France: Communist Terrorists Unite with Naked Feminists to Attack Marine Le Pen

I’ll tell you what, Brothers.

Marine Le Pen is going to have one hell of a time cleaning house if – and hopefully when – she becomes the next President of France.

I mean, her nation is an utter trash heap at this point in time, with migrant filth, heavily-armed Antifa, and Feminist degenerates able to trash the capital city at will – no consequences for these precious Citizens/Residents of the Republic.

From Breitbart London:

A rally being held by French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen faced a security risk on Monday evening after a protester attempted to storm the stage, eventually being dragged off by the Front National leader’s security detail.

Ms. Le Pen — who is expected to reach the second round of this month’s presidential election — was giving a speech to a massive crowd at a hall in the Parisian neighborhood of Aubervilliers when a female got onto the stage and attempted to throw flowers.

According to reports on Twitter, the suspect was successfully detained, while Ms. Le Pen blamed the “extreme left” for the incident and reemphasized that she is a defender of women.

A BBC Europe producer also claimed that another protester was removed from the audience, having stripped naked in an act of defiance.

Protests against Ms. Le Pen took place in the neighborhood of Aubervilliers, a suburb severely affected by mass immigration, as far-left activists through firebombs at police, who responded with bottles of tear gas.

At the end of the day, this whole thing is not even that extraordinary – especially when you consider the fact that there are now almost-daily riots across France due to the awesome rise of Le Pen (there’s actually one going on right now as I write this piece).

What’s really important is the fact that we’re now seeing Breitbart link tweets from borderline White Nationalist Twitter accounts (a cursory glance shows they’re also apparently Jew wise).

Maybe things will move even more to the right once Steve Bannon returns with a burning rage against the Jew-occupied Trump regime?

Stay tuned.


  1. Future of France will be decided on National Assembly election in 11 and 18 June. Without parlament, Le Pen will be isolated like Trump is screwed by congress.

    And don,t hope very much. France is one big cuck nest. There were local election in 2015, few weeks after worst terror attack in France history. Front National lost absolutely every last district, even Calais with it,s infamous jungle migrant camp.

  2. Its ok – when France becomes Islamic in 30 years, the peaceful , tolerant koranimals will sort them out. I’m sure the fembats will be treated in the equal manner they desire and the environment will be given high priority….

  3. Its sad. As long as we snap up all the beautiful French women like the Le Pens, for our new White nation it won’t be a total loss.

  4. Yeah, but get ready for the cursed American Patriotards to step in and say:

    “Those French would be speaking German if it wasn’t for us. I hear these Le Pen folks are Nazis and don’t like America that saved them”.

    No dumb arses these French Nationalists don’t like America, don’t like Hollywood, don’t like Neo Con wars against Serbs, Russians or just sane Arabs in Iraq and Syria.

    The dumb arse Amurikun patriotards are real pains.

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