Muh Good Immigrants: Chinaman Busted With Hundreds Of Stolen Cats Ready For Restaurant Service

If you’re stuck in the mindset that thinks East Asians are an acceptable immigrant population, if you’re a degenerate sex tourist that has abandoned White women because of feels, or if you’re a White traitor – and beta cuck – that is already married to an Asiatic, then maybe you ought to pay special attention to the following story.

Because you see, these critters don’t just magically drop their bizarre habits once they set foot upon the sacred magic dirt of America – they just learn to either conceal them better, or just blend into an already-established population of their kinsmen.

From New York Post:

Chinese authorities have prevented a cat-astrophe – by saving more than 500 felines from ending up on restaurant menus.

A man identified only as Sun used sparrows and caged birds to lure stray and domestic cats in the city of Jiujiang in southern Jiangsu, the Washington Post reported.

Many of the cats were found in deplorable conditions – some near death – in cages on a truck and in a hut near a highway, the paper reported.

The man – who sold the cats for about 30 yuan ($4.40) each — was arrested Sunday after a villager named Yang told cops that his cats had been stolen, including a mother nursing five kittens, according to the South China Morning Post.

The news sparked a furor online, with more than 40,000 comments on the NetEase portal — with many outraged more that the man had lured away people’s pets, rather that the animals would be eaten.

In China, it is legal to eat cats and dogs.

More than 10 million dogs and about four million cats are killed every year across China for their meat, activists say.

During the 10-day annual dog meat and lychee festival in the city of Yulin, thousands of dogs and cats are “brutally bludgeoned to death,” according to activists.

I’m hoping this has gotten some people to question their beliefs regarding Asian immigration into the West (even some Nationalists are lukewarm on the issue), but if you’re dead-set on welcoming these specific invaders, and if you’re perfectly peachy with raising future Elliot Rodger clones, then at least think about the poor kitty cats.

They need your support.


  1. WHAT THE F*CK, MARCUS… I actually started crying at this… will whites need trigger warnings due to the degenerate, amoral, inhuman behavior of the cat-eating chinks and gooks?!?!

    Day of the Rope cannot come soon enough for miscegenation fetishists like ‘Based’ Stickman and John Derbyshire

  2. I am a race realist of Nigerian descent and I applaud your sympathy for the cats. However, I am curious about one thing. Most Americans eat meat that comes from chicken, cows, and pigs. Although there has been growing support all over the West for more humane living conditions for these animals, most Americans (of all races) don’t have any qualms about eating chickens that were forced to endure terrible conditions before their deaths. Are Americans any better than the Chinese in terms of the way we treat animals? I hope you do not find my question offensive and I look forward to your response.

    • @Cannot Tell

      I’ll bite:

      I would say that the most humane way to raise, slaughter, and eat meat would be to follow the customs Whites have followed for upwards of 10,000 years (at least) with the farming systems, large pastures for beasts, quick and simple execution methods, etc…

      The main culprits responsible for inhumane treatment of animals on a large scale in America are almost always massive corporations that routinely sacrifice the well-being of animals for profits – oftentimes you’ll find Jews and the worst sorts of Whites in these ventures.

      And I would study National Socialist Germany if you’re interested in animal rights – they were one of the first and most successful societies to address the welfare of creatures and the environment…

  3. Amen Goyim Goddess. Amen. This hits home hard. I just has to put my beloved kitty to sleep. I had her for 17 years. She was a wonderful friend. People like dogs because they are trainable (and I love dogs. My whole family loves animals, and we all have multiple pets. If you want to see a big bad Nazi male relative of mine fall, silent, and his eyes well up with tears, just mention his beloved doggie, who passed away approx. 5 years ago. He still can’t even say her name without getting choked up) – but all good ailurophiles know that cats give you what you give them. I don’t trust people who don’t like animals, and I especially don’t trust women who don’t like cats. I’m still crying over my little kitty girl.

    Paul Fromm calls Gooks “yellow insects”. A pal of mine, who dealt with them in the military, assets that they don’t possess souls.

  4. You know, every once in a while I wonder if that guy in “12 Monkeys” may have had the right idea. I guess not…

  5. Marcus Cicero,

    Thank you for your response. I’ve read a little bit about the National Socialist party’s stance on the treatment of animals.

  6. Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram represent the brains of the alt-right, the Vandal Brothers represent its muscle and women like Goyim Goddess and Denise are its heart.

    Those goddamn chinks will eat anything, even each other. No wonder the Japs treated them like dirt in WWII. The Japs don’t eat cats and dogos, but they do eat whales and dolphins, which makes me hate them as much as I hate the chinks. Gooks are probably the best Orientals. If they eat dogs at all it’s only during their heathen Lunar New Year festival.

  7. Keep in mind that cuckservative extraordinare Charles Murray, the ‘social scientist’ of Bell Curve pushing the ‘Asians are intellectually superior, goyim!’ meme, was married to a Thai woman and has gook hapa children. Same with Derbyshire

  8. Dear Cannot Tell. You certainly do not find many people among the Chinese that would abstain from eating sentient animals out of compassion for the poor creatures. In Europe, especially in its nordern parts, we are many but our non-kosher voice is hushed.
    I have stopped eating animals, with some exception for fish (not those cultivated outside Europe), many years ago; the same with my son and sister. The crucial problem is that battery farms and slaughterhouses are owned by multinational companies (not many true whites there). Even though cruelty to animals has become standard even in white countries, we are far from proud of it, and other whites than mentally ill would never do it because the meat of a tortured animal “has more taste”. As far as I know the Chinese have nothing against torturing animals for this purpose. Naturally, I would be glad to learn that all the rumors about the Chinese torturing dogs is nothing else than an anti-Chinese propaganda.

