Goyim, Meet Bill O’Reilly’s “Hot Chocolate” Love Interest

I have no idea whether this Black woman’s claims against the angry drunken Irishman O’Reilly are true or not, but based off of his history and weird personality, such things are definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

You see, Billy Boy is a case specimen of the purely-materialistic Baby Boomer who thinks only in terms of wealth, status, and self-gratification even at the expense of the truth.

Combined with a career in the decadent bowels of the Jewish media (known to be a hotbed of perversions too sick to describe in detail), and you wind up with a man who believes the entire world is there to serve him and only him; a superior being in his own mind.

But whatever – at least we now know that if these claims are true, O’Reilly has zero morals and no sense of racial identity, but is instead enslaved to the irresistible urges of “muh dik.”


  1. When a white anti-White falls from grace of his anti-White employers he gets tossed out like the garbage he is. He is savaged and ripped apart without mercy by anti-White useful idiots he respected and tried to please.

    Here is a lesson for white anti-White race traitors.

  2. Dubious.

    She’s now fat, don’t know about when this supposedly happened. But even thin she wouldn’t be noticeably (or much at all) attractive. I just doubt O’Reilly found her ‘hot.’ Black women can be incredibly delusional, moreso than white women when it comes to projecting their desires onto men.

    But even if it’s true, it’s inappropriate but what did she really suffer? Why was she showing cleavage in a f*cking workplace?

    Harassment claims in my state require need to have some measurable destructive impact on the supposed victim.

    THIS IS AN OBSCENE JOKE COMPARED TO WHAT ANGLO WOMEN ENDURE FROM ALL COLORS OF MEN, especially GROIDS who according to the state commissars aren’t even capable of harassing us.

    Fuck off fatso. It’s ‘your truth.’

    I honestly don’t think it beyond the not so pale that the jews/zionists and this shegress plotted this together, possibly even got some jewboy at Twitter to falsify a digital history.

  3. O’Reilly has gotten fired and purged for somethings he supposedly said.

    Check out any Black hip hip rap video or Hollywood movie – Birth of a Nation directed by 2 Black rapists.

    You don’t have to support Bill O’Reilly to understand the Media Matters/Soros/Huffington Post anti Whites are looking to fire or marginalize anyone in the mainstream media that doesn’t toe the BlackLiesMatter PC party line.

  4. Reports are O’Reilly got a settlement of between $20 – $25 million from Fox. That’s not a bad severance settlement.

  5. Monica Lewinsky volunteered to deliver the pizza to Bill Clinton and used the opportunity to offer him a blow job. Huckabee put it more politely: You can’t kiss a woman who is leaning away.

    Its not credible that the women accusing O’Reilly were behaving like dainty wallflowers and he aggressively accosted them with his foul thoughts. When the Andrea Mackris tapes of phone calls with O’Reilly were published, I believe it was only O’Reilly’s side of the conversation. I was born at night but not last night: All of these women were active participants in bantering with O’Reilly.

    I won’t miss the show and wasn’t a fan. Those Dennis Miller, Bernie Goldberg and Krauthammer segments were always bad. O’Reilly was putting on a performance and it wasn’t a news show.

  6. Bill O’Reilly is truly despicable but I do have some concerns based on certain factors that cannot be ignored such as:

    Black woman with a Jew handler – odds of any truth to it go way down (BIG RED FLAG)
    Cleavage – cleavage has no place in a truly professional workplace (well, she also thought she was hot chocolate)
    Her imitation of a grunt and a groan sounded more like a throat clearing
    Goes on the Leftist indoctrination program “The View” hosted by a radical tranny and a radical kikess wannabe
    Any “temp” could have simply picked up the phone and asked for a transfer and she did not – this isn’t the 1950’s! (she said she didn’t want to ruin her agency’s relationship with Fox News? I call total BS on this one!!!)
    Twitter history doesn’t show anything concrete – she could have started the events by flirting or showing cleavage
    Lisa Bloom stated she was targeting Bill O’Reilly

    Good speech pattern yet a slip with the “hot chocolate” remark area told me she is, at the very least, a little bit ghetto
    Megyn Kelly had sexual harassment claims against O’Reilly, too (where was she when Kelly was complaining)
    Bill is a snake and a huge one at that
    Fox News has a good portion of fake news, too
    Fox News is owned and operated by a globalist family

    Since I can’t stand O’Reilly, I’ll say there is an extremely slight chance the woman has a case; otherwise, it stinks like a schmear of chicken fat on marbled rye.

  7. Wendy Walsh, one of O’Reilly accusers is married to a Negro. It is difficult to find pictures of Wendy Walsh with her Negro husband in public.

  8. Faux News has been a Zionist/neo-con racket all along. It’s now being converged even further (((leftward))). Why would anyone on the hardRight care what happens to a shabbatz-goy skunk like Bill O’Reilly? May he and all his kind burn in hell forever.

  9. People seem to be forgetting that sexual harassment relates to sex, and as such, to power.

    The power dynamic doesn’t work well, we’re supposed to believe he feels sexually attracted to her and more often, threatened.

  10. This is a “conservative” TV man who when he heard about racially separate private proms in southern Georgia got upset and said that Jesus died for interracial marriage.

  11. Michael Cushman
    April 21, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    “This is a “conservative” TV man who when he heard about racially separate private proms in southern Georgia got upset and said that Jesus died for interracial marriage.”

    That is Conservatism in a nutshell. They don’t care if black men lie down with their daughters, as long as a ceremony is involved.

    That is why nationalists don’t like conservatives and vice versa.

  12. I remember the segregated proms, hearing about them on some TV news channel years ago.

    I still identified (sort of) with the left, but felt certain the whites who were using their own funds had every right to hold their own parties for themselves.

    Don’t underestimate the power there is to be harnessed amongst angloceltic people who have become minorities in their own states, demographically or just politically or both.

  13. They don’t care if black men lie down with someone else’s White daughters. In addition to respecting the left, “conservatives”, aka cuckservatives, are consummate hypocrites.

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