White Pill Time: Richard Spencer Helps To Lead Torchlight Procession In Support Of White Southern History

Hunter will almost certainly be publishing something in the near-future highlighting this wonderful event, but I just wanted everyone to end their Saturday (or begin their Sunday) with something sure to get their spirits up.

You see, the Jews, the Colored hordes, and their sniveling White coward allies not only want the great monuments to the Confederacy knocked down, destroyed, and eventually forgotten – oh no, that’s not the case.

They want ALL of our history, all of the great statues, relics, and architecture ruined.

They want our ancient churches turned into stables, and our blood reduced to a rare flash of blue or green eyes in some mulatto spawn.

But today was just a taste of what can happen when White men stand up to demand that enough is enough

Jews and assorted allies:




NOTE: This torchlight procession/rally was just the end to a powerful day. To learn more about what transpired earlier, either click here, follow Hunter Wallace on Twitter, or both.


  1. I was listening to a radio podcast (Rense) not too long ago and the host and guest were talking about the bombardment of chemicals and hormone disruptors in our food and water. They also stated that many of these things attack the part of the brain where the instinct for survival resides. I thought to myself….. my God, that’s exactly what is going on! Perhaps this is why so many whites are passive. Hasn’t fluoride been proven to make people passive? Sort of like a sedative effect. The Russians knew this during the gulags. And, then the Nazis picked up on it.

    Folks, if you don’t think they are poisoning us, you better wake up to that fact real soon. It is absolutely true and the information is available to you with simple keystrokes. I don’t know about where you live but my area has seen an uptick in the construction of cancer treatment centers and billboards about cancer. It used to be 1 in 9 and now its either 1 in 3 or 1 in 2 will get cancer during their lifetime. It’s intentional. They want us dead and they openly tell us so. Only a fool ignores them or doesn’t believe them.

    So when people don’t defend their race, or their history, or their family, perhaps the answer is in our faucet. And, we’re paying for this gift, too!

  2. I have a high regard for Mr. Spencer.

    My only complaint is that he ain’t reproducin’…

  3. @Snowhitey
    I’ve been filtering my water for around 10 years. I’ve been a nationalist for around 10 years. Coincidence? Either that, or it was Obama. 😉

  4. @Snowhitey… “the host and guest were talking about the bombardment of chemicals and hormone disruptors in our food and water. They also stated that many of these things attack the part of the brain where the instinct for survival resides. I thought to myself….. my God, that’s exactly what is going on! Perhaps this is why so many whites are passive.”

    If this is so, then why are the blacks and browns not also becoming more passive and losing the instinct for survival? They probably ingest more chemically-treated consumables than whites do, and yet they remain as aggressive as ever.

    If chemicals are playing a role, it’s probably only a small one.

  5. Solidus, it apparently affects races differently. Different things affect people differently. Perhaps they are pumping agitating drugs into black water supplies and passive drugs into white water supplies. Don’t forget blacks – male and female – have far more testosterone than whites so larger amounts of fluoride would be needed. My understanding is that black males are afflicted with autism even more than white males. We aren’t as identical as the controllers would have us believe. Whites are naturally more passive than blacks. If you have a better idea, please tell me.

    Then you tell me….. why are males getting feminized and females getting masculinized? Why so many hormones problems? Why are we so passive? Why are we so sick and degenerate? Human behavior has been altered. How?

    “The by-product of the manufacture of aluminum, sodium fluoride, had long posed a problem. Except for its limited use as a rat poison, other popular uses were limited by its extremely poisonous nature. It also was very expensive for the aluminum companies to dispose of, because of its persistence (it does not degrade—it is also cumulative in the body, so that each day you add a little more to your sodium fluoride reserves each time you drink a glass of water). It is puzzling, then, to find that the historical record shows that the principal sponsor and promoter of the fluoridation of the nation’s drinking water was the U.S. Public Health Service. And thereby hangs a tale.”
    (c) 1988 Murder By Injection, Eustace Mullins, Page 91

    “Oscar Ewing is a name totally unknown to Americans today. He left no monuments, because he was the twentieth century epitome of the ruthless, dedicated Soviet style of bureaucrat, answerable only to his masters, and contemptuous of the faceless masses over whom he exercised dictatorial powers. He wielded absolute control over the most important components of the new socialist bureaucracy which Roosevelt had built up in Washington, and he prepared these offices for Cabinet status. Of his many bureaucratic mandates, perhaps none has had a more direct effect on all Americans than the fluoridation of our water supply.”
    (c) 1988 Murder By Injection, Eustace Mullins, Page 94

    You now have two leads, what and who. Go to work.

  6. RB, I believe food and water do not get as much attention as they should. It is our life source yet too many people put it at the bottom of their list: $800 iPhones, $5 chickens.

    I have been filtering my water for 12 years and I haven’t used tapped water since I lived with my parents decades ago. I am also more “awake” than those around me who did not do this. I also have no thyroid issues either.

    Fluoride is a halogen and in the same category as iodine on The Periodic Table. When iodine is absent, the body uptakes fluoride in its place (read: thyroid). The endocrine system is mostly affected. Fluoride is a poison, iodine is a necessity. You are what you eat indeed.

