British General Election: Indefatigable Cat Lady Set To Hold The Line (NOT)

I covered the last British General Election, the Brexit vote, and the subsequent Jewing that followed the collapse of the Cameron Regime, but today I’m feeling little enthusiasm over this happening.

The British people have chosen, largely due to their gross materialism, apathy, and loss of religious faith, to allow their nation to be overrun with the dregs of the Third World, and to have their children turned into sex slaves, ball-bearing targets, and kebab.

And before anybody jumps on me for excluding the Jews and Communists, know that I have time and time again condemned them for their part in destroying Britain – it’s just that the people themselves had golden opportunities to free themselves but chose the path of ruin instead.

From Telegraph:

Theresa May is on course to increase her majority in the House of Commons with a final General Election 2017 poll giving the Tories a lead of eight points over Labour as the nation heads to the ballot box.

The Conservatives had as much as a 24 point lead when the snap election was called by the Prime Minister.

But Ipsos MORI’s final 2017 election survey for the Evening Standard, which was undertaken on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, puts the Conservatives on 44 per cent and Labour on 36.

Meanwhile, a YouGov poll that was published on Wednesday evening put the Tories on 42 per cent and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party on 35, a lead of seven points. 

If those results are replicated at the polls today the Conservatives would end up with an increased majority of about 50 seats, up on the 17 the party enjoyed previously.

The YouGov survey for The Times which was undertaken between June 5-7 put the Liberal Democrats on 10 per cent and Ukip on five per cent.

The YouGov poll falls somewhere in the middle of a range of other surveys which all predict a Conservative win but by different margins.

The final Survation poll had the Tories and Labour almost neck and neck on 41 per cent and 40 per cent respectively.

An ICM poll for The Guardian had Mrs May’s party on 46 per cent with Labour on 34 per cent.

Mrs May called the snap poll on April 18 and after a fierce campaign which was disrupted by terror attacks in Manchester and London she will find out if voters have been won over by her vision for post-Brexit Britain.

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn will be hoping that his left-wing manifesto and large rallies have been enough to secure him the keys to Downing Street.

Polling stations opened at 7am and they will close at 10pm with the first result, likely to be Houghton and Sunderland South which has been quickest at the last five elections, expected to declare just one hour later at 11pm.

There should then be a steady trickle of results until about 2am when declarations should start to come in thick and fast from across the UK.

The main wave of results is expected to start at about 3am with the overall picture likely to be clear by about 5am.

The leader of the winning party traditionally waits for the leader of the losing party to concede defeat before claiming victory.

More than likely, we’ll see the Tories easily defeat Labour today – I would personally like to see Jeremy Corbyn emerge victorious for multiple reasons, but I just don’t see the people breaking loose from their delusion that May will somehow fight Moslem terror better than her rival.

Corbyn in his own way is a relic of an earlier period of Leftism (sort of like the rioters who tore up cities when the Globalist NAFTA treaty was signed back in the 90’s), and while he is of course a proponent of racial equality, his economic beliefs alone would by default be more hard on immigration than the “free trade” drivel pushed by the Tories.

His isolationism (dedicated and fanatical) would also throw a monkey wrench into the agenda for Britain in the coming years, as would his hatred of the parasitical Israeli state – study the Jewish response to Corbyn, and you’ll easily figure out what I’m trying to say here.

In reality, I would have loved to see the idiocy of “democracy” in Britain come crashing down, but based off of what I’ve seen, the likelihood of it limping along is extremely high – similar to how voters in much of America still think that the national voting booth will save them from demographic extinction.

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  1. As we ALL know by now, there is no way the (((system))) is going to allow any meaningful change from within. If a White revolution/uprising ever does take place it will have to be carried out by a small number of fanatical believers, not the docile, cud-chewing herd.

    • Yep, and the fact that UKIP never took the steps to go beyond a one-issue party makes me highly skeptical that Britain will ever even have a CHANCE at Nationalism through the ballot box.

      My idea on Corbyn is just that he’s probably bonkers – might as well wreck as much havoc on the system as possible…

      That and the fact that I have always had more respect for hardcore Leftists than for cuckolds claiming to be “right-wing.”

