New Syrian Deal To Establish “Safe Zones” To Facilitate Peace, American Planes Banned

While I applaud the Russians for at least trying to prevent Trump – under the (((guidance))) of President Jared Kushner – from starting a Third World War, I’m not too optimistic about any peace deal that involves living Moslem rebel groups.

Because with Moslems (Sunnis especially), you have a situation where the more moderate ones – they actually exist in rare instances – are easily radicalized and transformed into terrorist warbands by the more ideologically-sound members of their faith.

It’s been proven time and time again in the last several years, and at the end of the day, you cannot hope to have a situation where moderate Kebab will isolate and expunge the more violent Kebab from their midst.

From RT:

The agreement for safe zones in Syria will come into force on Friday at 21:00 GMT, the Russian Defense Ministry announced. Russia, Iran and Turkey negotiated the memorandum on Thursday in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Speaking to journalists on Friday, Deputy Defense Minister Aleksandr Fomin said the deal brings hope for a more comprehensive cessation of hostilities in Syria.

“It was supported by all principal players, including the UN, the US administration, Saudi Arabia and other nations, so there is a certain degree of guarantee that the memorandum will be implemented,” he said.

“It is coming into force tomorrow, or rather at midnight Moscow time, on May 6.”

The memorandum designates four areas in Syria as safe zones, where armed groups opposing the Syrian government and not supporting a jihadist agenda would be protected from attacks. They are expected not to allow terrorist groups use them as safe havens.

The largest safe zone is in northern Syria, covering Idlib Governorate as well as parts of Latakia, Aleppo, and Hama, according to the Russian military. The second covers the northern part of Homs Governorate, where around 180,000 civilians live. The third zone encompasses the Damascus neighborhood of Eastern Ghouta, a small region controlled by the terrorist group Al-Nusra Front. The last one is in parts of southern Syria bordering Jordan.

Fomin said the implementation of the deal may allow the war in Syria to finally stop. He added that the memorandum has provisions for including more territories into the safe zones.

The official said Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has contacted his counterparts in several nations to ensure that the safe zones deal works.

“The Russian minister has held working sessions with defense ministers of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Israel,” he said, adding that respective intelligence services and foreign ministries have been contributing to the de-escalation effort as well.

He added that contacts with the leaders of armed opposition groups helped convince them to support the de-escalation.

My guess is that this deal will fall apart by the official beginning of summer at the very latest, and will likely involve some sort of terrorist false flag blaming Assad and/or the Russians for barrel bombs, poison gas, or some other convoluted mess.

Throw in an unstable and emotional Ivanka, a hand-rubbing Kushner, and #HostageTrump, and you have the makings for another long quagmire before another series of negotiations begin.

But here is the best part of the deal, in my opinion…

From New York Times:

United States and allied aircraft will be banned from flying over much of Syria in a deal between Iran, Russia and Turkey, a senior Russian diplomat said on Friday.

The diplomat, Aleksandr Lavrentiev, also suggested that Russian and Turkish warplanes would be prohibited from flying in four designated “de-escalation zones,” where Syrian government and rebel forces are supposed to stop fighting each other.

But Mr. Lavrentiev seemed to sketch out a broader geographical no-fly zone for American and coalition military planes. He said they would be allowed to fly only in eastern Syria over Islamic State-held areas, apparently excluding the entire western spine of the country.

There was no immediate comment from the American military or from the Trump administration. Nor was it clear whether Washington had agreed to the conditions that Mr. Lavrentiev described, or whether Russia would try to enforce them.

I suppose we’ll all have to wait and see what exactly happens in regard to this interesting development, although I’ll offer up a guess and say that Trump will refrain from mentioning this at all in order to avoid looking like a checkmated CUCK.

Not that a show of force would be good or productive, obviously, as I would very much like to live to see my newborn son grow up in a world not ruined by nuclear war.


  1. It appears that the deal (geographical restrictions on US and vassal military flights) will force Trump to keep his promise to fight (only) ISIS, end the regime-change business and keep the US out of a war throughout Syria (which they wouldn’t do without air cover).

    But would the ceasefire deal end up like the others– a pause in the action to allow the US to re-arm and re-equip AQ?

    What about Israel? Those bastards bomb Syria whenever they feel like it and have territorial ambitions there.