  7. They could do a lot with those torches. But, they forgot their pitchforks.

    It is a wonderful sight. Did you notice it is all young people? Those pansy-assed boomers are no where to be found. Oops, I’m wrong, they’re the opposition.

  8. A torchlight parade is strongly reminiscent of what the NSDAP used to do. Excellent idea!

    While it’s true that the darker, inferior races have more of an animal-like aggression than fully-evolved White humans there is NOTHING scarier than White men who are provoked to anger! Perhaps the coloreds and the greasers will soon learn that lesson the hard way.

  9. @Snowhitey
    “I have been filtering my water for 12 years and I haven’t used tapped water since I lived with my parents decades ago. I am also more “awake” than those around me who did not do this. I also have no thyroid issues either.”

    I agree with you on the water. I also think TV watching produces the most foolish and ignorant people on the planet. I always know someone is about to say stupid ****, as soon as they mention all the TV they watch.

    Who still watches TV in the age of the Internet? Morons. That’s who.

  10. @Shironakatomi…

    ‘@juniusdaniel1828 That’s incorrect. He’s married and has a daughter.’

    Alright then – I’m glad to hear it!

  11. Great on the march. Not so great with conspiracy theory rants about drugging our water supplies. ZOG television does the most to destroy the brain cells of White people. Sure, work for better, cleaner, filtered water – eat a better diet.

    The obsession that some sinister force was putting Fluoride in American drinking water goes back to the days when idiot Right Wing White Americans were obsessed with Russian plots to subvert and take over everything. Now it’s the American Lib Left Democrats that have taken up these Russian subversion plots.

  12. “You will not replace us!” A welcome chant for a Sunday morning. Good job on the torchlit procession, too — good optics.

    (As for the conspiracy theories about the water — BS. It’s the bombardment of propaganda 24/7 on the TV and in the schools that makes our people weak.)

  13. Brad, I’m glad Richard got involved in Charlottesville—and I’m sure my Confederate ancestors, and your Confederate ancestors are too.

  14. Ironsides
    May 14, 2017 at 1:10 pm
    (As for the conspiracy theories about the water — BS. It’s the bombardment of propaganda 24/7 on “the TV and in the schools that makes our people weak.)”

    Before you shoot off your mouth, you should run the experiment and see if you notice the difference. I can say I have done it and noticed a mild headache, when my water filters ran out. When I bought new water filters it went away. If you are used to always being that way, you wouldn’t notice.

    Conspiracy or not, fluoride is garbage. I have read the research and there is no good reason for them to put it in our water. It is expensive to remove, yet cheap to add. So if people really want drink that junk they should buy it and put it in their own water.

  15. I would put the addition of fluoride to our water down to idiocy before conspiracy. The world is full of idiots, so why not?

  16. @RB…

    You’re right – flouride in the municipal water supply is not a conspiracy, by the result of commercial interests + civick idiocy.

  17. Indeed. As Marcus stated in this piece, “They want ALL of our history, all of the great statues, relics, and architecture ruined.” That is totally true. What American patriot types have not yet woken up to is that an attack on the South and the Confederacy will naturally develop into an attack on the men of the American Revolution -the bulk of the noteworthy ones being Southerners! I put up a piece about this on my blog two days ago; share it with your “patriot” type friends.

  18. I am sick of these fools stating “conspiracy” whenever they read something they’ve been programmed to attack. We only state these things to save our own. If you don’t want to save yourself that’s fine but stop preventing us attempting to save others. The info is out there.

    The war on whites….. is that a conspiracy or a figment of our imaginations? Well the same cabal is behind that as well:

    The head of the U.S. Public Health Service during the entire fluoridation campaign was one Oscar Ewing (a former lawyer for the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) and paid Rockefeller agent).

    “The principal source of the fluoridation is a poisonous chemical, sodium fluoride, which has long been the principal ingredient of rat poison. Whether the adding of this compound to our drinking water is also part of a rat control program has never been publicly discussed. The EPA released its latest estimate, that 38 million Americans are now drinking unsafe water, which contains unsafe levels of chlorine, lead and other toxic substances. Fluoride is not listed as one of the toxic substances. EPA, like other
    government agencies, has carefully refrained from either testing public drinking water for the effects of fluoridation, or from poaching on the preserves of the Rockefeller Monopoly, which launched the national fluoridation campaign.”
    (c) 1988 Murder By Injection, Eustace Mullins, Page 91

    Refusing to believe there are people out there so evil as to kill their own kind is both foolish and ignorant in this day and age.

  19. The (((Rockefeller))) family, auspiciously of German descent but according to stories in old Germany and here they are Sephardic Jews who went from Spain to the Ottoman Empire and migrated from the Ottoman Empire via Austria to Germany and from Germany onto the United States. The Rockefeller family, John D Rockefeller in fact, was SUPPOSEDLY a devout Northern Baptist and gave money to their schools such as the University of Chicago. The Negro female collage Spelman College in Atlanta is named for Laura Spelman Rockefeller, John D’s wife who was a graduate of the Oread Institute in Worcester Mass. Her family were old Puritan Yankees. Through her John D. got his entree into old society.