  9. Ours is the only race that has enough conscience and compassion to care about the humane treatment of animals.

  10. Odd that just this weekend I’d been reflecting on how aryans really do honor animals in a way other races do not…bumped into a native-born Pa woman while in the midst of trying to save a lost, disoriented doggie on a fairly dangerous road. Conversation about respecting animals just took off…

    And the earth. We are a people of the land. Another recent acquaintance and I have bonded more deeply over this.

    I love kitties especially, what a cute one in the pic.

    So the rumors are true and it’s not just dogs.

    Did anyone know Maine Coons are native to America?

  11. @ spahnrance

    The Alt Right is a farce. Or maybe it just has more (((respect))) for animals than women.

    Eric Striker: “Women are animals.”

  12. If you think their cat eating is repulsive, you ought to see how they feed animals ate their zoo. They will throw a live animal into the pen or cage of an animal like a tiger, and let visitors to the zoo watch as the poor animal is killed and eaten by the beast!?

  13. @Onceler: I too am somewhat disenchanted with the alt right. I strongly identify as a National Socialist – and not the Jerry Springer / Geraldo Rivera type, I mean a true NS believer. With a few remarkable exceptions alt-righters are largely ‘spergs and misogynists. Of course it goes without saying that Southern Nationalists like HW, Mr. Cushman, Mr Ryan, Dr. Hill, et al are decent chaps.

  14. Chinese get caught like this all the time. I knew a guy who worked as a bus boy at a Chinese restaurant. They made him stack the dishes in the back and then a China man would scrape the plates back into the hot line to mix with the fresh food.

  15. Lucy Lipinska,

    Thank you for your polite response. I’m happy to hear that you’ve stopped eating animal products. I’m trying to do the same. Take care.

  16. I am given to understand the late, great, William Pierce was a cat lover. I had a friend who worked in an animal clinic and she told me it was quite common to see cats rescued from” bad neighborhoods” who had been mutilated or tortured and in one case doused with gasoline and set on fire. She mentioned all these cats happened to be white and she could not understand exactly what was going on! What can I possibly add to that? Could it have been Africanus Domesticus? Especially since there was a popular youtube video at one time showing two black males kicking baby kittens like they were football to see who could kick one the furthest. Sub-Saharan African DNA is not exactly known for its kindness.

  17. here’s the point: cats and dogs are predatory companion animals. Killing and eating them amounts to betrayal and cannibalism.

    chickens, pigs, and cattle are not companion animals. They are herd animals put here to be eaten by predators.

    kikes, niggers, spics, gooks, and muslims are to be killed. But no eaten.

    alles ist klar?

  18. “Yang told cops that his cats had been stolen, including a mother nursing five kittens”

    I’m ready to shove a white-hot metal wire down this guy’s urethra.

    What kind of sick fuck does this to a cat?

  19. People who come from farms know that cats and dogs are essential to the operation. The cats hunt rodents in the barn. Dogs and geese are excellent alarm systems apart from other tasks.

    Europeans raised chicken, rabbits, pigs for meat and fished and hunted. During the US depression (caused by the Jew Bank btw) men hunted wild turkey and rabbit.

    Europeans will never eat stir fried cat and dog dumplings.

    A White nation for Americans with European national heritage on the North American continent must emerge.

  20. “but all good ailurophiles know that cats give you what you give them.”

    Which is part of why I love cats so much. You could beat a dog and it would still be subservient to you…but you have to earn the affection of a cat. It’s inherently more independent and less eager for acceptance, so when you do earn its love, it means more.

    I can’t fathom the kind of mind that would torture and eat something so noble and beautiful, except if there were no other food available.

  21. First time posting here…. And I got your website from Question Diversity over at Amren.

    I have lots of cats that my husband brought home from his travels for work. Homeless cats hanging out at hotels hoping for food. Anyway, at one motel “owned” by none other than a third world alien, actually called the cops on someone for going there and feeding the cats. Non-whites, not just the asians, non-whites have no regard, no sympathy, no nothing for animals and they will not take care of them even when they can afford to.

  22. Dear Administrator, could you please delete my last name on my post please? I didn’t think my name would show up. I won’t do that again but if you can, please delete my last name.

    Thank You!

    • @Stephanie

      Ok, you’re all good.

      And we’re glad you’re here – know that here you won’t get banned for calling out (((certain groups))), or for getting on the bad side of certain moderators (like Engelman at Amren).

  23. Chinks don’t like niggers, yet when it comes to the mistreatment of animals there’s no difference! Again, it would seem that gooks are the best Orientals.

  24. Asians are a discusting race of people. Why don’t they just eat eachother snd help with population control?
    Goes to show, they don’t move to the West to escape their own old ways of life- they bring it with them.
    If anyone thinks Asians are intelligent, they very well may be, but they’re very immoral and cruel. They don’t recognize suffering, or have a sense of whats right or wrong.
    Its little things like this that will creep into our culture if our minorities become the majority.
    Here in Australia, Asians have affected every aspect of our lives from offshoring our jobs to real estate prices.
    I hate them all. I wish they’d go away.

  25. @Poupon
    Please elaborate- I’m always happy to be convinced otherwise by persons who can present an alternative view point. You’ve offered no substance, just a handful of insults, thus I have nothing to go on.
    Everything I say in every post I submit is the result of what I’ve seen and experienced for myself.
    I can’t argue with what you’ve said, because you’ve given me nothing but insults. I’ll happily back up anything I ever say.
    Do enjoy your weekend.

  26. Biblical Law allows for only certain animals to be meat; Christendom took over that paradigm, with the exception for pigs. And even then, it was largely due to the Germanic predilection for pork, that garnered its acceptance- either that, or to merely infuriate the Yids!

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