Wars Not Walls: GOP Congress Gets Ready To Drop Funding For Border Defenses

To be honest, I expected this to happen in at least some form, because with the Republican Party, you know that whatever happens, they will always stay true to their Cuck Life principles.

Cuckservatives are truly the lowest form of scum on this planet, below even Jews and Communists – at least with these two groups you pretty much know the score.

The GOP has betrayed us time and time again over the years, but I feel as if this betrayal of the most important part of Trump’s message needed to happen in order to finally allow us to sever ourselves from the idea that the GOP could somehow be transformed through infiltration and manipulation.

FYI, it’s utterly impossible.

From Breitbart:

Federal funding for one of President Donald Trump’s premier policy proposals may be excluded from the House GOP’s budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.

House Democrats, along with a few House Republicans, are working around-the-clock to make sure funding for the estimated $12 billion border wall is not factored into the GOP budget, according to a report by The Hill.

“With Democrats united against new wall funding, it’s unlikely the Republicans have the votes to get it through and prevent a government shutdown,” The Hill report stated.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a statement to The Hill, seemed to concede that border wall funding would not be included in the GOP budget, saying the funds would come at a later date.

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) are the two Republican lawmakers teaming with Democrats to stop the funding of the border wall, despite both representing districts that share a border with Mexico.

“We recognize the need for robust border security and infrastructure to ensure public safety and increase cross border commerce,” Hurd and McSally wrote to the Trump administration in a letter, according to The Hill. “We also have an obligation to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

I suppose this happening pretty much wrecks the theory that Trump had agreed to bomb Syria as part of a deal to get his domestic agenda pushed through with minimal opposition.

My guess is that he’ll offer up token resistance – or none at all – to this new stab in the back, which, as you might have already guessed, centers around filth like John McCain and Paul Ryan (great guys according to New Trump).


  1. Jewish magick worked on us again! It was never KEK – it was KIKE all along – you stupid f*ckin Shabez Goi!

    They’ve made a mockery out of America First!

  2. At this point in Trump’s betrayal of white America, I am not surprised that the border wall idea is being ditched also. Over at TradYouth, Matt Parrot stated in his last post that “Trump turned out to be yet another deep state puppet. ” I am afraid he is right. I guess at this point racially conscious whites need to pick up and continue our struggle as if the Trump had not happened. Dr. Duke and Occidental Dissent existed before the Trump campaign, and can go on without Trump.

  3. And the GOP is bragging about increasing their majority in both houses in the midterms. If they continue with this invade the world/invite the world stuff I suspect they may be disappointed. That may be popular with with big donors but that’s not what got Trump elected.

  4. I am not 100% convinced that Trump was a charade. Oh, believe me, I consider it big time. But, if Bannon stays on board despite America First being thrown out the window, will that tell us something? You can’t play the game when you don’t know the rules (psst, with Jews* there are none). Perhaps logic and morality are useless tools.

    They’re already planning for mid-terms and beyond. Expect an all out war on your senses. Also, expect an attack on Sessions. Is Miller Sessions’ Roy Cohn?

    * I include Shabez Goi

  5. If Bob Whitaker was President, his policy would be to bring the troops home immediately and put them on the border.

    The wall is just a ruse to keep the goy waiting for years for something that gets bogged down in the system.

  6. This whole situation is utterly obscene and loathsome. It feels like hope was offered, ripped away, and replaced by a grinning, surreal nightmare of a situation.

    By the way, is Mike Pence alive at the moment? He seems to have vanished like the earth swallowed him up.

  7. Donald Trump whether HONEST or NOT is surrounded entirely by this Jewish DEEP STATE that has swallowed Washington whole. Aside from a purge ala Stalin or Hitler was there truly any way he could stop this mess?

  8. Cuckservatives always talk of the need for a “strong military” that’s never used to protect us. Conservatards wave the flag and go along. Patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  9. Are they simply destroying America First? Or, are they simply destroying America First and Trump? This is a really dark operation regardless of who’s in on it.

  10. I voted for Trump for these reasons, in this order…

    #1. Strict Constructionalist Justices

    #2. Stop Immigration – The Wall.

