South Africa: Chaos Ensues After Pro-White Posters Discovered On University Grounds

The White population of South Africa – more or less – is in danger of extinction before this century completes itself (my guess is that current trends will lead to destruction by about 2040-2050 or so).

But at the same time, these poor souls have now been thrust into a situation that demonstrates that democracy lies somewhere between elaborate scam and suicide.

The 1992 vote on the repeal of Apartheid showed that one cannot depend on universal suffrage elections to protect and/or save a nation, as now we have a situation in which even the placement of innocuous posters can lead to ruin.

Learn this, White American, and don’t wind up like the subjugated people of South Africa – trapped in a world where minority status guarantees defeat at the polls.

From RT:

A major South African university has denounced posters displayed on campus this week that bare a striking resemblance to Nazi propaganda.

The offensive posters, entitled “the Anglo-Afrikaner student,” were displayed on Stellenbosch University’s main campus by a Nazi youth organization calling itself “the new right.”

The posters advertised a meeting, scheduled for Thursday in the university’s library, which called for students to “fight for Stellenbosch.”

The images appear to be a photoshopped version of Nazi propaganda posters which featured slogans such as, “The German student fighting for the Fuhrer and the people.

…Stellenbosch university also released a statement condemning the posters for “inciting racial polarisation.”

“Stellenbosch University (SU), its Library and Information Service and its Student Representative Council condemns racism, racial superiority and any attempts to polarise our campus community in the strongest possible terms and will not allow any event promoting racial superiority to take place on campus,” the statement read.

“The University would like to stress that only a query was received on the availability of the venue and that no official booking was made at the time the posters were displayed. Information about the event was not provided,” the statement added.

Three individuals are now under investigation by the university for planning the “Anglo-Afrikaner Student” event.

Jaco Greeff Brink, head of the university’s equality unit, which is leading the probe, said:

“The posters and advertised event promoting racial polarisation/superiority combined with highly offensive references to Nazi propaganda and Neo-Nazism are totally unacceptable. Given the values of SU and the South African Constitution we cannot condone views, events, publicity campaigns or innuendo that undermine our innate equality as human beings.”

Look at this spineless cuckold, and understand that weaklings like this are just as much of an enemy as the Colored hordes they agitate and coddle on a daily basis.

Democracy gave “men” such as this power, and history shows that democracy will protect their grip on society and on the minds of impressionable youngsters.

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  1. Those German propaganda posters are stunning to behold and effective. If you’re going to copy a poster, might as well go with the best ones you can find.

    Makes me want to find a book full of those ads, if one exists.

  2. Joe Slovo did it. Lucifer helped him. I know Slovo’s dead but we all know Jews have special powers from Lucifer. And, they do.

    I hate to say it but white South Africa’s destiny is the same for white America and Europe. Come on, look around. No shortage of suicidal white people falling over each other to hand power over to blacks, browns, yellows and everything in between. It will be different but just as brutal. Maybe us race realists can build an ark for ourselves and watch the slaughter offshore. I really do want to watch what they so lovingly deserve. Yes, I have reached that point.

  3. ‘And the 1992 Referendum was Whites only, and they still voted to essentially disembowel themselves.

    Yes, but, they were under enormous international pressure – a virtual war waged against them for over a decade.

  4. Perhaps Mr. Brink will be next on the anti-White hit list. No doubt he’ll go down praising democracy and Diversity.

    White self hatred is sick!

  5. Mr. Brink needs this (bootcamp in the old South African army):

    There they would have learned him some attitude and how to grow a backbone. It is time that some kind of conscription is introduced again in South Africa.

    This Nazi poster – have care, it might be a false flag in order to out right wing students.

  6. The Whites seem to be so stupid that they won’t actually awaken to the danger until they are actually an oppressed minority, impoverished, abused, loathed, and periodically slaughtered by those replacing them. The willful blindness required is astonishing.

    It resembles a man allowing himself to be bitten by plague-carrying fleas, and even seeking out new fleas to bite him, in order to prove that he isn’t an anti-flea bigot, while dismissing everyone who warns him as primitive inbred dullards and evil anti-flea-ists who are making up these lies about mythical “plague” to defame sweet and innocent fleas. So deep is he in his frenzy that he won’t believe the truth until he actually catches the bubonic plague and dies.

    There’s even a warning sitting there in front of these people — an actual example, South Africa — and they ignore it. Truly this is the most insane moment in all of history.

  7. “Yes, but, they were under enormous international pressure – a virtual war waged against them for over a decade.”

    Who cares? What would the response have been had they voted to maintain in control and maintain apartheid? They would have had to be that much more self-sufficient. How’s that bad? We have the same thing here with trendies and others who just want to have accolades but never really think about what their grandchildren will inherit. They’re superficial. If our grandparents thought that way, we’d be living in a Third World already. In fact, the only things that keep us in a lower version of First World is what our grandparents left us.

    International pressure? Why do we always bend over?

  8. I would consider the rape, torture and murder of almost 100, 000 Whites in SA since the end of White rule in 1994 at the hands of nigger savages to be far more offensive than a few NSDAP style recruiting posters. But that’s just me.

  9. At a Trump rally during last year’s election, I remember reading about how a black South African was chastising a black American about how America was never great. She was totally delusional. Black South Africans were handed a First World nation and turned it into a Third World nation overnight.

    I am beginning to hate, absolutely hate, white people. I foam at the mouth when I think about what they have done to themselves, their people, and their lands. And, most of it was done because they refused to see the truth. Weakness or arrogance, I just don’t know. They were more than warned. They questioned nothing and defended nothing.

    When TSHTF, my focus will be on the sellouts. I have something really special for them. History is filled with some stunning pieces of equipment and brilliant techniques to get the job done the way it needs to be done. It’s the only part of the future I look forward to.

    Remember, don’t defend or save any of them. They need to go. Enjoy the show. And, anyone who believes there is hope in those folks is weak or desperate. They have a severely negative mutation and it needs to be eradicated from our race.

  10. “””…..Yes, but, they were under enormous international pressure…..””

    Rest of the white countries are also. From Sweden to New Zealand every last election last 50 years was one big cuckcuckooo. Trump and Brexit were workplace accidents.

    Maybe it is time to admit that we have serious problem inside the white race. Let,s stop bashing jewsniggermuslims and let,s take a good look in the white race.

    • True for the most part.

      I remember writing an article for the Daily Stormer a couple years back about some South African Jewess poet that had died.

      Turned out she had written at least a few of Mandela’s most famous speeches that he took credit for.


  11. To Solius and Sam J, if you want to see a good propaganda film, watch Triumph of the Will, it’s excellent.

  12. I now have the new information that the poster was placed by a member of the small and relativy new South African political party, Front Nasionaal. Thus not a false flag. He wanted to expose the hypocrisy of the former Afrikaner stronghold University of Stellenbosch, which allows anti-white hate actions but condemns pro-white actions.

    Afrikaans source (“selective freedom of speech”):

    “Matie” : nickname for the University of Stellenbosch (please see Wikipedia).

    (Google translate Afrikaans/English)

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