Court Jew Triumphant: Sources Claim That Bannon And Priebus May Be Fired And Replaced By Jews

I can’t even tell anymore if these stories leaking from the White House are Fake News, or whether they all possess some grain of truth to them.

All we really know is that there is a serious civil war being waged at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and that based off of what we’ve seen in recent days, the enemy faction led by the likes of Jew Jared Kushner looks to be either in the lead, or absolutely victorious already.

Steve Bannon is likely on his way out, and if I were a betting man, I would place his remaining time in his current position in hours rather than several days or weeks.

Oddly enough, Rence Priebus – who I don’t particular care for if you want my honest opinion – seems to be on the chopping block as well if this story is to be believed.

From Axios/AP:

President Trump is considering a broad shakeup of his White House that could include the replacement of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and the departure of chief strategist Steve Bannon, aides and advisers tell us.

A top aide to Trump said he’s contemplating major changes, but that the situation is very fluid and the timing uncertain: “Things are happening, but it’s very unclear the president’s willing to pull that trigger.”

Insiders tell me that the possibilities for chief of staff include:

  • House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who developed a bond with Trump as one of the earlier congressional leaders to support him, and remains a confidant.
  • Wayne Berman of Blackstone Group, a Washington heavy-hitter who was an Assistant Secretary of Commerce under President George H.W. Bush, and a key adviser on eight presidential campaigns.
  • David Urban of the Washington advisory firm American Continental Group, and a former chief of staff to the late Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.). Urban helped Trump win an upset victory in Pennsylvania, and was in constant cellphone contact with the candidate throughout the campaign.
  • Gary Cohn, Trump’s economic adviser and the former #2 at Goldman Sachs, who has built a formidable team and internal clout.

The West Wing “Game of Thrones” has been raging ever since Trump took office. But the war between the nationalists and the moderates, led by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, burst into the open this week after Bannon was taken off the National Security Council, setting off a torrent of leaks against him.

So, we could have one of the last remaining Nationalists near Trump replaced by yet another Jew that may or may not end up being the best friend of Kushner – Cohn is already close to Trump and considered a favorite of the President.

Priebus is an Establishment Republican, but at least he seemed rather goofy and harmless compared to what we’re likely going to get.

The other two prospects seem to be Gentiles, but their track records – Kennedy may be a wildcard – scream “SWAMP” more than anything else.

And if you’re still wondering if this is really going to happen or if we’re just seeing another example of the Lugenpresse doing their thing, I would like to remind you of the fate of Corey Lewandowski, who was let go after he too fell into a conflict with Jew Jared over policy and strategy.

I almost wonder if we played too nice with Kushner and his wife for strategic reasons, although that analysis and speculation is probably best left for another day.


  1. I’ve always heard that when gentiles ‘become ‘ Jewish they have to deny belief in a personal God and deny Christ. How can you trust someone who would actually deny Christ,ever?

  2. I correct myself, I believe they have to deny belief in the Trinity. Anywhooo, how could you trust someone who would do that.

  3. It was once said of some of the worst Rothchild Jew banker, “advisers” to some European Kings:

    “He preferred to be the Jew of the Kings instead of the King of the Jews”

    Our President Trump has so many Jewish advisers who are:

    “the Jews of the Kings”

  4. I’ve never liked Ivanka. Boy, does she come off as full of herself.

    There was a TV interview of Trump and Melania where Trump said he didn’t think Melania had ever met Ivana, his first wife and mother of the 3 older offspring, Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric. All 3 of them have gotten married in the 18 years that Trump’s been with Melania so does that mean Melania didn’t attend any of their weddings? That seems like a logical deduction. There was a clip of Ivanka and her family at her fashion show in 2012 or 2013. Both parents in the clip but not Melania. So, Melania wasn’t there?

    What is Ivanka doing in the White House all the time when her relationship with Melania must be pretty chilly if not outright resentful of Melania? Melania didn’t break up her parents marriage; that was another wife of his. Letting Ivanka install herself in the White House is a slight to his wife. Maybe he’s blind to that or Ivanka is just so difficult he has to placate her all the time.

    Whatever. Trump’s family dysfunction means Jared Kushner, a spoiled rich kid of no great accomplishments, is running the country. Ivanka plans to have the “policy making” part of the First Lady role that come about in the last 25+ years. Even Laura Bush was making trips to Afghanistan and telling us we needed to stay stuck there.

  5. Trump’s history of quickly growing disallusioned with his advisors, and then firing them, is pretty clear.

    That said, though he fires them, he seems to keep quite a few of them on, in unofficial capacities.

    If Bannon is, indeed, fired, don’t see it as a permanent thing, because, just as soon as he starts to think in, oh, let’s say 3 or 8 months, that his new advisors are failing him, out, too they will go – and in with the other side.

    This is a continuing conversation within President Trump’s mind, because he is not, nor ever has been, of one philosophical ilk.

    In many ways, he is like an old-world mafia boss – ever restless to find a new and better racket, and only feeling an allegiance to those of his capos who are his best earners.

    Donald Trump is a dyed in the wool New York city man – and they like to win, by any and all means.

    Winning is, in the end, his religion, as well as is his vanity, which is why he has been striving to keep so many of his promises.

    That said, he does change his mind on some things.

  6. @Sursum…

    ‘I’ve always heard that when gentiles ‘become ‘ Jewish they have to deny belief in a personal God and deny Christ.’

    This is true and it isn’t. In Judaism one of the fundamental creeds is that God is One, and that, hence, he could never take personal form.

    The denial of Chryst falls into this creed, as do many many other things.

    That said, Chryst is never mentioned.

  7. This is quite a dramatic change you must admit. Hmmm…after it comes out in the open that Trump was spied on….maybe there’s a reason he’s suddenly kissing the asses of the Jews.

  8. Donald Trump is a dyed in the wool New York city man – and they like to win, by any and all means.

    Absolutely correct, and he also knows the safest bet in town is the same as it ever was. You don’t become a real estate tycoon in Jew York City if you don’t know who is -really- running the show, do you now?

  9. Maybe Melania can “bust a cap” in Ivanka’s ass and tell Don to watch out for this Son In Law.

  10. Brad, it wasn’t the Jews for Specter people who got Trump elected in Pennsylvania. It was the big empty space between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh often compared to Alabama. Only without the darkies. LOL.

  11. After this episode, I am now convinced that it’s not possible to coexist with Jews. I think they have to go extinct for other races to survive.

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