#HostageBannon: Bizarre Pictures of Steve Bannon Circulate Around Internet

Before anybody goes ahead and says anything, I certainly know that Steve Bannon – known as /ourguy/ in Alt-Right circles – is a fan of the Jewish State of Israel.

This, however, is not because of some sort of heretical religious belief, but instead stems from an understanding – definitely misguided – that the Jews have perfected a hardcore ethnostate (actually National Socialist in many ways), and may be able to help the United States in implementing some of their policies (like a WALL and racial profiling in all aspects of life).

But after I saw the below picture, I couldn’t help but wonder what in the name of God is going on over in Washington.

Are there dark and terrifying things happening to the former head of Breitbart News?

I mean, why else would Bannon look so sullen and broken with his little forced smile?

It’s also interesting that Bannon has a full whiteboard containing a lengthy Nationalist platform that is still waiting to be implemented by President Trump – Bannon might be waiting until hell freezes over for most of this to come to fruition.

It’s almost like the Rabbi is mocking us by posting the board in the background of his pic, reminding us that no matter how much we scold and rebuke, our ideas will never come to pass so long as (((Kushner and Company))) hold the reins of government.

From The Guardian:

Before being hung out to dry in the halls of Congress or blocked by inconvenient federal judges, Donald Trump’s policy initiatives start as items written on a dry-erase board in chief strategist Stephen Bannon’s office, photos posted to social media this week suggested.

Then Bannon checks them off and … maybe gets lunch?

During a visit to Bannon to mark the 1948 declaration of Israeli independence, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a former Republican congressional candidate and reality star, posed for pictures prominently featuring Bannon’s to-do list.

The pictures were posted to Twitter as Trump made the case that his first 100 days in office have been among the most productive in US presidential history.

Yet many items on Bannon’s wall-sized list, which has been described previously by reporters but not publicly seen, have not yet been dispatched. Controversially, no doubt, for to-do list purists – some items with check marks next to them remain stubbornly incomplete.

Such items include “suspend immigration from terror-prone regions” and “suspend the Syrian refugee program”. Orders issued by Trump to suspend travel from certain Muslim-majority countries and to suspend the refugee program have been blocked in federal court.

Bannon’s top priority in the health care quadrant has similarly gone nowhere. “Repeal and replace Obamacare,” the white board reads. Republicans have failed to move legislation to that effect through the House of Representatives, despite their healthy voting majority and the president’s personal involvement.

Steve, at this point in time, I would advise you to leave the White House, join us with your vast material and mental wealth, and help us to truly drain the (((swamp))) in order to preserve the White Race and all of Western Civilization.

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  1. well Steve Bannon looks a bit old and a bit wasted and sort of not there, not photogenic but….

    I don’t take a very good photo either.

    Or else… I really do look this way.

    At one time I was pumped up to take on Charles Barkley and Dominique Wilkens in basketball in the South SEC….

    My time has passed on that – oh well.

  2. I have posted on Breitbart many a time that Bannon needs to create some distance between himself and the Trump (Kushner) Administration if he wants to retain any bit of credibility.

    Most of the Breitbart comments are still in favor of Trump, but that will change as he continues to flip flop.

  3. Voting absolutely does not matter. They have all the politicians. How much will you give me to betray Him, as it were. Their money has to be broken. How to do that, I’m not sure.

  4. Bannon is now a cuck. He cucked himself so he could retain some tiny bit of power and now he’s kissing Jewish ass. He’s assuming the position, ready for that Jewish dick up his ass.

  5. Come on now, Bannon ran a website that brags about being “conceived in Israel” and is more pro Zionist than most medit outlets, and you’re still holding out hope that he’s going to “come through” for America. Bannon represents the hard right of the Zionist/globalist paradigm, and haa masterfully incorporated nationalist rhetoric into an agenda that is philosemitic and militantly pro Israel. I refer to it as Kosher nationalism. Stop holding out hope that someone like Bannon will take a stand against the power structure that he is so firmly entrenched in. Unless your MO is to promote anyone non Jewish white person who says some things you like as a potential savior.

  6. Jews run the District.

    Long ago, when Gerald Ford was president, he stopped funding to Israel based on the law granting them tax money as long as they didn’t build additional “colonies” on Palestinian land. When they did that, Ford exercised the law.

    Within days, he had a letter on his desk signed by 76 US senators demanding he reinstate the flow of tax money to Israel without regard to the law.

    It’s worse now.

  7. Steve was never “our guy”. Navy Intelligence = ZOG’s army plus (((Goldman Sachs))) (((Hollywood))) (((Breitbart))) (((Cambridge Analytica))) (((Council for National Policy))) are definitely not “our” allies.

  8. (((Goldman Sachs))) (((Hollywood))) (((Breitbart))) (((Cambridge Analytica))) (((Council for National Policy)))

    Don’t forget the (((Mercer family)))

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