Trump Refrains From Supporting Bannon, Termination Thought Imminent

Southern Culture and National Socialism both hold loyalty to one’s allies and honor as main prerequisites for being a decent and acceptable member of society.

Donald Trump, however, either lacks both of these traits, or is being blackmailed with something nastier than even most of us could even imagine.

Brothers and Sisters, it looks like the worst case scenario may be upon us, with the former “God Emperor” seeking to replace his most trusted and successful adviser with someone more convenient for (((those))) who now control his every move.

I mean, why else would he refuse to even confirm confidence in the man who likely provided the impetus for the final election victory?

From CNN:

President Donald Trump did not give a definitive answer when asked by the New York Post on Tuesday whether he still has confidence in his chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

“I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late,” Trump told the newspaper. “I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn’t know Steve. I’m my own strategist, and it wasn’t like I was going to change strategies because I was facing crooked Hillary.”

A White House spokeswoman confirmed to CNN on Tuesday night that Trump spoke to the New York Post and the quotes in the story are accurate and stand for themselves.

The President acknowledged the widely reported infighting between Bannon and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, saying he told them to “straighten it out.”

“Steve is a good guy, but I told them to straighten it out or I will,” Trump told the newspaper.

The first major signs of Bannon’s diminishing stature in the White House came last Wednesday, when he was removed from his permanent seat at the National Security Council.

Reports tell of an ideological divide between Bannon and Kushner that has split White House staff and has stood poised to determine the administration’s agenda moving forward.

Rival factions have emerged, pitting those aides who consider themselves nationalists — including Bannon and policy adviser Stephen Miller — against a more global-minded wing led by Kushner, economic adviser Gary Cohn and deputy national security adviser Dina Powell, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

During the next phase, we’re going to have to promote the Alt-Right as the main antiwar faction remaining in this country; a position that will likely generate huge numbers of new followers in areas of the country that provide the most cannon fodder for the Jew/Neo-Con war machine.

We can do this by reminding average Americans that the Left is in actuality in support of all these insane conflicts, with even Antifa coming out to attack Richard Spencer for his opposition to a Syrian invasion.

You see, the traditional antiwar Left is mainly just an anarchist band of maniacs, while we have policies, positions, and a platform that could both Make America Great Again, AND preserve peace and the lives of our countrymen.

But for now, let us mourn a great man and a great patriot – fallen from grace thanks to the hatred of Jewish terrorists.


  1. As someone who has pointed out the very narrow intersection between Trump’s movement and the Alt Right (along race realist lines especially), I’m happy to point out the broadening intersection between them. The Alt Right still has major problems but it actually speaks for even more groups than the Trumpeters with its anti-war stance. Most americans don’t want involvement in (or creation of) foreign wars.

    It’s also heartening to watch as ‘mainstream America’ figures out (((who))) runs our government.

    Trump is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t, which is good for whites. Be on the lookout for more and more stealth angles and operations being worked.

  2. Bannon being forced out by the Jew son in law is actually good for the Alt Right. If Trump succeeded and actually implemented civic nationalism, it would be harder to win converts to the Alt Right. But with Bannon’s dismissal, the Alt Right stands alone and will grow stronger because we are the only game in town that is Anti Semitic and Anti War.

  3. At this point I doubt very much that Trump will run for a second term. He might even quit before this one is finished and let Pence take over.

    There was no way the jew-run system could have been changed through a peaceful democratic process. I think I knew that all along, I just hoped Trump would be able to kick enough ass to leave the enemy all black and blue.

  4. With luck, Bannon will just quit and act as a whistleblower on the dirty power struggle that led to this point. That’s about the most positive outcome I can imagine at the moment.

    Well, that, and the fact that the alt-right is the only game in town that’s anti-war. Who would have thought that fascism would morph into a peace movement? (I realize there’s far, far more to the Alt-Right than the fashy element, though I’ve gone pretty fash myself over the past few weeks — but it sounds pithier with the oversimplification.)