  2. The Alt Right gets it so wrong on the UK election:

    1) Jeremy Corbyn in power wouldn’t do a damn thing to upset the world order, he would be tossed the moment he tried anything, so that pro-Corbyn argument can be tossed as well. What he would be allowed to do is muck up Brexit and cater to the invading hordes who are his base! Corbyn is a prolog to Bernie 2020 or some other even more catastrophic scenario, better to deal it a hard blow now. The Alt Right, and in particular Daily Stormer, have been pushing a bizarre and muddle-headed line that Corbyn, an anti-white Marxist, is “Our Guy” because he secretly hates the Jews. No! Like so many Leftists he hates the Jews because he considers them WHITE and he hates Israel because he considers it the last vestige of WHITE colonialism!

    2) Theresa May is a career politician, and has all the PC opinions that career politicians must have in the West. But if she were to have a soul of her own politically, it would be from her yeoman roots as the daughter of a parson: in other words, patriotic but with a healthy dose of concern for and fear of common people. On the issue of Brexit she has been solid, and this snap election that she called was to get an even more right-wing mandate for Brexit – a “Hard Brexit” as some have called it. Folks attack May for violating the civil rights of various movement dignitaries, while at the same time they proclaim their disdain for freedom and liberty and proclaim their love of fascism. See how that doesn’t add up? Don’t seek to dish it out if you cannot take it!

    3) The Tories were going to win anyway, so why not at least say nothing? Why show our impotence and untrustworthy nature by attacking the Tories? When they win with us in opposition it shows just how much influence we have (none) and how much we are to be feared by the right of center parties (not at all).

    4) Bob Whitaker just died and there was very little in the way of eulogy across the Alt Right; how symbolic. The movement turbo charged by his Mantra feels no need to honor the author on his passing. It is a movement adrift. It needs to be re-anchored or become ever more irrelevant as the crowds look for something new. The rising stars are “Alt God” as embodied by Jordan B Peterson, and Humanity against the Machines. This movement, that currently cannot even appeal to most whites, actually could appeal to most people (black, white, brown, yellow) if it broadened its scope and made white preservation a facet of a broader human preservation in the face of AI, robotics, and Trans Humanism.

    5) Mankind and Mankind’s God, that is the next wave. Nietzsche was wrong: defying the great tide of history by surviving as we are is a far nobler act of Will than moving with it to create “what comes after man”, the so called Superman. It is a far greater display of Will to be a decent human being against all the inertia of nature and to make humans humane against all the inertia of nature then to unleash the darkness and give in to entropy!

  3. “4) Bob Whitaker just died and there was very little in the way of eulogy across the Alt Right; how symbolic.”

    Yeah, I was watching who marked his passing and who didn’t and it was very telling. Basically, the snob intellectual AmRen crowd ignored him, like they did when he was alive out of pure jealousy. The only time they used his memes was to water them down, in order to render them completely ineffective. These are people who have made no impact outside the movement, all they have done is report the news and collect dues.

    Without this man to keep the pressure on I fear we will start to lose badly. The SPLC said in one of their articles, they were hoping for the day Bob would die as his memes caused them such problems. Lucky for us Bob spent the last 10 years training many people to take over from him, but even so there is no replacement for his incredible mind.

  4. Sometimes people get what they deserve! “A drunkard in the gutter is just where he ought to be, according to the fitness and the tendency of things. Nature has set upon him the process of decline and dissolution by which she removes things which have survived their usefulness.” William Graham Sumner

  5. I’m taking the unpopular position of hoping the West falls to Islam/ thirdism in the belief it will finally give those who want to fight to take back their countries a valid reason to do so….and do it properly. With a lack of stability and law and order anyway, the incentive to organize and fight with nothing to lose will be there.
    But of course…..our clever Jews and elites will likely make things pretty bad for us…..but never quite bad enough for it to come to that. Keep things ok for the whites – just – but but always put others before them and keep sucking off them like a parasite.
    I’d rather we just collapsed completely so we could fight, win and take the wheel. Once in charge….get the ex- leaders up on treason charges, then begin the forced removals. Then finally, we can rebuild and be great again. Folks I have a dream. Its the final solution.

  6. Afterthought,

    The Tory Party is the single most Kosher political entity on the planet, just after Matzo Balls.

