Holocaust Redux: United States Now Accusing Assad Of Using Ovens To Cremate Thousands

Before we get into the fun parts of this article, let us take a moment for silent prayer – prayer that shall beseech Almighty God to keep Ivanka’s plastic mug away from this story by any means necessary.

Otherwise, prepare all ye youthful souls for a conflict that will likely result in loss of life, limb, and sanity in order to prevent millions of Syrians from being turned into soap, ash, or whatever in the coming months and years.

From ABC News:

The U.S. is accusing Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria of killing thousands of people from 2011 to 2015 and using a crematorium to dispose of their bodies. While Assad allies Russia and Iran may not have had anything to do with the crematorium, they are complicit in the brutal dictator’s many other atrocities, according to the U.S.

The Trump administration says the regime has killed as many as 50 people a day at the Saydnaya prison complex in that period, and beginning in 2013, it turned a building on the compound into a crematorium.

“Although the regime’s atrocities are well documented, we believe that the building of a crematorium is an effort to cover up the extent of mass murders taking place in Saydnaya prison,” said Stuart Jones, the acting assistant secretary for Near Eastern affairs. “We are appalled by the atrocities that have been carried out by the Syrian regime, and these atrocities have been carried out seemingly with the unconditional support of Russia and Iran.”

Jones called on Russia in particular to hold the Assad regime accountable.

“Russia must now with great urgency exercise its influence over the Syrian regime to guarantee that horrific violations stop now,” he added.

You evil Russian Goyim need to do something immediately.

Just look at the terrible and horrible pictures – totally foolproof and beyond all dispute.

Can’t you just hear the cries of the victims, Goyim?

If the presence of snowmelt and air intake equipment isn’t enough to convince you of the evil, I don’t know what would work.

To support the claim today, Jones cited reports from international monitoring groups, the press and U.S. intelligence — including new satellite photos the State Department distributed to the press. The photos allegedly show construction over the course of several years at Saydnaya that would be consistent with a crematorium, with features like ventilation equipment, a discharge stack and a firewall.

The U.S. has not presented this evidence to the Russian government yet, according to Jones, but he added that last week’s talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Washington gave the administration hope that Russia will comply.

“Foreign Minister Lavrov and the Russian government have indicated to us that they are interested in finding a solution on Syria,” Jones said. “We hope that we will now be able to work with the Russians in a constructive way to put pressure on the regime to end these atrocities.”


The sad thing about all of this is the fact that millions of mouth-breathing Baby-Boomers, Patriotards, and “Muh Murica” fools will take this news as gospel worthy of another 20-50,000 killed, maimed, or traumatized American soldiers.

We on the other hand see through this recycled atrocity propaganda, and hopefully understand at the end of the day who pushes for constant war and death in the Middle East for the sake of lies.

Will Trump fall for this hoax?

Only time will tell, although my guess is that this was all perfectly timed – it’s too much like Gas Baby for dismissal as coincidence, in my opinion.

Emotion mixed with nonsense that cannot be confirmed aside from the rambling stories of a few random Moslems (and useless satellite photos) equals a very bad time indeed.


  1. This is ludicrous.. But also a test of Trump’s mettle. A good way to see if his ousting of Comey represented a return of the ‘old Trump” or if he’s still under their thumb.

  2. The Jew media relentless demonization of Assad has destroyed people’s faith in the corporate media. The constant anti Assad propaganda will end only when the US and its allies are sucked into another war for Israel.

  3. The Zionist Occupation Government in Washington has slaughtered half a million Syrians and pulverized half their country, but apparently that’s still not enough death and destruction for King Kike and his gentile mercenaries. To hell with the Jewnited Snakes, it’s become a tyrant at home and a monster abroad.

  4. Stuart E. Jones, the acting assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, said officials BELIEVED….

    The evidence presented by the United States remains circumstantial.

  5. If Assad is using the same oven manufacturer that the Nazis used, there is absolutely no need to be alarmed. Despite being brilliant engineers like no other, the Germans made some serious design flaws with their equipment. Six million went in and sixty million came out. No madman wants those results.

    • Yeah, rickety wooden gas chambers didn’t work that well in hindsight lol.

      And using a compound used to mainly kill lice didn’t help either.

      Germans probably should have put more money into making the Auschwitz swimming pool a bit deeper…

    • I haven’t come across anything saying he is, but he’s just a minor figure so his bio is hard to find.

      No matter what, he’s one ugly critter…

  6. Also relevant is that Jeff Sessions just met with Ayelet Shaked, the insane Zionist Jewess ‘justice minister’ of Israel, and pledged Full 100% Support to our Greatest Ally. The Jew/Israeli press is crowing about whatever schemes they cooked up. Needless to say, I’m very worried, as Jeff is a Southern gentleman and the scheming kikes are, well, scheming kikes.

  7. Wapo kikes who always defend treasonous jews who spy on America for Israel are going berserk with allegations Trump leaked intel to the Russians.

  8. The United States Government has not a shred of credibility to make such an allegation, nor the right.

    By 2007, The U.N. made publick a report that, since 9/11 the amount of unarmed civilians the United States had killed by bombing was over 500,000.

    Ten years later, and Libya has been overturned, Syria largely destroyed, and who knows how many other countries tortured and overturned?

    When I think of Pennsylvania Avenue, what comes to mind is the pressing need to construct multiple gallows.

  9. This FakeNews from ZOG shoahs true desperation. I can’t believe they didn’t photoshop the geysers of blood on the satellite image.

  10. President Assad, MD., is a gifted man. He also is protecting Christians more
    than anyone else in this area. May God protect this brave leader.

  11. ZOG propaganda. Stuart Jones is a “career diplomat” (communist) appointed to his present post as acting undersecretary by the Obama administration.

  12. @juniusdaniel1828

    “The United States Government has not a shred of credibility to make such an allegation, nor the right.”

    The United States Government®, Junius, is essentially those people you were in exile among those eleven years. At least, that’s what they believe.

  13. Just like Saddam had all those WMD’s, Assad has ovens and gas. What is there about ovens and gas? Oh well, what the hell! It’s a good enough reason to start WWIII.

  14. @more of the same “What is there about ovens and gas?”

    About the gas, it’s hard to tell. Possibly just because people had such a revulsion towards it in World War I. As for the ovens — perhaps Daniel 3 is the inspiration?

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