  5. Kushner and Cohn ascendant. Bannon on the way out. Lewandowski long gone. No sign of those politicians who supported Trump early and stumped hard for him like Giuliani and Christie (though I wouldn’t want them anywhere near foreign policy). Real supporters like Huckabee and Kobach totally out of the picture. Elliott Abrams hoping to get in through Kushner. Goldman Sachs in through Mnuchin. The economic advisor, too. This is looking bad.

    We have had the foreign policy jolt. Now
    I predict that they’ll secure the border and deport criminal illegals, but I see amnesty for “dreamers” looming on the horizon.

  6. Trump lacks loyalty to his supporters. It wouldn’t be surprising if this extends to us as well…

  7. Bannon would have left already, it’s just he hangs in for us.

    If he is wise, he will accept the Ivankushner ultimatum to, ‘either be a team player or else’, and just stay quiet.

    Let several months go by, Mr. Bannon, until they start to fall on their face, then subtly commence to reassert.

  8. @Mestigoit…

    ‘Kushner and Cohn ascendant. Bannon on the way out. Lewandowski long gone. No sign of those politicians who supported Trump early and stumped hard for him like Giuliani and Christie (though I wouldn’t want them anywhere near foreign policy). ‘

    President Trump is like an impatient mafia don – either produce bigtime, all the time, or get put out to pasture.

    The only advantage is that this works in all ways, and Ivanka and Jared will, ultimately, find this applies to them, too.

  9. @Mr. Cicero…

    ‘Southern Culture and National Socialism both hold loyalty to one’s allies and honor as main prerequisites for being a decent and acceptable member of society.’

    If that is so, then why did Hitler choose to have whackt his greatest comrade, Ernst Rohm, when he could parley it for establishment support?

  10. “Southern Culture and National Socialism both hold loyalty to one’s allies and honor as main prerequisites for being a decent and acceptable member of society.”

    Spare me. Not one Southerner here said a word about the death of that Navy man in the Yemen raid. The only thing you were paying attention to was White House politics, like the worthless nothings you are. When the sexual-assault allegations against Trump rose during the presidential campaign, Mr. Wallace, our host—the very model of Southern chivalry—dismissed the complainants as “aggrieved bimbos.” The only persons who think Southerners are men of character are deluded Southerners themselves.

  11. @Winbornmill

    Because Rohm was plotting – or knew of a plot – against the new government (the SA leadership called it the “Second Revolution”).

    Even though Hitler knew that things would hit the fan sooner or later, he actually held back from having Rohm liquidated until the very last moment out of trust and friendship.

  12. How about Bannon is fired, starts a new, genuine America First antiwar party, drawing in millions of fed up, angry Americans. No matter how badly Trump betrays his supporters, he has given people a taste of freedom from ZOG.

  13. Again, I believe that ZOG has either found (or put) one very ugly skeleton into Trump’s closet and the goal is to make it through what will be his first and only term in office without facing impeachment and/or imprisonment. I just get this notion that someone produced the “evidence” that brought Trump to heel and told Trump that, in exchange for allowing Trump to retire gracefully from the political field after one term as Calvin Coolidge did, Trump must do everything they tell him to.

    If Bannon is about to be fired, Bannon should administer his own preemptive strike, by resigning in protest over Syria and renewed hostilities to Russia, pointing out how none of this benefits the American people. Bannon should hold a press conference and raise the question of which country it benefits for Americans to squander the billions of dollars that should be allocated to repairing America’s crumbling infrastructure is being wasted on destroying Syria and eventually Russia.

  14. If Bannon is to be increasingly ignored and blamed for failures, as reported by the press, he should resign now. He won’t be accomplishing very much by staying.

  15. The late, great geopolitical researcher Bob Chapman (former US military intelligence (and my “mentor”)) said many of these relationships are planned very, very far in advance. He said Kate Middleton was a Rothschild and that she was chosen at birth for William.

