MAGA: Northern Arizona University Now Ordering Students To Check Their “Pee Privilege”

This is why the moronic ideas of “Civic Nationalism” and “Patriot Uprisings” fail time and time again across the United States.

These fools – the sad thing is that there are many young Whites in the formerly Baby Boomer crowd – like to think that if they were to somehow “save” America and unite all races and all seventy-nine genders under one flag, then everything would somehow be fine and dandy.

Yet at the same time, these are the cucks who are one day confronted with their daughters dating Blacks, their sons dating Asiatics, and the colleges all their children attend transformed into cesspits more preoccupied with genital/toilet privileges than academic studies.

Jews and Communists don’t play by civic rules (or any rules for that matter), and will destroy you and your culture if not fought in the most hardcore manner possible (legally).

From Campus Reform:

The notorious Northern Arizona University now has signs outside of on-campus restrooms that ask students to consider whether they have “pee privilege.”

“Do you have pee privilege?” one sign questions, informing restroom-goers that if they “never have to think about gender identity, ability, or access when peeing,” then “[they] do.”

Another sign expands upon the definition of “pee privilege,” noting that the “ability to use a restroom without fear or concern for your own safety constitutes” such a privilege, explaining that other factors like the “gender binary,” or the “ability to undoubtedly know which bathroom to pick,” contribute to “pee privilege.”

Similar signage, pictures of which were obtained by Campus Reform, offers “a guide” for students on the “do’s and dont’s” of encountering a transgender person in a restroom.

“Feel like someone is in the ‘wrong’ restroom?” the flyer questions, deliberately placing “wrong” in scare quotes, and then advising students not to “question” someone who they think fits such a category.

“Don’t stare,” the sign continues, suggesting that “this person is probably aware that they don’t fit into either restroom” so they don’t need anymore “eyes reminding them.”

The sign does, however, confirm that students should protect not their own safety, but the safety of any transgender individual they may encounter in a bathroom, explaining that “gender variant people are at high risk of verbal, sexual, and physical assault.”

The Alt-Cuck would have you believe that if they could get the American flag placed in all bathrooms, then you would almost instantaneously have a cadre of BASED transsexual deviants who would defend the Constitution and their future biracial children from all attacks.

My stance on the issue is that all those who break from the genetic gender script ought to be immediately placed in insane asylums and/or labor camps somewhere in the swamps of the Deep South for corrective therapy that would almost-certainly prove successful before long.

Hell, maybe we could one day make Angola Prison the first government-endorsed transgender rehabilitation center.

There are even bogs nearby for the worst offenders.


  1. If this is the course we continue to take, the only way that my kids will go to college is if they earn themselves a free-ride scholarship. I’m not paying for it.

    • Sadly, too many parents either don’t know what’s going on in colleges, or actually like the idea of their children learning how to be absolute degenerates. It’s the whole virtue signalling thing…

  2. “Jews and Communists don’t play by civic rules (or any rules for that matter), and will destroy you and your culture if not fought in the most hardcore manner possible (legally).”


    White litigant: May White people live, your Honor?
    Kosher Judge: NO!

  3. The universities have unfortunately become one of the main repositories of mass insanity in the United States. Most if not all of them receive federal tax money which should be cut off in the face of this kind of craziness.

  4. It’s a privilege now for a normal person to take a leak? No one but wacko lefty’s and dumbass cuckservatives takes this stuff seriously.

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