Nigel Farage Uncucks Bigly, Suggests That Concentration Camps For Moslems May Be Necessary

I can’t help but have the same soft spot for Nigel Farage as I do for Alex Jones, and I really can’t even tell you why.

The cucking from both has been brutal over the years, but maybe, just maybe, it’s because I sense something beneath the surface regularly fighting to be unleashed upon the world.

And while Alex seems more interested in maintaining his dick juice global monopoly, Nigel has finally proposed – sort of – something resembling a final solution to the Moslem Question.

And that measure, everyone, is concentration camps.

From RT:

People in Britain may start to call for terrorist suspects to be put into internment camps if something is not done to prevent further attacks after three major incidents in three months, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage says.

In a debate on the right-wing Murdoch-owned Fox News, Farage discussed the idea of suspects being rounded up and detained without trial. Internment has rarely been used in the UK.

It was last used during the Troubles, in which hundreds of Irish people suspected of being involved with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in the 1970s were rounded up.

If there is not action, then the calls for internment will grow,” Farage said.

We have over 3,000 people on a sort of known terrorist list, and we’re watching and monitoring their activities, but a further 20,000 people who are persons of interest, mainly they’re linked in some way to extremist organizations.

Unless we see the government getting tough, you will see public calls for those 3,000 to be arrested,” he said.

The funny thing is that this doesn’t seem to be an error, for not too long later, we got to hear the same thing on another Fox News show – Maria Bartiromo to be specific.

Now, if Nigel ever becomes Prime Minister of Britain (it’s really the only conceivable way the Isles could survive), his idea of camps could be easily applied, and my guess is that you would see huge levels of self-deportation within days of the first mass roundups.

Make the camps harsh, serve only pork products, make Poles and Romanians the main cadre of guards at the facilities in exchange for some sort of citizenship/permanent residency, and only provide the nastiest creatures as “comfort women” for the Moslems (Auschwitz had a brothel so this idea has precedent).

Because like I said yesterday, all other tactics and plans have failed miserably, and only through a rediscovery of manhood can the British people have a chance at avoiding total ethnic death.



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  1. If they really are “refugees”, they shouldnt mind being in camps with the minimal humane services – barracks, halal food, etc. but no welfare or free movement. They can choose to go back if they don’t like it. Citizens who have paid taxes all their lives don’ live as well. These aren’t familes fleeing war, these are young men seeking jihad.

    • @TZ

      This is exactly what Israel does with their Africans – they make the camps so miserable that most decide to go back within a few months.

      Sometimes, though, the Jews will help the migrants on their trek towards Europe.

  2. The first inmates of those camps should be the cowardly white liberal faggots who are always making excuses for the violent behavior of their pet shitskins.

  3. Nigel wasted his time with the civic nationalist dead end attacking white “Polish plumbers” whilst praising Pakis as part of the British Commonwealth family.

  4. I like the idea in a way, but I think they should all be deported, and as quickly as possible. Ethnicity should be defined as blood, not an ability to speak a language.

  5. After 2 days tens of millions cucked britons will vote for open borders and mass immigration. Forget about Eastern European camp guards. Nobody from here will come to save them so they could vote for liberals and bash us for racism. There are no terrorism victims in the UK, just bunch of anti racists gone and most of Eastern Europeans are happy with that.

    Today is the D Day…..they won the war and we are more than happy to let them enjoy their “victory”

  6. @Poupon

    LOL- wat?

    Isn’t this something you should be telling those on the Alt-Lite?

    They’re the ones climbing over each other to denounce us.

    And for the record, to hell with the cuckold Constitution – it’s just a piece of paper that’s now endowed with enough anti-White garbage to wipe us out in the next half-century.

    Even the first amendment will be degraded before too long (the second already has been weakened by the back door).

  7. Watched Alex Jones interviewing Tommy Robinson recently. Robinson was never able to complete a single sentence he was trying to get across. Jones just constantly interrupts even those he agrees with. Heaven help those he’s at odds with. He’s a complete imbecile.

  8. @John: I agree, Alex “jew ex-wife” Jones is a self-promoting blowhard and con-man. However, I really loved it when he and Roger Stone paid a surprise visit to the set of The Young Turks on MSNBC with their Bill Clinton rapist t-shirts. That was top kek.

  9. The British Left are the ones who ought be ‘concentrated’.

    Oh, wait – if that were done, there would be no one left in all their major cities, except for The Saracens!

    Hmm… what a dilemma!

  10. @Mr. Cicero…

    ‘I can’t help but have the same soft spot for Nigel Farage as I do for Alex Jones, and I really can’t even tell you why.’


    I do, too; and I can explain why : both are, in their own inimitable fashion, trying to preserve The White West.

    Those who regard them as shills for Jews need a prescription for paranoia, as no patriot can come forward, without being, eventually, accused of such.

  11. Concentration camps? Who the hell is gonna pay for them?
    Send ’em back to their country.

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