Census Data Shows White America In Full Decline, Now Totally Below Replacement Levels

I think many of us find it especially difficult to imagine how this country is going to look once the demographics turn against us irreversibly – it’s understandably hard to visualize something that has never occurred in living memory.

But once the Boomers start to die off (whether you like them or hate them, you have to admit that they’re the ones keeping things as White as they are), you’ll see our numbers drop to the 50 percent mark virtually overnight.

And with that, say goodbye to most federal political positions, as the crisis will make it literally impossible for anyone to the right of (((Lena Dunham))) to ever hold power again – basically the nation will become a true one-party state once Texas and Florida become non-White bastions.

From AP:

The United States is growing older and more ethnically diverse, a trend that could strain government programs from Medicare to education, the Census Bureau reported Thursday.

Every ethnic and racial group grew between 2015 and 2016, but the number of whites continued to increase at the slowest rate – less than one hundredth of 1 percent, or 5,000 people, the Census estimate shows. That’s a fraction of the rates of growth for non-white Hispanics, Asians and people who said they are multi-racial, according to the government’s annual estimates of population.

President Donald Trump’s core support in the racially divisive 2016 election came from white voters, and polls showed that it was especially strong among those who said they felt left behind in an increasingly racially diverse country. In fact, the Census Bureau projects whites will remain in the majority in the U.S. until after 2040.

“Even then, (whites) will still represent the nation’s largest plurality of people, and even then they will still inherit the structural advantages and legacies that benefit people on the basis of having white skin,” said Justin Gest, author of “The New Minority,” a book about the 2016 election.

“White like me, Goyim.”

Essentially what this Gest fellow is telling us is that even when we reach minority status, programs like affirmative action, mandatory housing integration, and hate crime laws will remain the status quo, likely with some additions that will begin to bring a crushing weight upon the remaining humans in this country.

Stay tuned, because you might even see a manifestation of true “democracy” during this future Dark Age – at that point you’d be able to finally call for binding plebiscites of sorts on things like total open borders, seizure of White-owned farms/businesses, and weird social experiments like mandatory interracial marriages.


The Census Bureau reported that the median age of Americans – the age at which half are older and half are younger – rose nationally from just over 35 years to nearly 38 years in the years between 2000 and 2016, driven by the aging of the “baby boom” generation.

The number of residents age 65 and older grew from 35 million to 49.2 million during those 16 years, jumping from 12 percent of the total population to 15 percent.


The Census report also showed that children in the U.S. born from 2001 through 2016 were the nation’s fastest-growing age group, with a 6.8 percent jump in the year beginning July 1, 2015. Other age groups either lost or gained population by less than a percentage point, according to the Census Bureau.

That means more demand on taxpayers for schools, bilingual education and accommodations for English language learners, as well as recruiting a corps of educators that reflects the nation’s students. Robert Hull, executive vice president of the National Association of State Boards of Education, said a majority of students in the U.S. are not white, but that 82 percent of teachers are white.

Yeah, we’ve covered this before.

The government and various teachers’ unions have done all that is physically possible to bring more non-Whites into the classrooms of this nation – the main issue is the fact that few have been able to pass the most basic exams required of them.


All race and ethnic groups grew in the year before July 1, 2016, the Census reported.

The Asian population and those who identified as being of two or more races grew by 3 percent each, to 21 million and 8.5 million, respectively. Hispanics grew by 2 percent to 57.5 million. The black population grew by 1.2 percent to nearly 47 million.

The number of non-Hispanic whites grew by only 5,000, leaving that population relatively steady at 198 million of the nation’s 325 million people.

Take out groups like Jews and many Middle Easterners (who are still identified as non-Hispanic White on the census), and you beyond a shadow of a doubt wind up with a net loss in population that is only going to intensify once the Great Dying commences during the 2020’s and beyond.

This is why I often urge people to calm down the foolish drama (I chimp occasionally in the comments section) that has characterized White Nationalism since the day George Lincoln Rockwell was murdered by a disgruntled cuck while going about his daily business.

Back then, and all the way through the Stormfront days, we had more wiggle room to engage in petty nonsense, but at this point that safety net has torn and frayed.

It’s time to get serious, drop the “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” mindset, and prepare to fight against the hourglass before it’s too late.

