Names Of Two London Terrorists Released, Both Legal European Residents

Well now, best if the Brits stop listening to the likes of childless cat woman extraordinaire Theresa May if they wish to survive.

For the Isles are not dealing with huge and complicated terrorist conspiracies like the old Al Qaeda plots that dominated the beginning of this century.

No, they are dealing with random attacks that are being conducted by random Moslems that in many cases reside legally in the country, and are often second or third generation “citizens.”

Censoring the internet will not help.

“Assimilation,” aka race-mixing, will not help.

And increasing surveillance and compiling police dossiers will not help.

Because two of the three above bullet points applied to the London terrorists, and still nothing was done to stop the carnage.

From Daily Mirror:

Two of the terrorists who rampaged through London Bridge killing seven and injuring 49 have been unmasked.

Khuram Shazad Butt, 27, Rachid Redouane, 30, and a third jihadist drove a rented van into crowds before calmly strolling into Borough Market and stabbing multiple victims on Saturday night.

The trio were gunned down by counter terror cops who neutralised the threat within eight minutes of being called to the scene.

Butt, also known as “Abz”, is believed to be the killer wearing an Arsenal shirt pictured lying on the ground outside the Wheatsheaf pub.

The former security guard and Transport for London worker from Barking, east London, was known to police after associating with extremist Muslim preachers.

He appeared on a Channel 4 documentary last year titled “The Jihadist Next Door” where he unfurled an ISIS-style flag in London’s Regent’s Park.

If I, or anyone else, appeared on a documentary with a swastika flag to talk about plans for violent ethnic cleansing, what do you think would happen?

I’ll help you with this one – just imagine what the rotting and sunless basement of a supermax prison looks like and you’ll have your answer.

At least two individuals have claimed they reported him to the anti-terrorist hotline as his radical views emerged over the last two years.

Redouane, who also lived in the Barking and Dagenham area, is believed to have been identified from an Irish ID card found in his pocket after he was executed by armed cops.

He is understood to be of Moroccan descent and had previously been living in Dublin.

Police say he was living in the Rathmines area of the Irish capital with his Scottish wife but he was not on their radar.

His former partner, Charisse O’Leary, 38, was among 12 people arrested by terror police on Sunday morning after the blew the door of her apartment off.

She was heard pleading “don’t shoot, don’t shoot” as officers stormed the property.

She married the 30 year old terrorist five years ago and the couple have a one-year-old daughter, who was with her when she was arrested.


Deport the bloated sow to Raqqa, send the half-caste to wherever, and treat this specimen as a reminder of what the future holds once the Moslems gain a large numerical advantage across Western Europe in the coming years.

The third member of the evil gang has not been identified but security services are facing mounting pressure to explain how the trio slipped through the net amid glaring evidence of their extremist ways.

White British Man, you are a weak cuckold without hope of redemption at this point if current trends hold into the future.

You opened your borders to the hordes, and have done little to nothing to halt the flood of diversity since the first waves of migrants arrived generations ago.

Despite outnumbering the small cabal of Jews and traitors more than a thousand to one at the beginning, you sat idly by while your cities, towns, culture, and nation itself were taken over by savages worth less than one of your fingernails.

Now your women and children are raped, beaten, slaughtered, and turned into kebab, and still nothing is done.

What you’re seeing are the Laws of Nature asserting themselves, and if you don’t rediscover the old warrior that may still lie deep inside your DNA, you and everyone you love will surely die.

There is no middle option.

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  1. The first thing Obama ordered in 2009 was to get the DoD and VA medical record systems to talk to each other; in 8 years, his order was not carried out. Trump got it done in 5 months.

    Major practical victory for soldiers and veterans.

  2. The way I see it every Mohammedan is either a terrorist or a terrorist enabler, therefore they are all criminals and should be physically removed from our midst forever. Simple, no?

  3. Agreed Marcus-Europeans, whether the government or populace, are as weak as water. And marrying these ferals and giving birth to half-breed little turdlings is unforgivable. Fuck I’ve just given up on them.

  4. never mind “giving up”. When the can no longer deficit finance the cradle-to-grave freebies, and that Day will come, the Jews, their white stooges, AND their invasive ethnics will be dealt with harshly.

  5. Great cities Chicago and Detroit destroyed by wild negroes. London destroyed by death-cult desert monsters.

  6. O/T but I think whites should be riffing off of Evergreen State College’s push for separation.

    Whites should absolutely leave the college…permanently.

    Instead of being offended by this, whites should point out that separation really is the only solution.

  7. Haxo, that was also the opinion of Hilaire Belloc in his book “the Jews ‘. He thought that once the economy goes south Europeans finally get their glut of the Jews and show them the door.

  8. If it looks like an Islamic extremist/terrorist
    If it’s facial hair looks Islamic extremist/terrorist
    If if smells and feels like Islamic terrorist

    Don’t be surprised if it

    Is an Islamic extremist terrorist.

    It’s only “our fault” that we allowed this type to flood in and breed in our decaying manufacturing towns like Bradford England or just the Midlands.

    Don’t let Liberals or worse Libertarians try to change the subject to “root causes”, “free market reforms”.

    It is “us against them”.

    They hate us.

    They are slaughtering us – gang raping young teen girls then pimping them as sexual slaves.

    They are slaughtering us – and their cult goes with the idea that they enter Muslim paradise by slaughtering us.

    Now is anyone confused about who’s side we are on? What we should or shouldn’t say or do?

  9. Whose side we are on?

    It seems clear to me. The US and the EU:

    1. Support jihadists like al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.

    2. Bombed Ghaddafy forces to save al-Qaeda in Benghazi and the US SoS infamously chuckled over killing him.

    3. Bring in as many Muslims as possible. Threaten with sanctions countries (e.g. Poland) which refuse them entry. Insult these countries (e.g. Hungary) as “authoritarian” and “undemocratic.”

    4. Crack down on people who complain about the carnage. (The EU prosecutes them as “racists.”) View anti-invasion groups such as PEGIDA as worse threats than jihadists.

    5. Condemn countries which fight back (e.g. Nigeria which attacked Boko Haram) for violating Muslims’ “human rights.”

    6. Threaten to unleash theie jihadists on Russia. Yes, a member of the US “intelligence community” did just that.

  10. 7. Some countries hide crime figures from their citizens and ignore crimes committed by Muslims (e.g. Köln, Rotherham) against their own people.

  11. Every time somebody publishes a picture of one these assholes they always look a monkey.

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