm….we need action.
    Wakey wakey whitey.

  11. Sweden has never invaded, attacked, colonized any Muslim nation. Never in Swedish history. That’s never.Whites in Sweden to not need to be raped or murdered for some alleged sin against Muslims.

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