    #3. Wreck the establishment.

    #4. To stop Neo-Con warmongering – redefine foreign policy

    #5. To stop Anti-Christian executive actions.

    #6. Reform Trade – and levy tariffs where due

    #7. To repeal Obamacare.

    #8. For Tax Reform

    #9. To lessen undue and overburdensome regulations.

    So far, he has failed on #2, #3, and #7. He is having success at #1, #5, and #9.

    As for #4, #6, and #8, they are not yet clear to me.

    He also promiset that, ‘we would get sick of winning’. I confess that I am far from that, but, trying to keep from getting sick at the possibility that he may have decided to become Jeb Bush.

    Also, I did not vote for Ivanka and Jared, and am very disturbed to hear that they are giving ultimatums to Mr. Bannon.

  11. There was only Trump. (I don’t know where Sessions stands on war and peace.) The entire US political, secret police, bureaucracy and media establishment wants wars for Israel and illegals. And so, as Hillary Clinton once said about Obamacare (“The American people are going to get [it] whether they want it or not.”), we are going to get these wars and the illegals. The only thing left is to wait for the fall of the Anglo-Zionist Empire. That’s inevitable.

  12. @Mestigoit…

    ‘The only thing left is to wait for the fall of the Anglo-Zionist Empire. ‘

    Folks have been doing this all my life. It’s a bad option, as, being able to print money – as they are – and tell infinite lies in their media, they are not likely to come to an end without some help.

  13. @Mestigoit…

    When the days arrives that the NC legislature votes for secession, if that does not sit well with The Anglo-Zionist Empire, I’ll be oh, so glad, to pitch in and give them the very most hospitable Southern helping hand…

  14. Screw Ryan, Sessions is going strong. One of the reasons I’m not off the Trump train, yet.

    Crackdown: AG Sessions Vows ‘New Era’ at Southern Border


    Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke from his tour of the U.S.-Mexico border Tuesday to announce his Justice Department’s sweeping plans for securing the border.
    “For those that continue to seek improper and illegal entry into this country, be forewarned: This is a new era. This is the Trump era,” Sessions told the crowd of Customs and Border Protection personnel in the border town of Nogales, Arizona. “We hear you and we have your back!” he assured them.

    Sessions proceeded to lay out a multifaceted plan to stop illegal aliens entering the country. All adults apprehended at the border are to be detained and at least 125 additional immigration judges are to be appointed and put in the field on an expedited basis. Twenty-five immigration judges have already been deployed to detention centers along the border to help alleviate the massive backlog of cases already piled up there.

    Accompanying the address, the Attorney General’s Office issued a memorandum to all US Attorney’s offices, instructing them on dramatically stricter prosecution guidelines for immigration offenses: all repeat illegal entry offenders are to be referred for felony prosecution; all cases in which an illegal alien is caught reentering the United States after removal are now to be considered for felony prosecution, with priority given to those with other criminal records or gang affiliations; prosecuting those caught transporting three or more illegal aliens will now be a priority; illegal aliens and their smugglers caught with fraudulent documentation, as they often are, are to be charged with aggravated identity theft; and prosecuting any assault on federal law enforcement, included CBP personnel, is to be a “top priority.”

    “The catch and release practices of old are over,” Sessions said.

    By the beginning of next week, every US Attorney’s office is to have a “Border Security Coordinator” to help carry out the Justice Department plan. Not only will those coordinators be charged with overseeing and advising on the new guidelines, they are commanded to assemble and report statistics on their implementation.

    The Attorney General touted the 40 percent reported drop in illegal crossings at the southern border since President Donald Trump took office while unveiling the plan. “This is no accident,” he said. “This is what happens when you have a President who understands the threat, who is not afraid to publicly identify the threat and stand up to it.”

    Sessions closed by referring back to the crimes by “caught and released” illegals that captured the nation’s attention:

  15. They perhaps need the money for the wall to now go towards the war. By doing this, they’re helping to keep Americans, and the world safe you see.

  16. As long as the trough is available the pigs will continue to eat. You must, must, must destroy Jewish money and their access to it to break Jewish power.

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