Ginger Medusa Kathy Griffin Fired By CNN After Posing With Severed Trump Head

Please note that I’m off the Trump Train for obvious reasons, but still feel joy in my heart whenever a Leftist cultural icon falls for their incessant attacks on the President.

Like, I don’t even know why Kathy Griffin is known in the world (she’s not funny from what I’ve seen) – maybe she’s an example of affirmative action from back in the day when women were focused on over Coloreds and sexual degenerates.

Either way, it’s great to see her career finally crash and burn, although I won’t break out champagne until she’s sitting in a Secret Service interrogation cell.

From Variety:

CNN has fired Kathy Griffin from their annual New Year’s Eve program, which she cohosted with anchor Anderson Cooper.

The network made the announcement via Twitter Wednesday morning.

“CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” the CNN Public Relations account tweeted.

The termination comes one day after the comedienne posted a photo and video of her holding a fake severed head of President Donald Trump. She later apologized for the photo, saying it went too far, and removed it.

Trump tweeted about the photo early on Wednesday, writing that Griffin “should be ashamed of herself.”

“My children, especially my 11-year-old son Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!”

She definitely is a sick creature, although it should be mentioned that her mindset is essentially universal among much of the Left – many of them actually fantasize about butchering us and bathing in our blood.

This is something a lot of the cucks out there just don’t understand – the Left doesn’t want to hold a dialogue, but instead wants to go full Robespierre on the White Race.

I just feel sorry for little Barron, who apparently thought for a moment that the image was real and his father dead at the hands of some redheaded Skeletor creature.

Makes you really wonder what sort of palace intrigue must go on for the son of the President to immediately jump to such morbid conclusions…

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  1. I wish I could rise up to Trump’s defense but he is just another part of the (((System))) that I despise. I regard both him and Mizz Griffin as enemies. They can insult and threaten each other as much as they want to, it does not concern me in the slightest.

    • @Spahnranch

      Yeah, but I do feel bad for little Barron – no kid deserves that kind of intrigue around him at so young an age.

      But maybe he’ll end up like Peter the Great – he dealt with the same palace fighting when he was young.

  2. Our enemies like to do the beheading fantasies a lot. Remember this god awful book/movie:

    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer.

    The White Confederates are supposedly even human, they’re Vampires that need to have their heads cut off and hearts taken out.

    I caught one of my cuckservative relatives admiring this book. I asked to look it over and proceeded to burn the book and asked if he would risk getting caught with a book or movie depicting Jews as Vampires or rats that needed to be exterminated.

    Here’s the god awful image for Abraham Lincoln Vampire slayer.×300.jpg

  3. essentially an in-house quarrel among the kosher Culture-of-Deathers and their shabbatz goyim. I apologize for the electrons I wasted even responding to it.

  4. Marcus, I’m tiring of your anti-celt leanings.

    You come from the US. ‘Ginger’ is not an american colloquialism.

    • Firstly, the Alt-Right does not cow-tow to political correctness in any form, so…

      Secondly, I’m what I suppose you could term a “half-ginger” in that my beard grows in reddish and my hair has red mixed in with the blond (especially when exposed to a lot of sun), so…

      Thirdly, I’ve got Celt mixed in with my DNA, my wife does as well, and my son has a Celtic first name, so…

      Chill out I guess is the meaning behind my response.

  5. Most white guys have red or reddish beards, if they’re fair.

    So what.

    I’m not chilling out.

    It’s hardly politically correct to defend redheads. Leftists in the UK spaz out when some people defend redheads from the attacks against ‘gingers,’ and call it a form of racism.

    You’re simply wrong.

  6. …And, most of us try to get away from colloquializing ‘nazi,’ for a very good reason.

    There’s nothing ‘politically correct’ about that any more than there is about not falling into the trap of endorsing abject violence against redheads.

    • I resent being called a “kraut,” as it’s an insult to my German heritage…

      You see where this crap goes?

      Probably not…

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t pretend that language doesn’t matter?

    I actively try to deprogram myself from using the word ‘nazi.’

    Nazi this, nazi that…it’s everywhere.

    If we don’t question it or at least resist giving into the habit, it gets way harder to deprogram people when it matters. And while this may seem ‘humorless’ blah blah to the reactionary millennials, I actually think language MATTERS.

    I am sick of white men acting like assholes.

    And Marcus, when you called the Irish ‘potato niggers,’ all I could think of was how when a ‘retarded irish woman’ was raped by a muzzie (I think, or negro) in Ireland recently, her assailant barely lived in prison, probably allowed to for strategic reasons by the irish men.

    Lovely, hilarious ‘cool’ guys in America, meanwhile, allow the gang rape of a white ‘retarded’ girl by a pack of groids to go virtually unnoticed and barely punished.

    No, I’ll not be laughing at the attacks against redheads any time soon, nor feeling chagrined by the signs of ineffectual white betas in the US.

  8. I hope that the Secret Service has a nice long talk with the Roman Catholic Ms. Griffin, and let’s her know that charges of terroristic threats against the President, may be filed against her.

    If what Ms. Griffin did is not a terroristic threat against the President, I don’t know what is a terroristic threat.

