Cobb County’s Cancer: Communists Celebrate The Death Of Metro Atlanta’s Last Majority-White Area

Cobb County is just another chapter of a story that has played out across America during the last couple of generations.

From California, to Massachusetts, to Michigan, to Texas, to Virginia, to even tiny mountainous New Hampshire, the inexorable march of the colorful hordes has been almost unstoppable.

The specific races and details of the flood may be slightly different, but the end result is always the same – the collapse of prosperous society as soon as Whites lose their majority status.

It’s really not worth describing in tormenting detail, but it should just be remembered that the tale of Cobb County will eventually be used to describe the entire United States (South, North, West, and everything in between) in another decade or two.

Unless we put aside our differences and prepare to save our people, that is.

From Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The first time Tammy Garnes visited a school in Cobb County, 10 years ago, she left in a hurry. It was just too white.

“I want to surround my children with black people,” said the film producer, who was sitting at a table in Marietta’s Double Take Cafe with a friend.

But when the Garnes family made a second visit to Marietta two years ago, Tammy found a different world: A diverse school, several fellow black California expatriates, a sophisticated town and a true gumbo of cultures. Since then she’s enjoyed Guatemalan cuisine, made Hindu friends and sent her daughter to a friend’s Brazilian baptism.

“We didn’t think that was what Cobb County looked like,” said Garnes. “It is a true melting pot, and that is a beautiful thing to see, with everything happening in the world.”

Silly Negro thinks she’ll be able to make friends with the other diverse creatures, does she?

Well, based off of what has happened in California and parts of the Northeast, I suggest that she reevaluate her future priorities – Hispanics utterly despise Blacks, and usually annihilate them as soon as they encroach upon their established neighborhoods.

In four years, this former white conservative bastion is expected to become “majority minority”; that is, minority residents will outnumber white residents.

The massive demographic shift is evident everywhere. Cobb schools offer a dual-language immersion program in which students are taught half the day in Spanish and half the day in English — to the dismay of some longtime residents. In Mableton, where African-Americans accounted for 4 percent of the population 40 years ago, a black man is the state senator.

And in 2016, Cobb County, once a symbol of conservatism, voted for Hillary Clinton for president.

Cobb is the last core metro county in which more than 50 percent of residents are white. The opportunities, and the tensions, abound.

Living up on the Paulding line, Rebecca David, 44, said things are still tranquil. But she’s worried about crime creeping north from Cobb, especially when she travels down to Marietta.

“I wouldn’t go there at night,” she said. “Yesterday I went to the parking lot at Kroger, and people on the corner were begging for money and diapers and food. They looked to be another culture, and I don’t know if they spoke our language or not, but I didn’t stop.”

‘The new future of the South’

One symbol of the changes in Cobb opened its doors to tens of thousands of fans this month when Henry Aaron tossed out the first pitch at SunTrust Park.

The team’s move north of the Chattahoochee River mirrors a moment 51 years earlier when the Braves first appeared in Atlanta.

In 1966 the arrival of big-time sports in the South, with the construction of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, seemed to welcome the upstart city into a special brotherhood.

Behind-the-scenes deals made by Mayor Ivan Allen — we built, he said, “on land we didn’t own, with money we didn’t have, and for teams we had not signed” — also were echoed by the secret negotiations that took the Braves to the suburbs.

Author and former Atlantan Steve Oney wrote the definitive book, “And the Dead Shall Rise,” about one of Cobb’s darkest chapters. The lynching of Leo Frank took place in 1915, near where the Big Chicken now stands.

Oney grew up in Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia, visiting Cobb in 1974 to interview white supremacist J.B. Stoner, who practiced law out of a Marietta office.

“They were literally and figuratively flying the Confederate battle flag,” said Oney of Stoner and Marietta. (In 1980 Stoner would be convicted of bombing a black church in Birmingham.)

“The new stadium, it’s an entirely new order,” said Oney. “That (Cobb) has now embraced the future I think is startling. This is the new future of the South.”

Look closely, White Man, for what you see in the above image will be the future of the South if things are not pushed in a proper direction by the time the 2030’s roll around.

It’ll be your children that will bear the brunt of whatever choices you make today, so pick wisely.


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  1. Niggers aren’t Communists, or anything else political. They either imitate White people, or do as their handlers tell them. The puppet is dangerous, but it’s the puppet masters that have to be gone after.

    • True, but we’re looking at those who run the AJC, and I’m going to take a guess and say that Blacks don’t run the paper – they just found a docile interview subject.

  2. Notice how this nigger can nonchalantly say the place was “too white” and “I wanted to raise my children around black people” and the AJC doesn’t call her out for being “racist,” and neither would any other cucked out self-loathing white. Yet were we to express a preference for our own people, the combined might of the Jew shame, “racist” machine would be unleashed on us. I have no qualm with this pickenanny wanting to be around other spear-chunkers, in fact I wish they all wanted the same. But this attitude of “what’s mine is mine and what’s YOURS is mine” has to stop and I don’t think we’re going to be able to do it at the voting booth.

