Cuck Island: Hospital Computers Shut Down Nationwide By Massive Ransomware Attack

UPDATE: Looks like this attack was conducted with technology created and honed by the NSA – recently released by hacker(s) known as the “Shadow Broker.” Russia was also severely hit by these viruses, leading many to wonder at the true source of the strike.


It’s already beyond obvious that the British – terrified of even suspecting other racial groups – will blame Russia for this simple but potentially-destructive attack on their medical systems.

But let’s at least do the honorable and offer up a few alternative explanations for what could have happened – pulling no punches, of course.

  1. A diversity hire (or maybe some weird perverted Brit) high up in the NHS decided to use a work computer to search for porn torrents, ISIS propaganda videos, or were opening random spam porn emails, and wound up downloading a delayed-action ransomware virus that managed to spread into other terminals.
  2. Asians (not the British type) pulled this stunt, which seems to be a run of the mill virus due to the standard Bitcoin amount demanded as a ransom.
  3. Did I already mention Moslems watching porn at work?

From RT:

Hospitals across England have reportedly been hit by a large-scale cyberattack. Some are having to divert emergency patients, with doctors reporting messages demanding money.

The Guardian says National Health Service (NHS) hospitals across the country appear to have been simultaneously hit by a bug in their IT systems. Doctors have been posting on Twitter about what has been happening.

A screengrab of an instant message conversation circulated by one doctor says: “So our hospital is down … We got a message saying your computers are now under their control and pay a certain amount of money. And now everything is gone.”

A second doctor tweeted: “Massive NHS hack cyber attack today. Hospital in shut down. Thanks for delaying emergency patient care & endangering lives. Assholes.”

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, one of those affected, said in a statement: “Today, the trust has experienced a major IT problem, believed to be caused by a cyber attack.

“Immediately on discovery of the problem, the trust acted to protect its IT systems by shutting them down; it also meant that the trust’s telephone system is not able to accept incoming calls.

“The trust is postponing all non-urgent activity for today and is asking people not to come to A&E.”

Blackpool Hospitals, also affected, tweeted: “Our computer systems are experiencing problems and we are working hard on a solution. We will update you as soon as possible.”

An NHS source told the Evening Standard the attack “seems to be growing” with more incidents of hospitals across Britain facing IT problems being reported.

“At approximately 12:30pm we experienced a problem with our email servers crashing. Following this a lot of our clinical systems and patient systems were reported to have gone down,” an NHS IT worker said in a message to a Guardian reporter.

“A bitcoin pop-up message had been introduced onto the network asking users to pay $300 to be able to access their PCs. You cannot get past this screen.

“This followed with an internal major incident being declared and advised all staff to shut down all PCs in the trust and await further instructions.”

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  1. Medical journals sometimes run ads, “Now hiring doctors at our new clinic. Great pay, great benefits, no EMR!” Referring of course to electronic medical records, the bane of modern medicine, where doctors spend hours every day clicking yes/no boxes, filling in irrelevant but mandatory fields, and ignoring hundreds of false alarms.

    When doctors are forced to serve their computers instead of computers serving them, many will be happy to see their computers get nuked. is relevant because doctors debug people much as programmers debug code.

    • Maybe, and the one piece of evidence would be that these primitive ransomware programs should be easily deflected with proper cyber security – you would think that one of the most advanced nations on earth would invest in such things for their healthcare systems…

  2. I read the CIA hacking division was hacked last year, and all their best hacking tools were stolen and given to anyone that wants them. So now any 13 year old on the planet can break into any Windows computer. I wonder if that has something to do with it?

  3. I can see why people get sick and tired of everything, and don’t vote and just shut things out. They think both parties are hopelessly corrupt and incompetent.

    And they’re right to a great deal.

    What passes for the left isn’t classic liberalism at all, they’re basically snobs. who think they’re morally superior to almost everybody else. Then there are the borderline psychotics who think homosexuality, gender confusion, and abortions are really really cool. The white leftists have an abnormal and unhealthy dislike for their own race and culture to go along with the witches brew of craziness and stupidity.

    What passes for the right isn’t conservative at all, they are big government plutocrats, they don’t conserve anything. They want to spy on everybody, throw as many people in prison as possible and start ill conceived pointless wars for the poor and working class to fight in.

    These people don’t care about the country or anybody in it, unless it is the super rich. They seem to think they are running a global empire, and their major job is to order the rest of the world about. They have no legal or moral authority to do this, but seem to want foreign policy by moral outrage.

    Watching these two factions of hacks argue over issues runs from total nonsense to pure chickenshit.

  4. Could be just what it says it is. Some guys found a way to hack the computers to make a little cash.

    • Yeah, I mean the ransom demanded isn’t at all different than what you would see if your personal computer was hit.

      Who knows, but expect accusations against Russia even though they were the country most hurt by this attack.

  5. Kaspersky internet security is really effective. If something sneaks through, run the Kaspersky update, and it’s gone.

  6. No, this is exactly the kind of thing some nerds are doing, to strike a blow against “The System.” They hate it as much as WN’s. You are going to see a lot more of this. And what do you think bitcoin is? It is a weapon techie nerds developed to destroy bankers, that’s what.

    What you are seeing is a neat irony.

    It is ironic because computer nerds are going to be a very powerful weapon THAT IS AIMED SQUARELY AT THE VERY SAME ENEMIES SITES LIKE THIS ARE RAILING AGAINST. Yes, their motives are different (they have multiple reasons), but so what? Get smart and start seeing this kind of thing AND USING IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE, like a smart person would.

    • This is why Jews are terrified of AI and further technological advances.

      Because at the end of the day, there may be a force entering the world that they will NOT be able to control or contain.

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