  9. “I am sick of white men acting like assholes.”

    Marcus why don’t just boot Onceler off of here?

    • @Old Hickory

      That’s a Hunter issue – I don’t have possession of the glorious ban hammer at the moment.

  10. The only thing intellectually interesting about white libtards is what mental and emotional torture they are put thru to arrive at such a damaged state

  11. Sorry, Marcus. Don’t mean to interfere with your article.

    Hunter, please look at my final comments under Alt Right vs Rainbow Confederates. I hope you’ll consider listening. Good luck regardless.

  12. She just reinforces Victor Hugo’s assessment that prosperity makes monsters. Of course, I’m beginning to suspect that the head belongs to one, too.

  13. I dont know what people expected from Trump, I think hes doing as good a job as he can. Did people expect a dictator? I see a lot of people giving up after 5 months, glad they are not my friends.I have been in the fight for a long time, cost me a job, called a nazi every where I went.I am grateful for wins we are getting.

    • @Note Worthy

      I don’t consider getting involved with Syria, INCREASING the number of “refugees,” approving budget with no wall, etc… as doing a great job.

  14. The drummer for Cream and Blind Faith is an Irishman named “Ginger” Baker…….

    • @Spahnranch


      On a serious note, I see nothing wrong with lighthearted remarks between Whites – it’s those who are either autistic (yes there are good autists) or just plainly miserable that need to be left behind…

  15. Come on folks, stop fighting. And, stop suggesting folks get banned because you don’t like their comment(s). We also need to stop denigrating whites that aren’t our enemies or making negative comments about their white traits. It’s childish and does nothing for the cause.

    • @Snowhitey

      Well, Kathy Griffin is our enemy, so I’m good, right (she does look like a Tolkien orc with a red wig)?


  16. @ Onceler, Marcus

    The language does matter. I can look aside some of the remarks that can be construed as negative. We all have different views but your point was valid. It was constructive criticism and should have been immediately diffused. I am of Irish (mostly)/English/Danish descent and there is red hair in my family. I didn’t get insulted but I probably miss quite a bit. I don’t believe racially-conscious whites should be making negative remarks about white physical traits or specific ethnic group characteristics. It does nothing for our movement. I also wish those calling for a ban on comments they don’t like would stop doing so. It’s Jewy and Leftist. I think bans should be left for vile people and not those of differing opinions.

    I greatly value and appreciate both Marcus and Onceler.

  17. I hate this board. It deletes things, sends me to different sites without cause wiping out long comments, and posts things before I’m finished. No it isn’t me, it’s the Jews! (humor)

  18. Griffin was funny back in the day (over twenty years ago?!) because: a) she WAS cute then, b) she was NOT Jewish, and c) she had a foul mouth, but was small/petite, and the juxtaposition of those attributes (plus her natural red hair) made one want to identify with her, when you were feeling ‘bad.’

    Trouble with a Judaized culture, and the norms for toilet humor, is that: c) she had to always ‘one up’ her past efforts, by becoming more vulgar, and crass, and d) Jews wanted her to defame her race, her religion (she’s pro-gay and probably pro-abort, so she’s only RCINO, anyway) as an Avatar for WHITES in general.

    And, being a silly, foolish, STUPID MICK, she did so….

    Now, she’s old, ugly, and done. Kind of like last week’s corned beef…..

  19. It’s Dailystormers…well…whatever…that need to be left behind.

    I’m not ‘offended’ on behalf of celts. No, celtic redheads are being physically attacked brutally all over their homelands. Big difference there.

    All sorts of people read OD. Some writers and posters actually get quoted on places like CNN.

    Some just get aped by apes.

  20. And, I don’t see how german is celtic, BTW.

    Marcus described himself as like 3/4 german and the rest middle european at one point.

    • About 10-20 percent that I was surprised about when I got my DNA results – it’s apparently from my dad’s lineage because his was even higher than mine when he took his test.

      And you do realize that modern Germany and historical Germany borders/has bordered areas inhabited by Celtic people, right?

      So just chill the hell out here, Onceler. It’s getting ridiculous and hysterical if you want an honest opinion.

  21. @Jed ===> Ms. Griffin is from a Roman Catholic family, and was educated in Roman Catholic schools.

  22. KW, so what if she was raised Catholic? She’s obviously not living like a Catholic now. I could make the same accusation against a Protestant or an Orthodox who went bad.

  23. You’ve got to give her credit, she essentially has no talent yet has managed to make a living in show binness for at least 3 decades. When you don’t have talent you have to go for shock to get attention. As long as that shock is aimed at the right targets it might work. hopefully this is the last of her.

  24. All over Marcus’ old haunt, DS, are pics of that horribly disfigured movie character who is redheaded, lampooning Kathy Griffin (whose red hair is NOT natural nor ever was).

    Is everyone autistic? Do people not realize that all sorts of people read these forums? People who hate whites and redheads especially?

    Apparently I’m hysterical or grasping when I point stuff like this out, but Marcus isn’t when he claims some newfound ‘celtic DNA.’

    So which is it.

    What it is, is, if you haven’t walked the walk, shut up.

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