  2. Great. Just great.

    Expect a good innocent american pilot to be shot down for “no reason” and then the fake wrestling match ensues.

    I swear boomers are getting boners without the help of a pill with this non stop “brink of war” bullcrap they are running on fox 24/7.

    What a damn farse.

    You guys know the baby gas video is staged right? Who the hell cares at this point. What a joke.

    All that really matters is defending NOLA this weekend. Hail victory brothers!

  3. I saw the interview where Mr Mitchell talked to Mr Molyneux and this is basically what he said around 3 or so weeks ago in the aftermath of the missle strike. Americans wanted to build refugee camps in Syria but Russians were dragging their feet and not applying pressure to Syria, then chemical weapons happened somehow. And now the Safe Spaces there is happening? Looks like the horrible mean awful Mr Mitchell was right, and team #Blackpill (mostly those on the internet hoping to appear as choleric) showing themselves to be wrong. A president in the U.S. can do this sort of thing over seas comparitively easily, and it’s different than getting a border wall and crushing the “sanctuary cities” that by the way the Roman-Catholic 5th column in the United States really wants to stop from happening.


  4. We have got some truly stupid trolls infesting this board. The anti-Catholic stuff is Jewish to the core. Same with the pro-abortion stuff. These people find themselves on the same side of the Jews on these issues for one reason: they’re trash.

    • Yeah, they’re trying to piss off one of the Catholics to the point where they start ripping Protestants – standard Jew/austist trick along with the Pagan vs. Christian crap.

      We definitely need a pogrom here, although I think for now shaming these freaks for sowing division is the best course of action – same goes for those punching right.

  5. @Alan Perrick…

    You’re right – The Catholick ‘5th Column is a part of this, but, even more so, Miss Denise is right – it’s The Jews.

  6. @Miss Denise…

    ‘Pray for Syria.’

    I do, but, also with action – as I tell my church congregants the truth of what occurs in Syria, and remind them that Fox News is lying to them.

  7. ‘I’m not too optimistic about any peace deal that involves living Moslem rebel groups. Because with Moslems (Sunnis especially), you have a situation where the more moderate ones – they actually exist in rare instances – are easily radicalized and transformed into terrorist warbands…’

    Could it be that they have neither lost their identity nor their balls?

  8. @Denise May 6, 2017 at 2:49 pm
    Denise that is a great suggestion. Assad is a really fine White man. He is an Alawite Muslim. They celebrate both Easter and Christmas. Christians were SAFE under the Assad government, that is up until the US and UK and Israel and Turkey invented ISIS and the rest of the frauds such as Al-Nusra.

    Assad is an ophthalmologist and his family are beautiful White people, wife and children.

    “The Jews tried to kill the principles of all religions with the same mentality in which they betrayed Jesus Christ and the same way they tried to betray and kill the Prophet Muhammad.”
    Bashar al-Assad The Economist (May 10, 2001)

    Truly, let us pray for him.

  9. “…Because with Moslems (Sunnis especially), you have a situation where the more moderate ones – they actually exist in rare instances – are easily radicalized and transformed into terrorist warbands…”

    I think the crazies terrorize everyone around them and if you don’t act and support more radicalism you get killed. Quite a push to be radical. Without that push I think they would calm down a lot.

    As for the safe spaces it will never work. I have no doubt they plan to use the safe spaces as guerilla safe zones they can rest and retrofit in. There’s already a great plan by this guy that I heard “one” time. They have shut him up or just ignored him. He says there’s a big island in the Med. that could be used for refugees. If they really wanted to solve the refugee problem then they would do this but I don’t think they want to solve the refugee problem (((they))) want to cram as many Muslims as they can into Western nations.

    I wonder just when will the break come? Will Whites decide that guerilla war against the Jews is the only way to save ourselves. If a minuscule part of the population decided this was the only option they would be rapidly defeated. At the same time they would have to rapidly ramp up oppression of Whites in the US. Severely curtailing civil rights even further.

    The alt-right war against the antifa is a small scale version of the beginnings of this…maybe. It does seem that the alt-right has decided that they’ve had it with intimidation of the left. It’s also costing the Left when they support this kind of oppression where only their people can speak. How long before the right starts demanding the same and attacking leftist speakers?

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