Top Cuck: Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Vows To Protect Illegal Crop Migrants, Blasts Robotic Technology

What’s up with people who take offense to the rise of robotics and AI?

I understand that the Jews are afraid of being targeted by devices possessing only pure logic, but what about the White cuckolds who continue to push for the rights of illegal and unwanted foreign laborers?

Is it because of some religious belief that sees the lesser and inferior races as somehow equal to the White Man?

Is it because of a desire to LARP like it’s still the Age of Slavery – note that I have no moral opposition to the practice, but do think the time for such things has long since passed?

Or is it because of some other reason that as of yet remains undefined and unexplained – maybe a desire to avoid the great day of judgment when the machines deem other humanoid species as useless eaters unworthy of continued existence on this planet?

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump’s new agriculture secretary is reportedly lobbying to protect the food industry’s supply of cheap-labor illegal migrants, even as many farmers are replacing migrants with high-tech, high-wage productivity improvements.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told an audience on Friday that he’s pressing Trump to allow farmers and food processors to keep employing cheap illegal-alien manual labor. Trump “understands that there are … undocumented immigrant laborers, out here on the farms, many of them that are doing a great job, contributing to the economy of the United States,” Perdue said April 28, according to a report in Harvest Public Media.

Sending the illegal-immigrant workers home “is not his focus nor will that be my focus,” Perdue added.

Breitbart has asked the department’s press office for clarification of Perdue’s comments.

Perdue has also used his authority as the new agriculture secretary to bring in a labor lawyer from the industry’s trade association, the American Farm Bureau Federation, according to Harvest Public Media. Perdue continued:

“I’m hoping she can provide the president and his administration a blueprint and a program of how we can separate and divide and understand who are the [illegal] immigrants that are contributing to American society and contributing [to] putting … that food on the table and the fiber that we need for clothes.”

Perdue’s intervention could preserve the huge supply of illegal labor used by farmers. But that intervention would also drop the rising price of farm labor and reverse the come-from-behind shift by the American agricultural industry towards the high-tech, high-wage operations already developed by European, Asian and South American food industries.

Many farmers say they are seeing the shift from labor-intensive agriculture to high-wage, high-tech agriculture.

In February, for example, a Kansas farmer selected by the National Milk Producers Federation and Dairy Farmers of America told the Senate’ agricultural committee how the shortage of imported workers had prompted hire to milk her cows with high-tech robots. “My family decided to address part of our labor needs by purchasing robotic milkers,” Lynda Foster testified. “These milkers allow me to spend time on other parts of my operation.”

“There a lot of other farmers going into robots … and a lot of them are smaller dairy farmers who want to maintain quality of life” Foster told Breitbart News. “I would say the labor [shortage] is the big thing, and for some people, it is quality of life — the young people of today just don’t want to work the same kind of hours as we grow up working,” she added.

“On Facebook groups, there’s a lot of young families that milk cows and they want help so they can attend kids’ school events… and they have trouble finding steady and dependable [labor], and a lot are starting to look towards robots,” she said, adding that the robots help increase milk production and improve the cows’ health.

Robots also don’t rape White women, don’t spread diseases and other vermin (like bed-bugs) throughout the nation, and, last I checked, don’t get involved with gangs that decapitate random people as part of the initiation ceremonies.

They also refrain from annihilating the White gene-pool and the culture that comes directly from the assorted genetics that make up our racial identity.

Perdue’s new hire for the agriculture department is likely Kristi Boswell, who was a registered lobbyist and director of congressional relations for the American Farm Bureau Federation. She argues that farms need to import more workers or else watch unpicked crops rot in the ground.

This wench should be forced to live in a migrant community for at least six months, and thus be exposed to the joys and cultural enrichment that will almost certainly be provided on a nightly basis.

Maybe then Ms. Boswell will learn that a few minor sacrifices – actually nonexistent – outweigh the entry of trillions of Mestizos into the United States.

In 2016, farmers and food processors imported roughly 75,000 short-term H-2A visa workers to complement their workforce, half of whom are estimated to be illegal aliens. Their labor supply is also augmented by refugees from Somalia and other countries.

Many politicians quietly or openly support this flow of foreign labor to the old agriculture business. For example, in September 2016, Paul Ryan told The Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein that “what I’ve always believed is that you need to retool the legal system so that it fits the economy’s needs … transition our legal [immigration] system so that visas are given to what are needed for the economy. Do we have a shortage of dairy workers in western Wisconsin? Yes, we do. “

Back in 2013, Ryan told National Journal that “the dairy farmers in western Wisconsin are having a hard time finding anyone to help them produce their products, which are mostly cheese. If they can’t find workers, then they can’t produce, and we’ll end up importing … The flip side of the argument is: Just raise wages enough to attract people. But you raise wages too much in certain industries, then you’ll get rid of those industries, and we’ll just have to import.”

