Hell Rises: Woman Raising Her Cats “Gender-Neutral” For A More Inclusive Society

Sometimes I see stories like this and wonder to myself if there is even any point in continuing to fight.

I mean, if there are freaks such as this – a Washington Post writer is specifically involved this time – who are willing to totally abandon reality in favor of abstract degeneracy, can we even hope to triumph?

But then I calm down, analyze the situation, and reassure myself that these deranged individuals will someday vanish and be forgotten as surely as the sun will rise in the morning.

But the White Race – the normal ones – will endure for eternity if only we never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never despair.

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  1. Actually this doesn’t depress me at all. In fact it’s encouraging. The crazier the libs become, the easier it will be for us to dominate them.

  2. Yes indeed, things do get bizarre as a culture self-destructs. Cats aren’t stupid enough to be confused about their gender in the first place. This society cannot go on for much longer before it implodes.

  3. For the cats part, as long as they’re loved, fed and sheltered thats what matters. Yawwwn..time for a nap now.

    I think its time we all became species neutral. Don’t call me white, male or human…..I’m some sort of earth creature who lives, breathes and eats.
    Regards from living, breathing earth creature.

  4. Never stop fighting.

    It really doesn’t matter what this screwball wants. All cats know what they are and can never be brainwashed by today’s upside down human world. Mental illness appears to be most prevalent in the leftist/liberal persuasion.

  5. @James Owen…

    ‘Cat’s don’t care what you call them, as long as you call them to supper.’


  6. I’m sick of pro-whites taking the gender bait.

    David Duke is obsessed with tweeting absurdities about Ivanka Trump controlling her father.

    So, if Hillary had won white women would be responsible. When a white man wins (by white women voting for him(, it’s still white women’s fault when he fails.

    Duke is controlled opposition.

    This HuffPo piece is probably designed to feed into pro-white paranoia about women. It’s certainly not going to help the tranny cause.

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