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  1. It would be a great help is the Alt Right came out in favor of a white Ethno-State in Heartland America-which should eventually include all majority white red states-. Learn to separate our destiny from that of the United States. One of these has a future, the other does not. Get off the USS Titanic before she carries us to the bottom with her because most assuredly the ship is taking on water and will go down. There will be no tricentennial! No nation can sustain this level of debt, diversity, and depravity. It is a nation killer. At least this late in the game we can discern the toxins that killed the United States and make sure they do not take root and grow in our proposed White Heartland Republic of North America.

    • @Ethnostatist

      I got into WN years ago thinking that we could save the whole damned thing, but the more I’ve studied, analyzed, and observed, the more I see that a breakup will likely be our only solution.

      Even the Western Roman Empire in the early 400’s AD, which was being overrun with WHITE tribes, understood the need to at least try and save something by breaking away the chunks of their state that were already essentially done for.

  2. M’thinks this is negative propaganda for our side – that our people and our culture are dying.

    Let’s have more positive stories about say, the population of White Amish doubling since the 1980s, White LDS Mormons have big families.

    We’re trying to inspire our people, not to depress them.

    • @Jack Ryan

      You’re right, and this wasn’t actually intended to be a depressing piece – more like a “keep up the good work and keep focusing” type of thing because, right now, time is not our friend if we’re talking decades and generations.

      All things considered, the Alt-Right/Nationalist Cause in America is stronger than ever before – the transition from the internet into real-world activism is going better than I predicted, the Trump issue (aside from a few idiots) has been handled exquisitely, and the integration of normies is almost flawless.

      That being said, there are still tumors within the Movement, but these are still pretty much relegated to the internet – I’m talking about Autists that trash whole forums (almost impossible to fully eradicate and prevent), the Alt-Lite Gorilla Mindset cucks who try to leech themselves onto the Alt-Right momentum train, people who dox an entire website leadership group for not allowing them to become an Online Fuhrer, and fools who allow their personal life, feelings, and degeneracy to cloud their minds, and who then create whole topics that are maybe 10 percent truth and 90 percent retardation/faggotry/deviant behavior.

      But to be more optimistic, I think that as real-life activism gains more steam and cohesion, we’ll see a good portion of the baggage tossed away, and a leadership of healthy individuals rise to the top both online and in the public forum.

      Oh, and shekels.

      Try to donate to worthy causes – like OD – if you can.

  3. The jewsmedia are licking their serpent-like tongues and rubbing their dirty little hands together in anticipation of the day that Whites become a minority in their own countries. I’ll bet they even have it circled on their jew calendars.

  4. Nature screams out to all living kinds–make more like yourself or go extinct. More Whites need to listen and act. Whites who do not make more Whites from their bodies need to wake up and just do it. Don’t overthink it. Don’t delay. Don’t have false ideas of finding Mr. Right or Ms. Right–find a White partner and have children. We are not born as couples and marriage is not required.

  5. A couple, having one child every 2 years for one decade, can have 6 children. This struggle can be won at any time once the will to life is restored.

    We have to restore the family: a hardworking, disciplined man who sees economic activity as his battlefield. Women who see pregnancy and child rearing as their prime life calling; a moral atmosphere that promotes and rewards this.

    The triumph of nihilism (Buddhism, athiestic materialism) must be reversed; the void, nothingness (sunyata) replaced by the awareness of and reverence for the inherent, essential, enduring order of the universe (arta).

    Get your soul right and your gametes will follow!

  6. In Britain, the percentage of whites in the overall population drops by 5% about every ten years. The most common, or near most common baby name for boys is….Muhammad.
    In Australia and Britain, Indian and Pakistani invaders are employed exclusively in security, 7/11 outlets, cleaning and the taxi industry by managers that discriminate against whites who may need the work. Visit a doctor now…..he’s likely to be an Indian. Why the HELL do we need fuckin Indian doctors? They should be in India where they are needed.
    On a visit to Britain and France last year, everywhere you go, police and security units largely made up of Muslim’s and blacks and Indians telling locals what they can and can’t do, or can and can’t go, irritating the populace and generating anger.
    So the white population in America is actually increasing? That, I’m surprised about.

    • @John

      It’s slightly declining but it will likely intensify once the Boomers start dropping from old age.

      The real problem is that we could never outbreed the hordes, and if current trends continue, politics will shift because of how we elect Presidents and set up Congressional districts.

  7. Icons like Boeing, NASA, GM …….would not have come about in a non-white America. We are indeed superior to every other race on earth, bar none.
    America was nothing when whites arrived, and it would be nothing if they left.

