#RedNeckRevolt: These Are What Homegrown Southern Antifa Look Like

If this is all the Communists have to throw at us throughout the bulk of the South (transplants and Jews sort of complicate things in the major cities), then I expect a full-offensive capable of taking out the trash sometime in the next year or two.







Actually, I think even these cretins have a support and leadership network that originates somewhere in the cesspits of the heavily-Jewed cities and universities in other parts of the nation – the foot-soldiers might be bona fide Southern cucks in some instances.

Definitely purge worthy, though, wherever they call home.


  1. Goes to show you that being stupid cucks isn’t just a east, west and northern thing. It’s pretty universal these days.

    I’m in a small east Tennessee town, have lived here 35 years, was born in Nashville… and have watched as real Southern pride over the years went from 80-90% of the White populace to only a tiny fraction of “racist redneck White trash”. Very sad and extremely frustrating. Behind the veneer of easy, breezy southern charm we are just as (((multicultural))) and niggerfied as anywhere else. Add several million+ beaners and high unemployment for White males into the equation while your at it. You have no idea how much I hate admitting these facts about my once-beautiful southern home and our once-rugged people.

  2. OLD HICKORY: Excerpt from This Day In History (((history.com)))

    “Members of the Communist Workers Party had organized the anti-Ku Klux Klan rally and march and were joined by a group of local African American mill workers. A caravan of cars carrying Klansmen and neo-Nazis arrived to disrupt the march, and videotape shows demonstrators initiating the violence by kicking and striking the Klan and Nazi vehicles. The Klansmen and Nazis then opened fire, shooting six demonstrators. The communists, who were carrying concealed weapons, then returned fire. When the gun battle ended, five demonstrators were dead or dying, and seven were wounded.

    In 1980, six Klan and Nazi members were put on trial on murder and rioting charges. During the trial, evidence came to light indicating that the Greensboro police, and perhaps the federal government, were aware of the probability of violence at the rally but did little to prevent it. Edward Dawson, a paid informant for the Greensboro Police Department and former FBI informer in the Klan, had helped plan the massacre and had notified the Greensboro police of the details, while Bernard Butkovich, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agent undercover in the local branch of the American Nazi Party, had supplied some of the firearms used.”

    They admit that the Communists started the violence, were also armed… but then go on to say that this was a Klan- “planned massacre” in order to convict the six guys of murder and rioting.

  3. They think they can appeal to Southerners by calling themselves Rednecks. Then they insult Southerners with a John Brown banner. These people really are from another country. And they really don’t understand that Southerners and Northerners are not the same people.

  4. I agree with the author of this piece when he stated that: “Actually, I think even these cretins have a support and leadership network that originates somewhere in the cesspits of the heavily-Jewed cities and universities in other parts of the nation”. I was also amused by the hipster with the bandanna and the “no hate in our hills” sign.
    On a side not, I recently posted an essay on my sight of interest to Southern Nationalists. It concerns the Yankee origin of the (supposedly pro-gun) NRA. You can read it here: https://putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/2017/05/05/the-nra-a-yankee-organization/

  5. Thanks Jimmy but I’m already aware of the B.S. official story. What’s left out of that is that the rioters(NOT “demonstrators”) had been making terrorist threats for days leading up to the successful (and fully justified) attack by the KKK/National Socialist alliance. I’m not sure what the point is of regurgitating the lies of the treason lobby.

    It was a BATTLE not a “massacre”. And the statue in Greensboro should celebrate the successful defense of our homeland by patriotic Klansmen and National Socialists NOT the combination of Commies, cucks, Coloreds and queers that were trying to subvert it. But that’s just MY opinion.

  6. George Soros, true name Gyorgy Schwartz,, funds antifa. That is documented fact, as he does BLM. He is CLOSE to the Trump son-in-law Kushner.

    America since World War Dr. William L. Pierce November 7, 1992
    I believe that one day they’ll be shouting it from the housetops. More people are angry today about what their government is doing to America than at any time since the Second World War. As time passes their numbers and their anger will grow. That is inevitable, because the policies of the controlled media and the government are making America an unlivable place. The condition of the economy helps too. I would really be worried if I thought that the politicians could patch up the economy enough to lull people back to sleep. But I know that they can’t. I know that conditions can only become worse and worse under the policies which come from Washington, regardless of who’s in the White House. And this is what gives me hope for the future. When the pain becomes great enough, anger and frustration will overcome the fear of being Politically Incorrect, even for the most timid White American.

