British General Election: Cat Lady Down, Corbyn Rising, Nigel Back, And Hung Parliaments

NOTE: If you’re not a native or a student of British politics, I highly encourage you to read this linked article on hung parliaments – it will go a long way towards explaining how the future will unfold.

NOTE 2: Please remember before you post about this election possibly ruining Brexit that May had been dragging her feet on the issue since assuming office – my guess is that little to nothing would have changed with her at the helm.

Man, I’m glad I didn’t go visit the bookie today, for I would be out at least a bag or two of shiny shekels – but I’m happy nonetheless.

Basically, Britain has seen the best conceivable outcome (even better than if Corbyn had won outright, in my opinion, and perhaps the average Englishman will at last be able to see the foolishness of Democracy – especially during times of dire crisis on all fronts.

What we know now is that the Tories – cuckservative traitors the lot of them – will lose their majority in Parliament, and will likely be forced to seek allies (the Democratic Unionist Party are the only ones who are realistically in play) in order to attempt to form even the most rudimentary government in the coming days and weeks.

Calls for childless Theresa May’s resignation have emerged from across the political spectrum, and according to some sources, the likelihood of this occurring is almost certain due to the extreme shame incurred by the PM on this most decisive of nights.

Her replacement would likely be Boris Johnson (if a Tory government is assembled), which would essentially be a final slap in the face for the Remain faction of the Conservatives.

Jeremy Corbyn meanwhile is celebrating like a boss (or maybe like a creepy old man gone bonkers long ago) – going so far as to take a page out of Trump’s playbook (the old Donald and not the new)…

UKIP and the SNP have failed miserably in this Election – the first because of their one-issue existence, and the second because of more complicated reasons that would require a separate article to explain fully (just think of the foolishness of seeking independence in order to rejoin a (((Globalist))) empire dedicated to the importation of primitive humanoids).

Nigel Farage, however, seems to be thinking ahead to a future in which both the Tories and Labour will be utterly humiliated, declaring on BBC Radio that he will be possibly returning to politics with an agenda of reform for his party.

Oh right, and a bunch of Jews are currently foaming at the mouth over the idea of Corbyn possibly becoming Prime Minister in the immediate to middling future – there will likely be yet another election once the dust settles and neither party succeeds in forming an effective government.

Again, this sort of chaos is the only realistic way that average Whites will maybe, just maybe, realize that the idea of democracy is nothing more than a slow way of committing national suicide – stable regimes of cucks are not the friends of Europeans during this part of the game.

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  1. It’s been a profitable year at the captain’s table.

    Now let’s talk about Comey.

    • @Captain John

      Oh, Lord…

      That’s going to have to wait until tomorrow – I’m drained.

      And we got McCain pretty much stroking out during the hearings…

      And Jew Kurt Eichenwald busted with hentai porn…

  2. The right has underperformed since Trump. Three elections with women at the helm: clinton, le pen, and may: all three did not secure a majority. Bernie style politics is on the ascendancy, ie socialism.

    Order from chaos? More like suicide by stupidity. I’ve been saying it would take a fool to lose now, unfortunately there are many fools around. The silver lining may be that this shock will cure us of our post Trump doldrums, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Far and away the best part of all this is the kikes’ wailing and gnashing of teeth, as exemplified by Lil’ Benji Shapiro..

  4. Is there anyone, other than Mr. Farage, who ought be PM?

    Walpole or Gladstone, for sure, but, presently, they are taken…

  5. Junius Daniel: As a Moggist, I thought I’d share this with you:

    What is stopping Farage from running as a Conservative in a by-election and then running for leader of the party?

    Nothing. It’s on him, he has my nomination, and I would hope that of many others. Farage has the pulse of the working class, and could deliver another majority for the pro-white electorate.

    Never minding the bomb throwers, Theresa May is now Prime Minister for FIVE YEARS and WILL DELIVER HARD BREXIT. No thanks to the VILE bomb throwers!

