White Wizard Julian Assange Closer To Freedom After Sweden Drops Bogus “Rape” Charges

Julian Assange is one of those rare individuals that believes in straight objectivity and fairness – qualities that are obviously anathema in this decadent Jewed-out age of ours.

His fight against corruption during the last year or so – perhaps futile due to the Great Cuckening of President Trump – was exceptionally brilliant, and will likely form the basis for legendary sagas in the distant future.

Because of this, the poor Albino Australian has seen his life turned into a living hell, complete with exile from his homeland, widespread threats of death and torture, and accusations of sexual assault by some random Swedish broads who are probably willingly part of a Somali’s harem at this point.

But at least we can now possibly rest a little bit more easy knowing that the most absurd piece of the slander against him is now being laid (see what I did there) to rest.

From RT:

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange says he will not “forgive or forget,” despite a Swedish prosecutor dropping the case into rape accusations against him. His attorney hailed the move as a “victory,” but said there is still a threat the US will apply to extradite him from the UK.

The decision was made by Sweden’s director of public prosecution, who confirmed that she decided to discontinue the investigation against the WikiLeaks co-founder.

“Director of Public Prosecution, Ms Marianne Ny, has today decided to discontinue the investigation regarding suspected rape (lesser degree) by Julian Assange,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Ny said the prosecution is not making “any statement of guilty or not” in regards to Assange.

Assange’s defense lawyer, Per Samuelson, told AP that the fact that the prosecution won’t admit Assange is innocent is simply a matter of them “trying to save their faces.”

“The truth is, once they heard Julian Assange during the interview in November last year, they were convinced…he gave a very good explanation to what happened between him and the woman, and that explanation fitted as a glove to all the circumstances in the case. So they could no longer see towards a conviction. If they had indicted him, he would have been acquitted.”

Samuelson has called the prosecution’s decision a “total victory.”

He told Ruptly that he believes the situation “will go over very quickly, I think it’s just a matter of time, negotiations between the two countries, United Kingdom and Ecuador, then they will led him go from the embassy to Ecuador.”

However, he also told Ruptly that “the threat from the USA is for real. There is a risk that the United States will apply to the United Kingdom, to get him extradited…”

Absolutely there is. I would be very afraid of such a move, especially if power Jews like Kushner harbor a special hatred for the White Wizard.

And if he steps foot inside the United States under arrest, his treatment will likely make the brutalities inflicted on men such as Matt Hale look like a tickle fight.

The attorney said he called Assange earlier on Friday.

“I asked him, ‘does it feel better today?’ and he said ‘yes Per, it feels much better today,'” Samuelson said.

Assange later stated on Twitter that he “does not forgive or forget,” noting that his name had been slandered.


Break the Swedes.

Expose every single bit of corruption and anti-White treason in their government and (((media))) – down to likely-drafted plans for the elites to escape into exile once the Moslems gain enough traction to seize power outright.

Meanwhile, Ny said the investigation could be reopened if Assange returns to Sweden before the statute of limitations lapses in 2020.

Assange has lived in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, in order to avoid extradition to Sweden over the allegation, which he denies.

Another of Assange’s lawyers, Juan Braco, told AP that he wants French President Emmanuel Macron to intervene to support the WikiLeaks founder and help him leave the Ecuadorian embassy.

“We need a political intervention to make this situation end. He is the only political prisoner in Western Europe,” he said.


I wouldn’t exactly say something like that, as viewing and commenting on one of my articles in Germany would likely get you arrested and possibly tossed in prison for significant lengths of time.

The Friday decision comes after Assange’s Swedish lawyer filed a motion which demanded that the arrest warrant be lifted, after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in April that arresting the WikiLeaks co-founder would be a “priority.”

Jeff, we love you – we really do.

But this sort of thing is just point blank retarded.

You would likely be looking at disgrace and potential loss of assets and freedom under a Hillary Clinton Presidency, and you need to remember that Assange was one of the key figures in denying the Aggro Granny power.

Leave the guy alone, and focus on things like building labor camps for the millions of Blacks and Hispanics you promised us would be arrested.

Meanwhile, London’s Metropolitan Police have announced that Assange will still be arrested if he leaves the embassy.

“Now that the situation has changed and the Swedish authorities have discontinued their investigation into that matter, Mr Assange remains wanted for a much less serious offence,” it wrote in a statement.

What are they going to do?

Send Dog the Bounty Hunter after Assange?

Bail jumping – at least in the United States – is quite an easy legal technicality to fix, and in many states one can even avoid a court hearing altogether if they have a decent attorney and excuse for violating the conditions of their release.


What we’re looking at (and it’s much too early to tell) is some sort of plot to trick Assange into lowering his guard, and then potentially nab him when he’s en route to his new land of exile.

But maybe, knowing that the Great White Hope likely has safeguards and data drops ready in the event of his demise, the (((powers that be))) will continue to refrain from outright seizure, and allow the status quo (with living area changes) to remain.

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  1. They’ll make him think he can get out, and, when he does, he won’t be long for this world, sad to say.

    He’s a hero in my book – right up there with Dr. Hill and Lavoy Finicum.

  2. I share Sam J.’s suspicions, if that’s what they are.

    Anyone see DS’s latest take on the ‘rape’ charges against Assange? What’s so F’d up is that Andrew Anglin actually DOES promote a (very watered down) form of rape, for lack of a better word. To grab a woman and use force to hold her down when she’s trying to escape is still forced penetration, regardless of whether she consented prior to that.

    There’s a fundamental difference in the charges against Assange, as no one claimed he held them against their will, i don’t think.

    Andrew Anglin has gone too far, with his White Sandniggerism, and won’t fully recover.


  3. @ Everyone re Sessions

    No, we don’t love him anymore. It’s unclear whether we should have to begin with, but he was obviously picked to enable the mass disarmament of our young white working class guys (and gals).

  4. Not overtly, Contra, I think he’s a due process destroyer, which makes him a de facto gun grabber.

    What he is is an enforcer, but when it’s draconian punishments for non-violent crimes like mere user-quantity opiate possession that he’s enforcing it’s not the good kind.

    Look around you. Our young (and beyond) have been mass-sabotaged by Big Pharma’s American Opium Wars. Google the Renegade Tribune article to see how Pharma got around laws to flood West Virginia – the whitest state – with illegal prescription opiates.

    Then research Tim Murphy and The 21st Cures Act, which will ‘cure’ the world of the white man’s freedom. Sessions’ appointment under the auspice of the medical industrial complex really gives new meaning to ‘tough love.’

  5. Anglin can never “go too far”: the whole point of his neo-Nazi funhouse is to provoke the Jews into breaking cover, and succeeds quite well at it. And Assange better stay right where he is for yet awhile. ZOG wants him dead, and Sessions, like his boss Trumpenthal, works for ZOG.

  6. “We need a political intervention to make this situation end. He is the only political prisoner in Western Europe,” he said.

    Horst Mahler is howling with laughter at that one.

  7. I wouldn’t take the bait if I was Assange. I don’t trust any of them over here or over there.

  8. Assange had a show on RT. No one is buying it that Russia wasn’t the source of the emails. No one knows what was doctored and what wasn’t. He should get an American lawyer and get ready to meet Pompeo.

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