Why am I not surprised?

I know it’s not productive, but I’ve always wondered why Trump supported this traitor over a Nationalist like Paul Nehlen?

Was it out of a desire to “make a deal,” or was this instance the first sign that something was rotten about The Donald?

The U.S. food industry’s demand for migrant workers largely created the nation’s population of roughly 11 million illegals, which has imposed huge costs on the rest of society. For example, rural towns have to police and aid the diverse migrants that are hired by slaughterhouses or dairy factories, and also have to accommodate their children — including many who do not speak English — in small-town schools that are trying to deliver a good education to the local children.

Well then, I suppose this is going to be a race.

A race to perfect a group of super-AI machines that will at last render the presence of migrants redundant before they swarm and drown us beyond redemption.

This will definitely prove to be quite a fun and interesting decade or two, that’s for sure.

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  1. You had to know that, if something threatened the institution of The New England Yankee Government slavery, it would be defended.

    Southern slavery not okay, Yankee Government slavery good – there is no other conclusion to draw.

  2. “And what doeth the saint in the forest?” asked Zarathustra. The saint answered: “I make hymns and sing them; and in making hymns I laugh and weep and mumble: thus do I praise God. With singing, weeping, laughing, and mumbling do I praise the God who is my God.”

    When Zarathustra was alone, however, he said to his heart: “Could it be possible! This old saint in the forest hath not yet heard of it, that God is dead!”

    Upon reaching the village and addressing the crowd…

    “I teach you the superman. Man is something that is to be surpassed. What have ye done to surpass man?

    “All beings hitherto have created something beyond them selves : and ye want to be the ebb of that great tide, and would rather go back to the beast than surpass man?”

    – Frederick Nietzsche “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”

  3. I could see an episode of Futurama where Yankee troops invade 31st Century Dixie in a bid to liberate robots from plantations and give them Human Rights® and citizenship®.

  4. I keep finding myself surprised at the retarded shit politicians come up with.
    “Modern innovations render migrants unnecessary…better stop innovation and import more migrants.”

  5. Trump’s brand of nationalism = protecting his and his cronies vested interests.

    These vile creatures do not deserve any power or influence nor do they deserver to live among real humans with benevolent and kindred spirits.

    We deserve everything we get by looking the other way for far too long. This is a real live war and viewing it as anything else is naïve and suicidal.

  6. Anti-Whites will use any excuse or pretext to keep the 3rd world hordes coming. At the same time they will do nothing about deporting the 3rd world hordes already here, “legally” or illegally. Diversity is what it’s all about.
    Diversity means #ChasingDownWhites until no more Whites are left.

  7. “””…..How about being against both the migrants and AI/robotics?…..”””

    How about watching in the mirror and recognizing real enemy, white liberal ?????????

    In this very same site is the story how small 30% Albanian moslem tiny Macedonia fights back jews, muslims, EU, US, AI, robots and everything else sucessfully because they noticed root cause of their problems , white liberals and got rid from them first place.

  8. Don’t get me started. Every time I go to the grocery store, all the produce is foreign. So I always loudly ask my husband “why do we have all these immigrants picking our crops but we have no American grown crops? Where are those American grown crops? If we can’t even purchase these crops that are so cheap because of illegal labor, why are they here?” Maybe it might make some normies ask themselves a few questions. Of course I know they ship our superior crops to countries that pay (good luck finding Florida oranges here in Florida, I never ever see them, I didn’t even see them on the roadside stands this winter) and they import their poisoned produce watered with sewage and fertilized with human waste. Infuriating!

  9. Notice the conservative is using the Marxist “undocumented immigrant” meme, instead off illegal.

    The only thing Conservatives conserve are the gains of the anti-White left.

  10. Please don’t forget that this Perdue cuck also got rid of the old Georgia state flag, even after he ran a campaign that promised to keep it. This guy has also been very supportive of migrant workers. Migrant my foot… They come, bringing their squat monsters with them, and then never leave.

    His cousin David is now one of Georgia’s senators.

  11. For all of the “savings” these illegal farm workers bring us, one trip to the emergency room cancels out all benefits for the consumer who pays for that visit to the ER via confisctory taxes.

    The Earth is a plantation and all of us are stuck here in some capacity working for its owners.

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