  7. James Owen
    MAY 6, 2017 AT 9:59 PM
    They think they can appeal to Southerners by calling themselves Rednecks. Then they insult Southerners with a John Brown banner. These people really are from another country. And they really don’t understand that Southerners and Northerners are not the same people.


    I doubt most of the young native-born Southern Liberals like the bunch that founded the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee in the 1930’s would care who John Brown was. They consider themselves Communist idealists. Nothing that ever happened down South ever happened without some crooked money hungry politicians and some wealthy native collaborators. Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were proof of this.The fact that LBJ managed to carry Texas in 1964 (Pre Voting RIghts Act) of course we know there was plenty of fraud but it was still amazing. Texas was the only state in the original 7 state Confederacy that actually supported Lyndon almost to a man. He barely managed to win Florida, because of (((Miami))) but thats a whole other story.

  8. Looks like one of Antifa vandalised the statue of St Joan of Arc in New Orleans

    Her army broke the siege of Orleans 1429

    Kyrie de gueux
    Sung at the rallies in French towns and suburbs of Paris where the French Christians are rallying against the Muslim invasion/noise/hostility/prayer sirens/mass-ass-in-the-air-street takeovers and shut downs etc. Like this:

    Muslims rioting – to the British ‘get out of our country’

    If this common scene is not to become a reality throughout the entire Western (once Christian) world, then the resistance will need to look at the European tactics.

  9. FORMER NC WIZARD – Virgil Griffin… in a last brief interview before his death, discussing why he became Klan, and why his KKK shot the communists, in Greensboro NC, in 1977

  10. @juniusdaniel1828

    Had my first Twitter argument with a New York Jew. He tired to steer the conversation, tried to intimidate me with the fact that he was a Jew. Tried to make it appear as if I had engaged him. Kept changing the subject. Ignored many points of my argument, etc.

    American® Jews want you to believe that they all have Mossad assassins, the FBI and CIA at their fingertips.

    I kept demanding that he respond to my statements and I kept responding to his with ever more bizzare, far fetched responses. After saying I was full of hatred, he gave up. So I muted him.
    They are master manipulators and psychological warfare specialists.
    They’re nothing like the Southern Jews of my childhood. They’re super Yankees. Given the Talmudic nature of Puritans, perhaps Judeo-Yankee is an apt term.

    What triggered this?

    I pointed out the fact that Redneck Revolt are Pennsylvanians marching in North Carolina with a John Brown banner. That they may as well be shouting “Kill all Southrons”, or ” General Sherman should have finished the job.” I also said that what Redneck Revolt are doing made about as much sense as Southrons opening a BBQ pit in New Hampshire.

    Apparently, he thought this was high political subversion for me to say this. This whole thing left me with an ill feeling. I now realise what Ms. Denise is on to. The Jews became the Yankees, and vise versa. Normal folks in the North are stuck like chuck, in milieu from which they can’t escape. Everything I’ve heard about Yankee style Jews is true, in spades. Those Pennsylvania kids are shabbat goys and eminently expendable. They’re Askaris led by Jewish officers. Who won’t hesitate to attack, in their own right, when you threaten their absurdities. Our Southern Nation is all that there is left of America. The non counterfeit one.

  11. Products of the anti-White public education system deep down in Dixie, not yet educated into the overt violence stage?

  12. This same group, Redneck Revolt, will be holding an anti-White protest in Harrison, Arkansas, at 2 pm May 27th on the Boone County courthouse square. Nationalists and patriots will meet the Antifa there. All White patriots are invited to join us, if you can. E-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com for details. LOS are especially welcome. -Billy Roper

  13. @James Owen

    I will give you a little historical backing. The Jews of the North were HYPER-SEGREGATED unlike the Jews in the South, who were somewhat assimilated. This is basically how it went down.

