Civic Nationalism Cannot Fix This: Allahu Akbar Enrichment Visits Flint Airport

Aside from a few Michael Moore jokes (he’s from Flint), I really don’t have much that I could say about this latest olive branch from the great and powerful followers of Muhammad (PBUH) – this is now a normal type of thing that will only grow more vicious and frequent as the numbers and brazenness of Moslems intensifies.

From Daily Mail:

The FBI is investigating the stabbing of a police officer at Flint, Michigan’s Bishop Airport as a ‘possible act of terror,’ according to reports. 

A Canadian man yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ repeatedly stabbed the officer including in the neck at the airport on Wednesday morning, witnesses told NBC News. 

The saying means ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and is often shouted by Islamic terrorists before attacks or suicide bombings.

The police officer involved in the incident has been identified as Lieutenant Jeff Neville.

Neville was at his post at the top of a set of escalators at the airport Wednesday morning when he was attacked from behind with a knife similar to a Bowie knife, WJRT reports. 

The officer was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but his condition has since improved to stable after coming out of surgery.

Police say a suspect has been taken into custody and is being question. They have not released his name.

Sources told NBC 25/Fox 66 that the stabber is from Quebec, Canada and entered the U.S. via the New York border in mid-June. It’s unclear why he was in Flint. 

They say the man tried to buy a gun, but was denied one so he bought a knife instead. The whole incident inside the airport was caught on video, the sources added.

In the midst of this, I would like to say a few words concerning the cuckold fetish that is Civic Nationalism – a fetish that can do nothing to save our people and our civilization from these barbarian deprivations.

I say this because had this specific critter decided to follow his religion’s teaching of Taqiya just a little while longer, he would have been potentially warmly welcomed into Civic Nationalist circles as the BASED MOSLEM that many at Breitbart and r/The_Donald salivate over.

His foreign genetics and foreign faith would not have been an impediment in the clusters of fools who fall for the Marxist doctrines of “magic dirt,” the strength of culture over blood, and the irrelevance of DNA-coded biological traits.

But in the realms of Racial/Ethnic Nationalism (this encompasses Southerners just in case anybody thinks that Cuckfederates still have clout), this terrorist, and all those like him, would be pushed away, shunned, or expelled at first glance – Donald Trump fanboi status notwithstanding.

Think about what I just said for a few minutes, for it might end up saving your life down the road – or at least keep you from being stabbed in the neck like Lieutenant Jeff Neville.


  1. Azzmador summed it up in that spat with David Amed. “The reason you have a fucked up degenerate country…”

  2. If the governments in most white nations had any brains, they’d send their national security agencies into these mosques to infiltrate them, and find out whats being taught in these snakepits of hate, get the contents on record, then close them down and deport the perps (that would be most of them).
    They’ll never be compatible with any Western nation, and letting them in is an act of gross negligence.
    Its ok. Keep pushing us sand slugs……keep pushing us…

    • @John

      Didn’t Trump say that this would happen under his watch?

      It’s not like the tech or the means to filter and analyze the data doesn’t exist – it’s 2017 ffs.

  3. Regarding so-called civic nationalism and BASED others, the desire to cooperate with other groups is understandable. However, read this:

    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

    That is not, by the standards of the English language, a controversial sentence. It contains neither the phrase “white nationalism,” nor the phrase “white supremacy.”

    Our movement is not a church group fundraiser where we might have to compromise between allocating resources to a bake sale versus to a car wash, but where in the end we’ll still raise money for our cause.

    To the contrary, any measurable compromise from the mission of the 14 words results in TOTAL FAILURE of the mission. BY DEFINITION.

    Precisely how the 14 words manifest in our individual hearts will vary across White demographics and individuals. Reasonable White people can differ about religion, economic systems, forms of government, the proper role of our women in public affairs, and whether one personally fights for Whites, Southrons, Germans, Celts or Indo-Europeans.

    Reasonable White people CANNOT differ over the exigency of securing the existence of our people and a future for White children.

    Anyone who fails to publicly defend the 14 words is incapable of holding a publicly acknowledged coalition with us. By definition.

    These type groups define themselves by an external enemy. “We are against the far left,” they state in their marketing materials. That’s called dialectic, and it’s being used by their masters to manipulate them. In contrast, we define ourselves by WHO WE ARE. We fight FOR something.

    These non-allies attempt to co-opt our movement by spending big dollars to round up White people who should be with us, fill their heads with talk-radio civic nationalist “Americana values” bullshit, and keep them from ever truly awakening as White men. These are POWs. Any events these groups hold where our POWs are herded together in public places like wild rangeland stallions captured by the BLM and held in pens until slaughter, should be considered as ripe targets for liberation by our forces.