  7. I can’t get over the fact that Corbyn fucked Diane Abbott (black sheboon) back in the ’70s. Not sure if Anglin and the guys at the DS know this…

    • @Goyim Goddess

      Wait, what????

      Well, if true, that explains why Corbyn’s bonkers – he’s likely got late stage syphilis.

  8. @ Mr. Cicero…

    ‘…Today I’m feeling little enthusiasm over this happening.’


    But, how could you feel any enthusiasm? – the election, over yonder, is a typical establishment election – disgusting versus extremely disgusting.

    Like Romney vs. Obama – all for Soros’s sake.

  9. What’s wrong with Europe is what’s wrong with the U.S. and the rest of the western world, when men stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in almost anything. There are whole classes of people who are petty, juvenile, self absorbed, self indulgent jerks. Pornography is available 24 hours a day on the Internet, publicly funded abortions, people who think they’re vampires, homosexuality being normalized, militant feminism, 42 genders and all of them need their own public toilets, flying saucer cults, homosexual marriage, and this is not a complete list of the childishness, personality disorders,and mental illnesses of the 21st century.

  10. @ copperhead

    Strong people don,t need a God regulate their everyday life. They are able to think themselves. All madness went off, when jews discovered, that Big Goverment can actualliy play the God on Earth. Getting handouts and rules and regulations from Big Goverment is faster and easier as praying something from God. So the iwannabelieve folk changed their faith and we know them as liberals.

    They put up USSR with this trick and only thing what saved us were two world wars and two revolutions. Liberals got killed there and their gene stopped spreading. And the rest of society became aware of iwannabelieve folk existence and the jewish readiness to give them something to believe.

    We can turn iwannabelieve folk from liberalism back to christianity but the only thing we get is the Chrislamic State . Instead of racists liberals will go after witches. And witches are we. Trump won not because of Putin but because of Devil himself.

    Pro white folk must be careful what they wish. When we are not, we may launch bigger madness than now.

  11. My sister just got back from Britain. She is not racial aware or anything. She nevertheless took notice of something and commented on it at length. She did not go to London. But she remarked on the glaring LACK of diversity that see noticed during a two week trip through Britain and Ireland.

    I have heard similar stories from other people.

  12. Yes, she is fucked. Hung Parliament happening.

    Either the Tories form a Coalition with the Ulster Unionists or Labour patches together a Coalition with the Scots and Welsh Nationalists. Corbyn would probably have to grant Sturgeon ANOTHER independence referendum in return for the support of the Scots Nationalists.

    My Prediction: Tories patch together a shaky coalition with the Ulster Unionists, May resigns, 76 year old Ken Clarke become elder statesman and Prime Minister. Clarke then finds a backdoor out of Brexit and the UK remains in the EU. The Scots drop their independence bid.

  13. Theresa May reports weekly to her majesty and the bankers. Just like those before her. No records are kept. Do you think it’s just tea time?

    RIP Bob Whitaker

  14. It seems like I, and everyone else including Saggy Granny (England) forgot two things.

    First, polls are nothing more than Jew hoaxes meant to con and demoralize the goyim.

    And second, we now live in a world where reality is being torn apart like matter inside a black hole.

    So, lol at this nightmare for May – she won’t last another 90 days at this rate.

  15. Cicero, you go to the wrong bookies. Pssstttt…would you like a share in the portfolio?

    • @Captain John

      Keep this quiet, but myself and a couple of other figures are in talks with Labour in the event that the Tories soon collapse and Corbyn rises even higher.

      My price: Luciana Berger must be arrested and sent to a Blacks only prison wing for comfort women duties…

  16. Auntie May won’t last another 48 hours. And how dumb are people to suggest the fop Boris as PM? Then Corbyn the Stalinist will gain power of the Tories are stupid enough to put Boris at 10 Downing St.

  17. It’s quite interesting to look at the footage. BBC and Sky are camped outside Corbyn’s grotty two bedroom terrace (row house) in Islington. Two coppers with HK 9mm are there guarding the hovel like it’s 10 Downing Street. Marvelous visual. There’s a trash can right by his front door. He’s the power now.

    • @Captain John

      I’m watching Sky News right now, and I’m just loving what’s going on here.

      I tried to put some of it together in a new article – I hope it’s not too disjointed and rambling…

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