    In 1848 the wealthiest Jews in the United States lived below the Mason-Dixon in fact BALTIMORE was the preeminant Jewish City on earth, where Jews served in city government in the 1820’s!!!!!! The Jews were Democrats, because Thomas Jefferson had opened the borders WIDE OPEN in 1802 to give the Democrats more voting cattle. The Revolution of 1848 flipped the script. While we had been getting steady Ashkenazic Jewish immigration since Napoleon Bonaparte, Jews were blamed by the Germans and others for siding with Napoleon, the Revolutions of 1848 caused mass pogroms in Germany. Because of Open Borders, the Jews with many other Christian Germans came here and flooded the North. The South never ONCE objected because at the time the Antebellum Cuck Southern Democrats believed more Democrats=better defense for the Slavery Institution. They never looked at the numbers game. As the North’s population grew so did its electoral votes.

    The Jews in the North were pretty much untouchables to the Yankees. They concentrated in the cities and pooled their money and slowly bought into the city political machines like Tammany Hall in NYC. This process took years. When the war broke out in 1861, most of the important Jews in the USA Supported the Confederacy or kept to themselves. The Jews who supported Lincoln were your junkyard owners and pawnshop immigrants, basically NOBODIES. August Belmont, the most powerful Jewish financier in the US a personal agent for Lord Rothschild played both sides, he bought Confederate bonds and gave them money while at the same time auspiciously supporting the Union. The Chicago Tribune broke that story in 1864.

    The Jews ran the risk of a pogrom in the North for being Anti-Lincoln and Anti-Union. The Abolitionists had been largely a Calvinist Protestant thing, with a dose of Unitarianism and alot of Foreign Money coming from London. The Jewish infiltration in the Abolitonism was in the form of London Jewish financiers, not regular Jews. Common Abolitionists were fiercely ANTI-JEW so something had to give. Suddenly in 1864 Jewish congregations decorated themselves with Lincoln banners after working for three years to oust him. The next year with Lincoln’s murder a sudden outpouring of grief from the Jews, the very people who fought against him for four hard years. In 1868, the Jews supported Grant, but by 1876 they began drifting back to the Democrats after the Union’s wartime income tax expired. The Jews wanted a Central Bank and an Income Tax to fund it, by 1876 the income tax was the Southern Democrat cause celebre as in their minds it meant lower tariffs on cotton. The Jewish immigration boom and Yankee flight from the major cities into the suburbs left them in control of the cities. In Boston as a matter of fact the Jews caused Negro flight, the main Negro neighborhood at the time of the War in Boston became a Jewish ghetto by 1900.

    The Jewish Vote trended toward Democrats through the rest of the 19th Century but a curious thing happened on the way to the TWENTIETH CENTURY. Abolitonism and Negro Philanthropy died with Reconstruction in the North, except for a tiny kernel of true believers in Boston. The Jews realized that to get ahold of the Negro community they needed respectible Goys out in front. Here were the founders of the NAACP Henry Moskowitz, Mary White Ovington, William English Walling (the wealthy Socialist son of a former Kentucky slave-holding family), Florence Kelley, a Oswald Garrison Villard, and Charles Edward Russell a journalist. Henry Mosckowitz was a Romanian Jew. Oswald Garrison Villard was William Lloyd Garrison’s grandson. His uncle Wendell Philips Garrison was the literary editor of the leftist screed THE NATION, his father bought THE NATION in 1881 and Oswald took it over in 1900. From the beginning of J Edgar Hoover’s career in 1924 until his death THE NATION was known as a Communist News magazine and monitored by the FBI. ONLY ONE WHITE MAN WILLIAM WALLING WAS CHAIRMAN OF THE NAACP. THE OTHER CHAIRMEN, JOEL SPINGARN, ARTHUR SPIGNARN AND KIVIE KAPLAN WERE JEWS. Now they are all Negroes.

    What you see happened James was the Jews clothed themselves with the cast-off rags of Northern Abolitionism dug out of the garbage can, used a few useful idiots to establish the NAACP and Urban League and put their faces out in front, then took it over. Why do you think (((ERIC FONER))) is a respected Civil War historian. All this shyte about Abolitionists and John Brown, the average person in the North has no clue who or what it was today, after 1877 the fact that anyone was involved with it became an embarrassment, as the true nature of the Negro became known. This whole rehabilitation of John Brown, this is just another Jewish thing, clothing themselves in history and abolitionist imagery while forwarding the cause of Judeo-Supremacism.