  8. Nevertheless the situation is such that we need State power to undertake measures to raise the birthrate and that will never happen in the U S of A! Raising the white birthrate while remaining under the jurisdiction of the United States in and of itself profits us nothing if our children, or grandchildren, become Gay or racially assimilated under the auspices of the United Soviets which, of course, is their goal and mission in as much as they have been co-opted by the enemy. If the election of Trump didn’t demonstrate how easily a non-conformist can be contained within the present system then we are truly living with blonders on. To put it bluntly the Ethno-State resolution is now the only solution left to us as a people. All other activity is wasted energy and an abuse of resources.

  9. Total economic collapse, a stupid and barbaric majority in power and on the rampage (Look at once-advanced South Africa), ethnic conflict of low and high intensity a permanent feature of social life…

    The Constitution is dead as hell now. I also foresee national votes for all sorts of miserable things and laws which apply only to certain groups.

    China will probably end up putting Third-World-microcosm USA out of its misery.
    The center of power of the European world will be Moscow.

  10. “Even then, (whites) . . . will still inherit the structural advantages and legacies that benefit people on the basis of having white skin,”

    Exactly. The sponging will continue because it’s driven by biology, not laughable fantasies about white privilege. When you have a third-world population you’ll be a third-world country, so there will be an eventual economic collapse because that will make racial bloodsucking policies largely irrelevant. The white population will be big enough to defend itself in any crisis, and let’s hope that crisis comes as the alternative is slavery and death.

    There are some silver linings in this oh-so-dark cloud, though. As I said, when there’s far less money redistribution programs will be more lip-service than real. It’s hard to imagine the U.S. continuing as Globocop with a black and brown army and less money. With the withering of that role and increased political chaos and economic decline it’s hard to imagine that the dollar will continue as the world’s reserve currency. When that happens it’s Katy bar the door! Hopefully the increased suffering among whites will render them less tolerant (and more inclined to assault) white leftist turncoats.

    The U.S. government is now, and has been for at least 50 years, to white people world-wide what the Nazi government was to Jews and Poles in the 1940s. As long as whites respect and uphold that government they are headed for their graves. Forget pressure groups, it’s the government that has the genocidal gun to your head and nothing but full scale rebellion against that evil institution will save us. But at this point, because of cucks, we can’t even get stupid young white men to stop volunteering for the military of a government that is waging a war of extermination against their own people.

    With whites gone all the human rights charade and such will go right out the window. But in their blind racist hatred of whites the left doesn’t care.

  11. I worked in the 2010 Census, and after my experiences, I’m not sure what I’d make of the data. Course I spent most of my time in three rural largely white counties. But we spent as much of our time counting houses as much as people, I saw houses that no one had lived in over ten years kept on the roles. I saw houses that were totally unlivable kept on the books. I know because one I removed got put back on. There were four phases of the Census, the first was map spotting of dwellings in 2009. This was done with hand held computers, when the actual Census in 2010 was done, the computers were abandoned, I don’t know why, but paper forms were used. I do know there seemed to be an odd obsession with buildings over people. And the people in change in Illinois wanted to us to get through it as fast as possible.

    After what I saw, I’m not sure what I’d make of their findings.

    I wouldn’t dispute the basic argument of the at right, which is all these non white types never should have been allowed to come here in the first place, and have kids.

  12. “”Even then, (whites) will still represent the nation’s largest plurality of people, and even then they will still inherit the structural advantages and legacies that benefit people on the basis of having white skin,” said Justin Gest, author of “The New Minority,” a book about the 2016 election.”

    He forgot the part how all the other minorities combined will be the majority and ALL of them will be legally, morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably anti-white!

  13. My concern is The South, in particular the rural smalltown South; and, as far as I can tell, we are still having children.

    In the big cities, where casual sex is the reason for livin’, they have less.

  14. No one has mentioned abortion, contraception, feminism, female careerism. It doesn’t take a high intellect to understand why there is practically no hope on this issue. Face it, most of you would rather whites die off than to abandon the chivalrous feminism that is practically universal on the Right. Boys should join the military and work 16 hour days. Women should be well-educated professionals interested in the arts and music. These are the ideals of modern white Americans, and they will gladly sacrifice everything for them.

  15. Thank you Junius for mentioning the reason. A population of women who regard casual sex as no different than taking a drink of water. And they are proud to believe that.

  16. We must not forget the epidemic of infertility. And, whites have been hit hard. A lot of it is man-made. Keep denying it folks until your deathbed.

