A Glimpse At A Potential Future: Death Toll In Venezuela Riots/Looting Reaches 20

It’s said that unlike the past, the future remains blurred and undefined – like recently poured cement, I guess.

What we do right now will have a direct effect on what the future looks like in the days of our children, grandchildren, etc…, and it should be known that the current time is an especially important time for our people.

We are now at the point of actual organizing on the ground, and I suppose that extra motivation should be constantly provided so that we don’t slacken, don’t tire, and don’t surrender.

So on that note, want to know what your nation will look like if you don’t get in gear and stay in gear?

Well, here’s at least a rough guess at what that potential future holds…

From Yahoo News:

The death toll in three weeks of violence at anti-government protests in Venezuela jumped to 20 people after a night of clashes and pillaging left 12 people dead in Caracas.

Riot police and pro-government vigilantes fought running battles with protesters demanding the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro on the capital’s east, west and south sides, witnesses said.

“It was like a war,” said 33-year-old construction worker Carlos Yanez, a resident of the southwestern district of El Valle.

“The police were firing tear gas, armed civilians were shooting guns at buildings. My family and I threw ourselves to the floor. It was horrible,” he told AFP.

Eleven people were killed in the neighborhood, according to officials.

Eight of them were reportedly electrocuted while trying to loot a bakery amid the chaos. The rest were shot.

At nightfall on Friday, more protests and pockets of unrest were reported in eastern Caracas, and in Macuto in the neighboring state of Vargas. There was a heavy security presence in the city.

Police fired teargas to disperse crowds in the Caracas district of Palo Verde, where burning barricades of trash were set up. Armed men on motorbikes also sparked panic, witnesses told AFP.

A combination of mass immigration from the jungles and deserts of the Third-World, a collapse of the American economic system, class divides, rich vs. poor warfare, and a degeneration of culture will soon make these scenes commonplace throughout our country.

Like, imagine Ferguson happening on a daily basis from Alabama, to California, to Ohio, to Massachusetts with only intensification of the fighting to look forward to.

Oh, and Maduro – the leader of Venezuela – is a bona fide Crypto-Jew, so you even have the standard Tribal abuse of the Goyim to use as an example of how future (((leaders))) would deal with a mixed-race United States of more than 400 million individuals.

With all this in mind, I suppose it’s best to go out and get to work in order to forestall this possible turn of events.


  1. Absolutely bizarre. The thing is I don’t know if Venezuela is better off under the Crypto Banana Republic bozo Maduro or the supposed (((Catholic))) (((Capitalist))) Jew wanting to depose him.

    • Hard to say – I wish I could answer that question, but it looks like they’re pretty much screwed up, down, sideways, and raw from the back.

  2. Welcome to socialism’s Catch-22. No one in Venezuela, including the opposition parties, has any clue how to manage a modern industrial society. All people with clues have fled the country and won’t come back until the situation stabilizes, and it won’t stabilize until they come back.

    Best case might be the Somalia scenario, where the national government dissolves, and likely the state governments with it. Venezuela then reverts to a tribal society with an economy based on low-tech agriculture and handicrafts, where local warlords maintain order, hold court, and dispense justice with an iron fist.

    Feminism is a luxury good; every country has as much feminism as it can afford. With no welfare state to support them, single mothers and their children will be unceremoniously sold off into slavery.

  3. This is bad, terrible.

    On the plus side…

    I have a White German/Spanish Venezuelan girlfriend – fleeing the murder and mayhem, 3rd world chaos….

    She doesn’t talk back to me or mouth feminist #*$&#

    OK, bad for Venezuela, but good for Midwestern White boys like me.


  4. Every southern man, woman, and young adult should have been prepping for the day Venezuela arrives in the US.

    Those that are government dependent now are essentially three meals away from a riot, three days from taking things from those in cities, and less than three weeks from scouring the countryside near cities.

    If you haven’t formed your tribe already, you’d better.

    • Not to mention the fact that if and when the day arrives that the technology and/or electricity goes down, millions could potentially die.

  5. @Jack Ryan

    Dude, glad to hear you are still with your Venezuelan Criolla girlfriend, I recall the photos you posted of the two of you, it was great, here’s to the two of ya; cheers good sir.

  6. I wonder if we’re not getting the wrong picture. Could it be the Venezuelans are being screwed by the Jew bankers? They try to take control over their own country and resources (like Russia) and the Jews destroy the country economically. I’m not saying they haven’t made mistakes but I think we should be careful to be so quick to criticize them as we may be in the exact same boat some day wondering just what the hell happened.

    I know for a 100% fact that this is what happened to Argentina. Before you cast dispersion on the Argentinians know that they were a middle class country that had bad inflation. Jewish bankers came in and guaranteed that the Argentinians could keep their money in their banks in dollar amounts. The Jews bribed the government, converted the accounts to Pesos, froze the accounts and would only let them take out a minuscule amount at a time and then inflated the whole entire middle class away. Just like Germany. The country collapsed overnight. They didn’t commit suicide they were murdered.

    I don’t know if this is the case for Venezuela but it wouldn’t surprise me at all. They have been doing the exact same type rip off for years and blaming it all on the Whites in the US when it was the Jew bankers the whole time. Just like the Jews blamed the British for the Chinese opium wars the Jews started…and on and on…

  7. Sam J, only someone hired to run a business would ever embezzle it. If instead I sold or gave my business to the world’s slimiest Jew, he wouldn’t steal so much as a pencil from it.

    So just give your country to the Jews already, or if you don’t like Jews, find some other ethnic group with an average IQ of at least 105 willing to move in and run the place. As owners, not caretakers, they would have an incentive to fix up the infrastructure, build a sound banking system, promote assortative mating, and provide useful public education instead of the Marxist propaganda schools ladle out today.

    That’s how Latin America used to work, but as the peasants got infected with Marxist ideas, the ruling classes got scared and started stashing money overseas, leading to a downward spiral of: less investment => more poverty => more Marxism => weaker property rights => less investment.

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