    The Jews in the South were except for a couple places never in large enough number to become a major political bloc. The only real exception being Baltimore. Of course LBJ did manage to Jew Texas a bit remember his Texas Project of bringing illegal Jewish Aliens across the Rio Grande in the late 1930s. Now Jewish organizations claim LBJs ancestors as German Jews. Suprise Surprise

  14. Southern Nationalists regularly forget that it was SOUTHERN COMMUNISTS who founded the Highlander Folk School near Monteagle Tennessee in 1932, that wasn’t no Yankee enterprise. The Highlander Folk School is where the Civil Rights Movement was hatched, where Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King etc were trained. There are enough Southern Liberals in Dixie to give left wing cover for this sheet don’t forget that. They don’t have to be but a handful of Southern leftists to provide housing and whatnot to the real leftists from outside. The founders of the Highlander School, Myles Horton, native of Savannah Tenn, Don West, a native of Gilmer Co Georgia and son of Sharecroppers and Reverend James A. Dombrowski of Tampa Florida, son of a Polish Immigrant and Southern woman. The land for the school was donated by a Memphis, Tennessee Socialite named Lilian Wyckoff Johnson.

    The Highlander School was INTEGRATED which was against Tennessee Law, and operated with impunity for TWENTY-NINE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! Georgia and Alabama filed constant complaints over it, but those corrupt bastards in Nashville took their good time closing it, they finally did in 1961. Of course we know that New York Jews were probably providing the payoff money that Horton and Co used to keep the school open by bribing the Redneck Democrats in Nashville to LOOK THE OTHER WAY. The Highlander School was soon reopened and exists today. The woman who was shot by Gary Rowe’s Klan boys in Alabama after the Selma March VIOLA FAUVER GREGG LIUZZO’s father was a Tennessean who moved to Pennsylvania for a mine job where he married her mother and then moved them back to Tennessee and Georgia. In 1941 he moved to Ypsilanti Michigan with Viola and her mother. Ypsilianti Michigan, the home of the Willow Run plant was a Southern Town in Michigan a good percentage of the Whites came straight from Dixie to work there. Here was a woman, born to a Southern man, grew up in Dixie, lived in Michigan with Southern Whites, yet harbored such a hatred to her father;s people she did whatever she could to hurt them.


  15. From the information I’ve been able to doxx about them, which is a LOT, most of the organizers of the Redneck Revolt protest coming March 27th in Harrison, Arkansas are non-Southerners by birth, except for the homosexuals and liberal female hangers-on.

  16. @shieldwallnetwork

    They don’t understand the South. Not least of which are the culture and polity. Race and Culture counts for far more than class. Being White and Southern is more important than being a ditch digger or a Business man.

    Their John Brown banner and their basic foreigness won’t win them any recruits or adherents. To most Southerners, Northern folks may as well be Canadians.

    Harrison, Arkansas? I wonder why?

    Eventually, they’ll piss somebody off and get themselves shot. Then will have some crying parents demanding that their government do something about guns and thevpeople who use them.

  17. James Owen
    MAY 7, 2017 AT 8:41 PM

    Ever think of moving back to Dixie?


    I have considered it many times but family situations and other things keep me where I am. Our family still owns land in Kentucky and we did own our homeplace until some of our cousins got the idea not to listen to Great-Grandaddy’s warning and sold it to the Commonwealth some land bank thing big mistake. I was in East Texas in 1997 going home drove up from Corpus Christi on US 59 through Houston up to the US 259 Split and drove up US 259 to I 30

  18. James Owen – why do you think I write what I write about the Spawn of Satan? I do not EVEE exaggerate, nor do invent. Your Southern Hebes are more insidious than the harsher Jew York City Hebes; they have “shape shifted” into facsimiles of Southerners. They’ve got you lulled and snowed.

    The Hebes are COMING for you. Your Twitter engagement is the merest taste, a faint drop, of what’s to come. God help you all. You will soon understand that I am being literal and wholly sincere when I call them what they are – devils from HELL.

  19. Denise
    MAY 9, 2017 AT 3:49 AM
    James Owen – why do you think I write what I write about the Spawn of Satan? I do not EVEE exaggerate, nor do invent. Your Southern Hebes are more insidious than the harsher Jew York City Hebes; they have “shape shifted” into facsimiles of Southerners. They’ve got you lulled and snowed.

    The Hebes are COMING for you.


    Check my other exchanges on here. I think i got a live one

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