    Do you remember the thing that you heard or saw, that sparked you to re-awaken as a White man?

    Well, walk right up to our POWs herded in public places by the enemy, share your story with them, let them see that it is healthy and safe to come out of mental bondage, and then hand them your organization’s business card so they can follow up with you later. Again, these groups spend money to concentrate our POWs into these events. All you have to do is show up and introduce a large percentage of that traffic to the 14 words.

    As pointed out above, the 14 words aren’t even controversial. The enemy expends tremendous resources to make them FEEL controversial. But to any of our people with average IQ, the 14 words are as milquetoast and common-sensical as the radical proclamation that:

    “We must secure the existence of our food and a future for sprouted crops and calves.”

    It’s an easy sale, and the enemy is spending the money to drive and corral the traffic for us.

    By the 14 words, you shall know them.


    • Here is where we differ from the Civic Nationalists – one area at least.

      When it comes to non-Whites, I have no problem with, say, Iran or the various pro-Assad Moslem militias fighting thousands of miles from the West. I’ll praise them, I’ll give them good PR, and I’ll even have a chat with them over email or Skype if their English is up to communication levels.

      But with the CiviCucks, they’ll go further – they’ll welcome the non-Whites into their nations, their homes, and into the beds of their women. They have no problem with miscegenation (some of the men have serious Yellow Fever cases), and where we don’t mind working with far-off allies but don’t hold it as a must have, Civics MUST constantly display their BASED FOREIGNERS as assurances to the Left that they’re far better than the big, bad, evil racists they consistently denounce.

  4. This really sums it all up. Sam Francis wrote this in 2004
    This is a review of Professor MacDonald’s seminal work and if you want to know what happened to America it is a MUST read, and quite brief.

    Canada, America, England, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, go down the line every white homeland has been INVADED, legally and otherwise with 3rd Worlders, and if you think the Asians and the Moslems thought this up by themselves the above articles will show you otherwise.

    The problem is NOT religion but biology,
    Otherwise enjoy all of the Latino and Black demographics, CHRISTIANS all.

  5. As life continues to worsen throughout White lands, our people will biologically begin to seek safety in numbers. They will quickly realize that that only exists in one place — with their people.

    CivCuck / Alt-Lite willfully lies to its followers about the most important issues.

    We tell the truth.

    Alt-Lite: “Pay no attention to those dark people who mean you harm! Follow my click-bait! Buy my shit!”

    Alt-Right: “Come home to your people. We kept the fire going for you.”

    There is zero competition between these two messages. We win hands-down, every time.

    We just have to get our message through the blockade.

  6. @ Marcus Cicero June 22, 2017 at 12:41 am
    Absolutely. So many guys who apparently don;t have the BALLS to get white women go and get yellow women and almost every case I knew of had their money ripped off AFTER they had imported the bride’s family into the US.
    As bad as that is the fact remains that ONLY a WHITE WOMAN can have a white child and if some idiot wants to bed a subhuman I would deport him and his bride but OUR WOMEN must be OURS and not lost to the breeding program.
    Otherwise Whitey is TOAST.
    Like the OATH KEEPERS those POS they are the type you described.

    The late William Pierce talked about the seduction of our white girls by the Jewish media way back in January 13, 2001 he talked about the film “Save the Last Dance”
    It shows why so many white women are doing it with non-whites…
    read it or listen to it:

  7. Nationalism

    During the Romantic period, music often took on a much more nationalistic purpose. For example, Jean Sibelius’ Finlandia has been interpreted to represent the rising nation of Finland, which would someday gain independence from Russian control (Child 2006). Frédéric Chopin was one of the first composers to incorporate nationalistic elements into his compositions. Joseph Machlis states, “Poland’s struggle for freedom from tsarist rule aroused the national poet in Poland. … Examples of musical nationalism abound in the output of the romantic era. The folk idiom is prominent in the Mazurkas of Chopin” (Machlis 1963, 149–50). His mazurkas and polonaises are particularly notable for their use of nationalistic rhythms…

    Here’s to the death of globalism…

  8. @Marcus,

    The Muslims and Africans are migrating to white nations and outbreeding us by 6 to 1•3. The Asian women are migrating to white nations and breeding us out with their half breed ching dings……weakening us where it hurts.
    Nothing bugs me like two race traitors with no respect or concern for their race or culture.

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