  17. There’s a Jewish cabal, you know, running through this, working with people like [Federal Reserve Chairman Arthur] Burns and the rest. And they all—they all only talk to Jews.–Richard M Nixon, July 24, 1971

    If you want to know HOW this all happened this short review of Dr MacDonald’s THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE explains it very well

    They have used every weapon to achieve their goal of white genocide.
    Right now they are using immigration and getting white women to bed non-whites but the minute they feel secure enough they will go full out Bolshevik.

  18. @ Denise June 23, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    You are correct. And not just Mormons but all Christian (and Mormons are NOT Christian) churches are doing the same.

    In 1900 the white European races constituted some 35 percent of world population. Today, at best, Whites are 5%, if that.

    from Spengler’s Hour of Decision (1933):

    But ever since the Boxer Revolution in China, the Indian Mutiny, and the revolt of the Mexicans against the Emperor Maximilian, there will be found, deep down, everywhere, one and the same thing: hatred of the white race and an unconditional determination to destroy it.

  19. Bob Whitaker said many times the White majority is toast. He also said the rubber won’t hit the road, until the supremacy delusion normie Whites have ends. Only when Whites become a minority will we fully unite as a group, and since we will always be the biggest minority in America, America will become a virtual dictatorship under our rule.

    He was thinking the future will not be Whites seceding from the United States, but Whites ending our forced racial integration within the United States.

  20. Snowhitey
    June 23, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    “He forgot the part how all the other minorities combined will be the majority and ALL of them will be legally, morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably anti-white!”

    They will also be anti-each other. Those racial divisions will be exploited by a clever and determined group.

  21. Meh. Burn it down. Nothing is worth saving at this point. When the boomers did out, the economy will die. It’s already under tremendous strain. When the world economy collapses, and it will, just like all Jewish scams, then tribalism takes over. Get guns. Trump’s presidency may be your last chance. Then rise the tiger. Most browns and blacks will probably starve or kill each other. Yes it will be dirty for a while. But if you make it through, we have all the knowledge necessary to make a better world. Down with the USA!

  22. Ironically the thing whites love so much, capitalism,is helping whites to go under. So many capitalists said importing cheap labor and deporting jobs is a good thing because capitalism says so. So the cheap labor came in and had tons of babies because the non white culture does not think of capitalism or communism, They just want to survive and have kids and get laid. Meanwhile whites are always worried about paying the bills and living in a house they usually can’t afford and sending their average kids to insanely expensive schools starting at pre K all the way up thru college. That all takes money. Thus, what happens? Whites cut back on having kids. Throw in Kosher hollywood with its cheap sex, abortion is cool, and homosexuality is normal and the norms get forgotten.

    The places I see whites having many kids are the less expensive places in America. The big cities and burbs they are cutting back because they can’t have a bunch of kids PLUS all the expenses that comes with it and commuting, and the new cars and the expensive house/expensive rent. The non whites will bunch up in a 2 bedroom apartment and have 4 to 5 kids while running on section 8. Capitalism gone wild is destroying the white race. 500 to 800 thousand dollar homes are destroying white reproduction.

    All that keeping up with the Jones’ stuff. Back in the day all one had to do was have a JOB and you could buy a home in many areas. Now? NO way. Thus anything to make things cheaper for white people as capitalist whitey calls it socialism is a good thing to me

  23. Evolver1 has the right idea: Don’t overthink, don’t overplan, don’t wait for some ideal prince or princess to steal your heart, just find yourself a decent White mate and start having White chillen! Everything else will fall into place.

  24. the jew.gov’s census data are a scam. Millions of spics report themselves as White…and are counted as Whites. c. 20 million illegal mestizos are not being counted at all. 6,000,000-7,000,000 ashkenazic Jews – genocidally anti-White Jews – are counted as White. Meanwhile the White birthrate (via the kosher Cultutre of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism) has collapsed, c. 1,000,000 non-Whites illegally enter the country every year + 3,000,000 non-Whites enter “legally”. Upshot: Whites will be a (rapidly declining) minority by 2030, not “2040”. Whites are already a minority of all denziens under the age of 19.

  25. @JPS…

    ‘Thank you, Junius, for mentioning the reason. A population of women who regard casual sex as no different than taking a drink of water. And they are proud to believe that.


    You’re welcome, J, Sadly, during my lifetime, I have seen the scary truth of what has happened as women have been ‘liberated’ to act like men – sinful degenerate men.

    When I was a little boy, there were bad girls, though, they were a small minority.

    These days, they are either a large minority or a small majority.