    • She won’t last the year…

      I could be wrong and you could be right, but that’s my prediction.

      Her deal with the Northern Irish will cause the Tories to split along soft Brexit/hard Brexit lines.

  6. When I saw the photo of the Jewish newspaper that Marcus posted yesterday I was immediately in favor of Corbyn. He would not be Israel’s lackey, bowing to masters in that “shitty little country,” to quote a former French ambassador. Besides that, Corbyn has been a steadfast opponent of all the stupidwars and was a long-standing Euroskeptic right up until just before the Brexit vote.

    Just what the hell good would come from a Tory government anyway?

  7. Will she have the power to censor the Internet, so nationalists can’t complain about immigration? That is the question.

  8. Mestigoit
    June 9, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Doesn’t matter which side gets in, the mass non-white immigration continues.

  9. Creating a political party that is viable long term is a daunting task. Most of them that last and wind up running things are different types of coalitions like the New Deal Democrats, there were the Southern Populists, the big city machines, the old Bourbons, Progressives and liberals. It fell apart in my opinion when they went too far with civil rights. Even people with money can’t always do it, the Reform Party came apart when Perot wasn’t leading it.

    • @Denise

      Likely so, but what Europe needs is a heavy dose of chaos that will turn the people (hopefully) against the foolish concept of democracy once and for all.

      Stability during this demographic genocide is most certainly not our friend, and yesterday’s election almost certainly destroyed the chances of that in Britain for the foreseeable future.

  10. Wasn’t sure what to think of the results until I saw little Benny the Kike’s tweet. Now, I’m elated.

  11. One can only hope that Corbyn’s success will make it easier to name the Kike…ya, I know, delusional.

  12. “Hung parliaments” is not a Freudian slip where hanged parliaments accounts for the truly dead libido of a nation.

  13. @ Goyim Goddess

    “OMG – regarding #SBC17: the cucked Zionist faggots actually put out a full resolution condemning the Alt Right. Hahahhahhahaha!!!! Go read it now!”

    I went right to the comments and the lunacy of those “righteous” Baptists was a cross between hysterical and nauseating. What a bunch of childish girls. Not a he-man in the whole thread. They’ll be lunch meat for the barbarians. What the heck are they preaching from the pulpits these days?

    Here’s a prime sample, don’t laugh:

    “Dwight Mckissic says
    May 28, 2017 at 5:25 pm
    Eric C,
    Are u aware that the alt-right and Richard Spencer unabashedly promote White Supremacy and encouraged the burnings in Virginia recently?”

  14. Dwight Mckissic is apparently William Dwight McKissic, Sr. of Arlington TX. Looks like this negro is paranoid as well:

    I think a lot of these preachers make it all up as they go along, both inside and outside of the church.

    This is the only Baptist church I would consider joining. A “black regiment” preacher who likes firearms and honors Confederate Memorial Day:

  15. It seems to blur the issue in a way to attribute ‘cat lady’ complexes to the female leaders of White Genocide. The reason being, the jews promote white women as their frontmen (in Europe, not America) precisely because a white man would engender far more resentment and resistance as the public face orchestrating the mass rape of the native females. In the post-‘feminist’ era and innate human instinct a white leader trying to ignore, deny, minimize and rationalize such heinous violations of women and girls wouldn’t work as well. Only a woman could (sort of) get away with dismissing white female cries as aggressions against ‘minorities;’ she’s only showing concern and (((love))) for everyone, after all…

    It’s the opposite of so-called ‘cat lady’ hegemony, really. It’s jewish trickery and I, for one, am not falling for it.

  16. Goyim Goddess, if you see this reply,

    Yes. I knew about Corbyn’s years of ignoring would-be whistle blower social workers, who tried to get Corbyn to go after, and even notice, the child rapers in his district, for YEARS.

    He is a blood jew. Raping children is what they DO.

    England has just put a gun in it’s mouth, and pulled the trigger.

    That Baptist site – every last one of those demented freaks should be flayed alive.

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