    John D Rockefeller Jr. built the Riverside Church in Morningside Heights (Below Harlem) in 1930. Inside there are carvings of countless people including Mohammad, Einstein, Pasteur, and I believe Marx and Engels are there as well along with many more. This church is the perfect monument of what the NEW WORLD ORDER is all about. Strangely enough I learned about this Church in the 1976 book THE ROCKEFELLERS: AN AMERICAN DYNASTY by Peter Collier and former 60’s radical (((DAVID HOROWITZ)))

  20. Spencer has down amazing things of late and has converted our online success in 2016 to real world, street success at Auburn and Charlottesville. Next time, let’s march with 1000 men!

  21. BRJ,

    In an online video, Eustace Mullins stated that the Rockefeller name was originally Rogenfeldt, or something very similar. If there is any Jew in them, I believe it’s quite distant. I think Mullins said he got the information from the book “Our Crowd: The Great Jewish Families of New York” by Stephen Birmingham. I think that was the book.

    I miss that great man. He knew it all thanks to Ezra Pound.

  22. @Snowhitey: I don’t claim that water fluoridation is a baseless conspiracy theory–whatever the intent behind it, I do think it’s bad and only drink filtered water myself–but to suggest that it’s having a cowing effect that only effects whites but not blacks and browns just sounds ludicrous unless you have evidence to back it up. Our brains are different, yes, but not *that* different…I can name hundreds of chemicals that affect a white brain the same as a black brain, but none that do otherwise.

    As has been noted elsewhere, the main reason for whitey losing his edge seems to be the constant psychological warfare perpetrated against us from birth from every center of influence in our society–something that uniquely is used against us but not the blacks and browns.

  23. Great job by all the organizations involved in the Charlottesville, Virginia, rally in defense of our Southern inheritance! A consuming fire is being kindled all across Dixie and will burn our enemies as the stubble of the field.

  24. @BillyRayJenkins. Changing name and converting has after WWII been frequently practised in Poland, that is why you hardly find a single Yiddish name among Poland’s bigwigs, despite all of the elites are dominated by people of the chosenite,i.e. erudite stock. The real name of archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, head of Poland’s Episcopate, is Hartmann. Even though there might be some honest converts among Poland’s many, officially non-existent Jews – as those who where not gassed found themselves forced to flee the Polish anti-semitism, there is no doubts about this Catholic’s loyalty to the Tribe.

    Poland is “enriched” with a number of GreatPoles of this kind. President Lech Kaczynski who died in the aircraft accident in Smolensk was one of them. His true name is Kalkstein; according to information from his secretary Kaczynski’s parents changed their German aristocrat surname! in order to avoid being subjected to hatred for Germans. It is, as you see, either the Polish antisemitism or the Polish hatred for Germans. The twin brother of the deceased president, Jaroslaw Kaczynski aka Kalkstein, is the present leader of Poland’s national-conservative party. This party is neither national or conservative, but it harbours one genuine thing: hatred for all Russian. Poland appears to have obtained a specific part in the globalist game.

  25. Solidus,

    This is a government that instructed us to hide under our school desks as protection from a nuclear bomb. It is totally beyond evil. Any government that allows ebola patients to be flown in for treatment putting everyone at risk (carriers were probably just study subjects or human guinea pigs) cannot be trusted one single iota. The automatic response by the masses to any agency of the government should be abject suspicion.

    Many of our thoughts are fed to us. There is no doubt about that. Television, books, magazines, sports, spokespersons and entertainment of all varieties assist in the destruction of independent thought and creates zombies. The more something is attacked or ignored, the more likely there is truth in it.

    Fluoride has known sedative qualities. It is also known that different elements affect people differently and species differently. I think Eustace Mullins said it best….. since they’ve been adding fluoride to the water supply there hasn’t been a revolution by the people. The Soviets used it during the gulags. They had to only place 1 guard for a block of prisoners instead of the customary 4. Blacks have a lot of testosterone, too, and we are more different than the system states.

    We are intentionally being bombarded from all directions. The food, the water, the soil, the vaccines, the cures and treatmets. Everything should be suspect. Our skies are constantly being sprayed and all the system has to do is give the people a plausible reason and they outright believe it each time. We know they are crooks and liars. Dane Wiggington of Geoengineering Watch has been the leading crusader against it. He literally risks his life doing so. He even discovered chemtrails in a Disney movie from the 1950’s.



    My goal is to get people moving. If I succeed with just one person, it makes me very happy.

  26. Has anybody ever heard of Hinton Rowan Helper? Today he would be called a Social Nationalist. He wrote a damning indictment of the effect slavery had on white working class whites. (The Impending Crisis of the South) and Helper was racially consciousness but hated the Planter Aristocracy. They did to the South what Wal Mart is now doing to the nation.

  27. @ Lucy Lipinska

    “Poland appears to have obtained a specific part in the globalist game.”

    Sure sounds like it. But, a role is a role. One minute an ally, the next minute an expenditure. At the very top of the food chain, there is no emotion in decisions. The use of everyone and everything is a means to an end. Literally.

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