  26. If you’re not actively buying/reloading ammo for your large gun collection and storing food (you do have one right?) you’re behind the curve. Thankfully there are people like me out here who will take you in IF you survive the first or second wave.

    Good luck if you’re unarmed. Google “South Africa farm murders”.

  27. “…It’s time to get serious, drop the “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” mindset, and prepare to fight against the hourglass before it’s too late…”

    I agree with this. I also agree with RB said,”pointing out what Bob Whitaker said, “many times the White majority is toast. He also said the rubber won’t hit the road, until the supremacy delusion normie Whites have ends. Only when Whites become a minority will we fully unite as a group, and since we will always be the biggest minority in America, America will become a virtual dictatorship under our rule.”

    He was thinking the future will not be Whites seceding from the United States, but Whites ending our forced racial integration within the United States.”

    I think a good start would be ending all affirmative action for anyone not from a slave State born before 1963 or so. That would relieve an enormous amount of pressure. It would enfranchise Blacks while making affirmative action for all other minorities just another burden. Someone earlier mentioned placing cracks in the minority groups solidarity. That would do it.

  28. @Jack Ryan, demoralization is an essential part of their propaganda. Remember those Hillary would win polls?

    Thing is, real leaders are actually few, partly a product of individualism and anti-authoritarianism.

  29. Getting rid of illegal aliens and their illegal spawn would help a lot on the
    lagging white birthrate. This would include govt imported aliens, which
    are now coming in increasing numbers under trump. maga, my a$$.

  30. Demographics is destiny. Southern Beaus and Belles who are into Dixie heritage and culture please engage.

  31. The nonwhites will fight amongst themselves like hyenas after a carcass and we are seeing that already in the cities. There will be no organizing a wall of sludge against us. HOWEVER what will happen is full system collapse. Without Whites, the Nuclear Power Plants won’t be repaired, the sewerage systems won’t be repaired, electric lines won’t be repaired, construction of all types will grind to a halt. Farming will cease as upwards of 98% of our farmers are White Men. This is what we are going to see IF THINGS DONT CHANGE.

    Personally I don’t think we’re going to make it to 2030, much less 2040, The United States and the EU are on the beginning of collapse right now. The question is what will the elites do? Will they institute Thermonuclear War and just kill everyone topside? Will they start a worldwide famine?

    I personally see a gigantic mass die-off between 2020 and 2050 worldwide among all peoples started by the system collapse. Once Americas farms lie abandoned and our food production goes down to 1% look out. The Hunger Games begin for good. Also don’t count out the possibility that the Transhumanist world of I ROBOT comes into being as well. Many possible outcomes gang.

  32. The US has its first junk state, Illinois. Too many freebies for life state.
    Once a people’s population fall below replacement numbers, the Whites, there is no recovery. We Whites won’t even be a museum piece.

  33. I believe there will be a game changer at some point that will set us on another trajectory. Thermonuclear War/EMP could be just that. We are due for a major conflict!

  34. This country and its founding documents, as well as its traditions, and laws won’t amount to much, as it’s founding racial, and ethnic stock is erased from the landscape.

    A mass deportation of Illegal Aliens needs to take place, as well as those Anchor babies, who are born here so they can then bring the multitude of their extended family here, to overwhelm us. This needs to end, immediately.

    These Third World savages have no interest in our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and the Majority of today’s Whites are dumber than dirt, and lack a firm foundation in History, as well as English language skills, to even begin to comprehend these documents.

    I get angry with the average Republican, who believes that by bringing in Arabs, and Pakistanis into our country, we will suddenly see the birth of a new red, white, and blue All-American citizen, who reads the Constitution, and rings the Liberty Bell. What total bull shit. These Third World savages have no concept of Representative, Constitutional Government, nor do they understand the rights, and responsibilities that it entails. We either look at this as a Tribal problem, which needs to be addressed, or we fade into oblivion.

    Aside from having more children, we should do what we can to stop, or discourage abortions. How many White children have been massacred this way?

    I suggest a home, or homes for mothers, especially young mothers, to have their babies, while our Folk Community contributes to the mothers and children’s needs, for housing, food, clothing, diapers, and medical care. This is an important start. It will encourage more of our women to have their babies. By all means, read up on vaccines, and how they harm, or kill children. Watch the You Tube videos, “Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines”, and “How to Opt-Out of Forced Vaccines”. Also, “The Great Culling- Our Water”.

    Finally, go to http://www.naturalnews.com and read the article,”What You Should Know About Princeton’s Unapproved Meningitis Vaccine Push” by Ethan A. Huff.

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