The Greatest (And Cutest) Couple I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life

I’m just shocked the (((media))) actually put out something that reflects how we in the Alt-Right feel about the horrendous ethnocentrism of the Jews.

You would think that with their love of progressive ideals and diversity, the “Chosen People” would have already embraced the beauty that comes when a Black man falls in love with a Jewish woman.

But perhaps the great day lies ahead; a day that will see wonderful mulatto children running through the streets of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Brooklyn, Miami Beach, certain suburbs of Boston, and many other locations.

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  1. Browsing some (((forums))) I was amazed how hateful (((they))) are against one of them marrying outside of their own. Think Woody Allen etc. Such hatred even online would get us whites in court asap.

  2. Well I’ll say this and anyone from NYC area knows this. The thirsty mudshark Jewess is a stereotype that dates back to the Jazz Age. In fact most of the (((WHITE))) women who chased Jazz Artists were (((THEM)))

  3. when will this crap stop. pair darkies with white female in every category of media, news anchors,publishing ,commercials ads,movies,tv. Breeding dogs they’re keenly aware but race mixing its evolution.

  4. The irony is that a big heat source behind the feminist movement historically has been Jewish women of letters mad that Jewish men won’t check for Jewish women.

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