Third World Rising: Harlem Train Derails, Dozens Injured, Transportation Disrupted Across NYC

Whether you live in New York, Boston, Chicago, the Wilds of Birmingham, Memphis, or the African Tribal Preserve formerly known as Detroit, you likely understand that an influx of uppity Colorfuls usually results in the collapse of infrastructure.

And it’s only going to get more vibrant as time goes on, as no amount of Presidential clout or lists of Executive Orders will be able to turn things around unless certain humanoid species are removed from all positions of authority and maintenance.

But until then, enjoy the lulz as even the most basic trinkets and vehicles turn into rusted husks – we’re now probably more likely to crash trains than the North Koreans.

My guess is that their rape/murder/robbery rate inside the subways are probably less than ours too.

NY Daily News:

Some 34 straphangers were injured when a section of a subway train flew off the tracks in Harlem Tuesday — filling several cars with smoke, forcing hundreds to be evacuated and crippling service citywide.

Four cars in the Brooklyn-bound A train dislodged from the tracks outside the 125th St. station near St. Nicholas Ave. about 9:45 a.m. after its emergency brakes were triggered, sources and officials said.

Newly minted MTA chairman Joe Lhota said at a hastily convened press conference that investigators were working to determine what caused the derailment.

“This does not look like a failure on the part of the equipment,” Lhota said.

“The brakes went into emergency and we need to determine why,” added Lhota on just his fifth day on the job.

Some 17 riders were rushed to local hospitals with injuries that weren’t considered life-threatening. The other half were being evaluated at the scene, FDNY Commissioner Dan Nigro said.

Ten bucks says this guy got shoved into lockers while in high school – and I’m not talking about the father of the creepy little Jew midget.

An estimated 500 riders ended up on the tracks following the derailment. “It’s a very dangerous thing,” Nigro said.

The incident crippled the subway system during the morning rush hour — knocking out service on the B and C lines and large swaths of the A and D lines.

Lhota and Ronnie Hakim, the MTA’s acting executive director, said there was no telling when subway service would be fully restored.

Lhota said workers still had to remove the derailed train to determine the extent of the damage to the tracks.


Welcome to your future, White Man.

But just know that somewhere among the tens of millions of teeming creatures trashing our transportation and road systems there might be a few BASED minorities willing to work hard, wear MAGA hats, and maybe eventually qualify for admission into the Oathkeepers organization.

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  1. “An estimated 500 riders ended up on the tracks following the derailment. “It’s a very dangerous thing,” Nigro said.”

    I am stunned the nigro (sic) realized this was dangerous.

  2. For those who have never been to Manhattan, if you didn’t visit between WWII and Desert Storm, you missed the jewel it was.

  3. NYC became very safe with Giuliani-led, high-density policing (I recall wandering around Harlem at 4am in perfect safety – but there were cops on every corner), but the subway system is worse than Third World. An embarrassment.

  4. It’s all about Diversity. The cities are the first to go because they’re the first places The Other invades. Then it spreads like a cancer to the suburbs and beyond. You can run whitey but you can’t hide. Diversity will keep chasing you down.

  5. When I first started working in Manhattan (1970’s), there were Horn & Hardart automats, Chock Full-O-Nuts coffee shops, waitresses wore hairnets, cooks were predominantly white as were cab drivers, and many buildings still had elevator operators and doormen. You would still see the old NYC “coach” buses from the 1930’s & 40’s, some men still wore hats, some women still wore gloves, everyone respected the elderly, people in general didn’t cut lines, your order was filled correctly before it arrived at the table, and most folks said thank you & please. Also, the men still practiced chivalry (giving up their seats, holding the doors, and letting others go before them – for the elderly and the ladies (I know, I know, ladies are a rarity these days)), and even women gave up their seats for pregnant women and the elderly. Also, homeless people were as rare as Muslims, 42nd Street had not yet decayed, and – are you ready – the subway bathrooms were still open and were actually used (mostly by brave & desperate men). Blacks were a rarity in the workforce but I could see back then that they were starting to get away with things and were being subtly promoted (orders definitely from the top down). Most NYC whites were racially-aware and definitely Jew-wise. It sounds like another planet and in many respects it was. These wonderful memories just gave me tears…..

  6. It’s almost like the type of people living in an area has a direct impact on the quality of the society which exists in the area. Weird – the Progressives assured us that the Magic American Dirt would prevent this in our pet third world savages.

    I believe the British are having similar problems, and are equally baffled – as their Progressives assured them that placing third world savages into their, unfortunately fire-prone, Magic British Council Apartment Blocks would prevent this in the UK.

    One might even begin to suspect that altering one’s location has no impact on one’s innate character.

  7. You can’t see a freight train anymore where there’s not a car in the consist that’s not niggered up with graffiti. I hate it. It’s a sign of civilisational collapse. It’s niggers and other mud miscreants thumbing their noses at the White man.

  8. I was in NYC the last time in 2001 and sad to say NYC is still in better shape than most cities in the Midwest. At least some of their infrastructure, albeit bubble gummed and duct taped is still together. Go to Cleveland OH and you will see most of its destroyed.

  9. The scumbag unions also play a huge role in this stuff. The amount of thievery by them must be astounding. President Trump must be getting a slight kick out of it. The place he is from overwhelmingly voted against him and yet he won.

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