France: 4chan Releases Thousands Of Corruption-Laden Macron Emails, French Government Orders Shutdown

Trust me when I tell you that when you’re facing off against a Globalist, the odds are extremely high that you’ll come across scandal and corruption before the day is through.

It’s only too bad that the French people seem to have an issue with learning and speaking English, as their media is essentially going into shutdown mode in regards to one of the greatest scandals in their nation’s modern history.

Maybe enough folks have enough understanding of the Anglo-Sphere to get the message about Macron – who is apparently quite a degenerate – but I’m still going to remain cautiously optimistic at the very most.

At least we now have this French translation of the most popular article out there detailing Macron’s activities, so that’s a plus.

But yeah, it’s just too bad we didn’t get this with a few more days left before the Election, because there are quite a few nuggets embedded within the emails – below are the most noteworthy.



  1. Let’s hope Le Pepe gets to make a miracle, although knowing Les Crapauds, I wouldn’t hold my breath. They are even more autistic as far as “evulh knazees” is concerned than people in the US are.

  2. It’s not going to throw the election to Le Pen, but Macron will go into office politically crippled. The last president of France to leave office, with some measure of popularity was Chirac. The last two presidents, Hollande and Sarkozy, were both one-term presidents who left office with very low approval ratings. Macron will not break the pattern.

    “Après Macron, venirons nous”.

    • And my guess is that by the end of his first term (barring a Le Pen miracle), France will be just a shot away from their baguette RAHOWA against the Blacks and Moslems.

  3. Hello,

    “It’s only too bad that the French people seem to have an issue with learning and speaking English”

    I am French and I have no issue at all with speaking and writing English so, could you please stop your stereotypes ?

    “The real shame is that the French, and Whites in general, allow ZOG to control and destroy us at all.”

    Stop generalization and FUD too

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