New York: Hispanic Thugs Charged With Brutally Beating Handicapped Man With His Own Cane

If any of you are from a large city with a “Latin American” population (or if you’ve visited these areas regularly), you already probably know that the gangs there are more like Moslem terrorist groups than anything else.

Smarter than your average Negro Zerg swarm, and oftentimes armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry, these organizations make one definitely pause for thought about the future.

Because the time is going to come – if things aren’t immediately halted – when these warbands will range further and further from their habitats, and will come to wreck havoc on the South in the same way as they already have in areas of the Northeast, West Coast, and other areas like Chicago and Florida.

And the sad thing is that you’ll probably see selfish virtue-signalling cucks throughout the region importing them in for important tasks like playing on local high school baseball teams, and helping specific universities win the SEC Baseball Tournament.

From Breitbart:

Prosecutors charged six members of the violent Latin Kings street gang with stabbing and beating a handicapped man. The gang members allegedly punched, repeatedly stabbed, and beat the victim with his own cane.

District Attorney Richard A. Brown said that the defendants are each accused of brutally attacking a young man for no reason other than he was not a part of the Latin Kings.

“Gang violence will not be tolerated in Queens County,” Brown said. “The defendants’ poor choice in pursuing gang membership and the violence that are a part of that lifestyle have led them to be charged with serious felonies that carry the possibility of lengthy prison sentences.”

Brown said that the six Latin Kings members approached the 24-year-old outside a bar during the early morning hours of October 29, 2016, and began attacking him – allegedly punching him and stabbing him. The Latin Kings used a cane that the victim had with him as a weapon against him. They proceeded to beat him mercilessly with it, prosecutors stated.

Following the attack, the six gang members fled the scene. Emergency responders transported the victim to a nearby hospital where he received treatment for multiple stab wounds and lacerations to his head and neck. Brown said that the victim suffered nerve damage to his left arm which has left him with numbness in his arm and hand.

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    • I’m from Boston originally, and I’ve been attacked by these feral creatures before (Puerto Ricans to be exact).

      Like Blacks, they’ll attack you in packs, and like Blacks, they seem to delight in sneak attacks like stabbings from behind – or smashing you in the head with a brick from behind (true story).

  1. @Marcus

    I think because the Nigger problem is at present WORSE and more widespread, this issue isn’t as well-covered. In time however it will be.

  2. When Duterte retires, he should hit out his services to weak criminal justice systems. As for the “Latin Kings,” they are neither Latin nor kings.

  3. on balance. when the Jew$Ponzi collapses, these violent spics will be quite useful: for exterminating the urban niggers, White cosmics, and Jews. Putting them down afterward will be a struggle. But it can be done, amigo.

  4. There was probably a reason why those greasy spics attacked the cripple. He may have been a snitch or a former member of some rival gang. At any rate American cities are tumors on the landscape and should be starved into submission.

  5. Marcus, the victim was most likely an anti-white Hispanic as well. All these minority groups will eventually be killing themselves and each other. Not sure if it will be during breaks from killing whitey or after they have fully completed that job (minus “us” of course). Personally, I’d like to see more stories of beat downs on white traitors – cucks, alphabets, and all the other freaks and sellouts. Gory details and explicit photos warmly welcomed.

    • Oh, more than likely.

      But it’s like what we see in Europe – roving bands of subhumans fighting each other over streets and buildings that the White Man built in the first place.

      They need to take their crap back to the Third World.

  6. @Snowhitey: I love those heartwarming, feel – good stories about cucked White grandparents who get “capped” by their picaninny grandkids.

  7. The main differences between us and the Romans contemplating the Goths swarming over the border are as follows:

    1. Modern communications makes us much more clearly aware of the threat,its extent, and its development. in real-time, in fact.

    2.We have higher average IQs, whereas the Romans had the misfortune of being overrun by virile white men, who are intelligent as well as aggressive.

    3. Four letters and numbers: AR-15.

    Let’s hope it’s enough.

  8. Oh, Spahn, I see you, too, have recognized the silver lining in miscegenation. Nothing quite justifies the popping of a vintage bottle of Perrier-Jouet than those inter-racial fambly squabbles filled with karma.

  9. Cultural diversity is a malignant cancer that only spreads in white countries. Jews are the cause, non-white crime is the symptom and a white awakening will be the cure. The cure must come before we die completely.
    Hispanics give you a good indication as to what happens when whole nations are populated by inbreds. The general IQ levels drop. The native element in their ancestry lowers their intelligence and compels them to invade a better, whiter nation-America. I can’t state enough how under seige we are from every part of the world. Our only crime……..being more intelligent.

  10. Brad, btw. The Latin Kings, like all Hispanics, have an odd relationship with the Roman Catholic Church.

  11. Brad, just like David Duke being unable to mention that Mitch Landrieu is a Roman Catholic. That the lawyer that sued for the removal of the Confederate monuments in NOLA is a Roman Catholic, who teaches at a Roman Catholic law school, and runs that Roman Catholic law school’s social justice program.

    Just a coincidence move along…

  12. The Vatican is in cahoots with the Rothschilds. Krafty, you should know that the Catholic Church was subverted long ago. Landrieu appears to be a globalist and that is the reason. I suspect the Catholic part is the masquerade.

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