    Remember Trump said a Jewish son in law wasn’t in the plan but he’s glad it happened….. maybe we are dealing with something so twisted and deep and complex, one can barely wrap their mind around it.

    We’re dealing with the devil regardless of how we got here.

  16. @MarcusCicero…

    I don’t see it the way you do, but, suffice it to say, I respect your right to.

    The way I see National Socialism is righteous in principle, (Germany for Germans and right to exist outside the Jewish sphere) but, as practiced in Hitler’s Germany, dishonourable.

    To enslave occupied Europe and treat much of the White populace like dogs, and then to treat Germans as pawns, when the war – as Hitler confided later to Traudl Junge – was lost after Kursk, is terribly terribly dishonourable.

    And the vile Germany we have today is the legacy of all that, not to mention the 12,000,000+ East Prussians and Silesians who were permanently misplacet , and their lands, as well as the Sudeten areas – great Germanick cultures permanently lost to Western Civilization in 1944-45.

    Not to mention the legacy of the policy towards Jews, the legacy of which has been the most perfect fuel with which to tear down White Society, in The West.

    I grew up surrounded by folks from that era – from SS men to occupied Danes, Dutch, and French, and, all in all, National Socialism was a terrible reality.

    But, yes, the ideas, on paper, sound great.

    For me, as a Tarheel Confederate, I’ll stick to the ideas of Chryst and small constitutionally strict central government.

    I hate all socialism – Jewish, German, or whatever.

    All the best o you, Young Man!

  17. @Winbornmill

    Mistakes were perhaps made in the East, but let’s just remember that the Waffen SS had men from every single European nation fighting side by side to destroy Jew Communism.

    And had Germany not marched against the Soviets in 1941, they would have had to fight defensively against Stalin’s own offensive that was being planned for 1942 or 1943.

    Without NS Germany, all of Europe would be far worse today than it is currently – Marxism would have spread West like a plague with no check or resistance. The Jews already had their plans, and their hatred of White society as perfect motivation for their evil (see Frankfurt School).

    Remember that much of what you read today was written by the victors of that war with total Jewish approval and proofreading, and make sure that you filter out the nonsense from the facts when studying that time period.

    The fact remains that Hitler understood full well what would be the fate of Germany, and Europe in general, once the war was lost, and did all he could do to keep the nightmare from becoming a reality.

  18. I’ve calmed down a bit and have had time to reflect on things.

    Bernie Sanders was avidly supported by White people. White Democrats liked him. Even Whites who leaned Republican on several issues, but saw the benefits of good supports systems that would benefit everyone because Whites would have easy access to them s well supported Bernie. Interestingly enough, the people who didn’t support Sanders and pulled every trick in the book to get Hillary Clinton elected were Jews and their Black Democrat shock troops.

    Think about it. His White supporters obviously weren’t Anti-Semitic. You can’t say his Jewish opposition is Anti-Semitic. So why weren’t they all for a Jewish President? The obvious answer is what’s good for the Jews. A Jewish President outside of Israel is bad for the Jews. Why?

    For millennia, since the times of Joseph in Egypt, the Jews have understood that the Court Jew is the key to building and maintaining their power. To paraphrase Rothschild, its not who sits on the throne that is important, it’s who is administering his cabinet, giving him information and controlling him while giving him all the credit. That is why President Bernie Sanders was bad for the Jews, but White House Advisor of Many Hats, Jared Kushner is great for the Jews.

    Until White Nationalists can stop eyeing the throne, put aside their egos, and focus on being Court Whites, they will never see any traction to getting their ideas implemented. It’s that simple. Being a Court Jew or Court White or Courtier, involves a lot of wheedling and flattery and endless patience. Bannon did not have the patience to engage in that sort of thing. Let’s hope he learns it quickly. I’d like him to stick around, if at all possible, but it may already be too late.

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