  3. The Jews have always been behind it all, whether in 1776, 1861 1941 or 2017. Yes in the early days they needed front men, and Yankee intellectuals and Freemasons provided those but those frontmen have been dead and gone for over 100 years now. Now you see the full ugly face of the Hebrew.

    As for Communism James, there have been quite a few (((Communist))) set up jobs in Africa, of course we know who ran and funded those

  4. The problem with most folks on our side is everyone jumps to blame the IMMIGRATION ACT OF 1965 for our problems when lets get this clear THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE ALWAYS HAD OPEN IMMIGRATION TO THE USA. Repeat that to yourself until it sinks in. The Asiatic Barred Zone Act of 1917 barred Asia and the Middle East. The 1924 Immigration Act barred Asia, Africa and restricted Southern/Eastern Europe with strict quotas. After 1924, a Jamaican Negro could immigrant to the United States by just showing up at the docks while Italians or Greeks couldn’t get in at all, unless they had money. The Western Hemisphere was left unregulated via a corrupt deal from Texas Democrats and Florida Democrats to keep the flow of cheap Mexican and West Indian Black labor coming in.

    From 1960 until recently when Asians began to surpass them, the number one source of immigrants to the USA was Latin America, an area NEVER restricted from coming here. This was done so a lot of vegetable farmers in Texas and California could make millions. In other words as evil as the 1965 law is, the Hispanic issue or the West Indian Issue was never covered under any law. Never once in modern history has there been a concerted effort by any border state to close that border, especially not in Texas because LBJ supported Mexican immigration as strengthening his Democratic base and the Republicans wanted the cheap labor. Same thing in Florida, California, and elsewhere. All we needed to do at any time was place the US Army on the land border, have them set up firebases and put Navy gunboats on the Rio Grande.We also needed to seal Canada off as well. Why didn’t it happen? (((THEY WANTED IT KEPT OPEN))).


  5. Extreme anti-white racist Tammy Garnes needs to seek asylum in Africa where she won’t have to see any discusting all-white areas. The airport is this way maam. I trust she is on the SPLC’s list of hate group’s as a result of her comments?
    In Australia its the same. ‘Oh that area is soooo white… discusting. If an area is too Asian, Muslim, Jewish or Somalian…..thats wonderful diversity and enrichment. Any white with half a brain can see we’re being sucked in here.
    Occasionally our elite leaders get on TV and declare that ‘Australians have embraced diversity and we’re the worlds most successful melting pot’. Obviously he never asked us. Diversity was not embraced… was forced on us without our consent. Their arrogance knows no limits. Enemies of our race and culture used to be dealt with like the treacherous devil’s they are. Now we have them sitting in parliament.

  6. Integration was forced on the Southern US at the point of bayonets manned by the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division. It’s been all downhill at ever increasing speed every since.
    There have been multiples of high civilizations that have existed on the billions of years old Earth that have disappeared completely off the face off the Earth leaving only the faintest of marks for archeologist to ponder as to who they were. This proves that intelligence is not a guarantee for survival and the situation in the US is proof positive of this.

  7. George Allen
    MAY 1, 2017 AT 9:00 AM
    Integration was forced on the Southern US at the point of bayonets manned by the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division.

    Actually the truth is many states and municipalities had capitulated long before Central High School, the only reason we remember Little Rock is that it was one of the few times in that evil period that there was a concerted effort to stand up. The year before in Clinton Tenn, the Tenn National Guard forced the Negroes into the white school under the orders of the Tennessee Governor Clement. Cucking isn’t a phenomenon of 2016-17 there were plenty of powerful White Southern cucks in 1954 as well more than willing to roll over.

    Sickening to speak of

  8. Marcus – behold all the Southerners, on THIS pro-Southern site, who parrot and spew the “Damned Yankee: Jew agitprop as reflexively as they do drawing breath, yet give Jews a pass. “It’s not all of them….” Southern Whites have been screwed over by the kikes front left and center pretty much from the beginning of Dixie – yet still blame “The Yankees”.

    re: Yankees – behold the YUUUGE crowd of Whites, attending the Pro-Trumpenstein rally in PA this past weekend. Trumenberg has done nothing for the people that put him in power, and is pursuing every goal that benefits the Tribe – yet the Lumpenprole White cheer him. Even though he will most likely fininsh them off.

    Behold the White Nationalist sites that encourage women-bashing. Because “White women held all the legal and social power, before the Jew Coup, and made all this happens. It’s the fault of the dumb whores, skanks, and sluts! White sharia! Cuz I can’t get laid otherwise! Durr hurr durr…muh tiny white dick! (Sarc off). Thankfully the gents on this site don’t do that – but way too many do.

    I’m sorry for dropping a huge Black Pill – but I don’t hold much hope for Whites putting aside our differences, banding together to save our collective existence. We are largely purity-death spiraling Eloi – and would rather fight each other to the Last White Man and Woman, than give up our particular fantasies, and fight to live.

  9. Denise, just do the best you can do by yourself or with those who already work with you. Sad to say, most pro-Whites are terminally stupid.

  10. If the commute to work in cities is an hour from suburbs now, imagine the future where those suburbs will have completed white flight. It would take 2 hours to get to work then, no one would want a corporate job, unless you live in overpriced high rises in the city.

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