TOP KEK: New Jersey Jews Meet Vanguard America, Tears Of Wrath Pour Forth

The stupid Gentile cattle of this country need to understand that what happened early Sunday represents something far worse than the mythical gassing of Syrians by Bashar al-Assad, and something far more sinister than White men drinking milk to mock the lactose intolerant primitives that inhabit the globe.

In fact, it’s even worse than President Trump mocking CNN and the rest of the Lugenpresse with tweets that have drawn everything from standard condemnation to red and tear-filled eyes among the “journalistic” community.

These are the feelings of the Chosen we’re dealing with, and such sacred things are not to be dealt with lightly.

CBS News:

Vandals posted a banner containing an anti-Jewish slur on a Holocaust memorial in front of a New Jersey shore town synagogue where several residents were recently accused of misrepresenting their incomes to improperly obtain public welfare benefits.

Photos posted online Sunday by the state chapter of the Anti-Defamation League show the covering on the memorial in Lakewood. A message on the covering included an ethnic slur for Jewish people and stated they “will not divide us,” along with the name of a group supposedly responsible for the covering.

State authorities announced Sunday they were offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to conviction of those responsible.

In another incident, anti-Semitic fliers referencing the recent arrests were placed on the windshields of dozens of cars in Lakewood. It wasn’t clear if the same people are responsible for both acts.

History is full of defining moments, and I won’t go into detail due to the fact that we’d be here for weeks just listing off dates and events that occurred on those said dates.

What I will say, however, is that we are now in a defining moment of our own; a moment that will ring for centuries to come, and will be the source of celebration among generations yet unborn.

For it is the moment that the Goyim at last came to know…


  1. “Vandals posted a banner containing an anti-Jewish slur on a Holocaust memorial ”

    How can they be vandals when all they did was hang a banner?

    2. a person who willfully or ignorantly destroys or mars something beautiful or valuable.

    transitive verb
    1. to ruin or diminish the perfection or wholeness of

    All they have to do is take down the freakin’ banner! No rending of garments necessary.

    “State authorities announced Sunday they were offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to conviction of those responsible.”

    Still waiting for the state authorities of Louisiana to offer a $10,000 reward for the ACTUAL vandalizing of Confederate statues!

  2. I think the ADL is responsible for the banner on the Holohoax memorial. I don’t think Blood and Soil would be stupid enough to leave their name attached to it. Or, would they? Wasn’t that the group with Azzmador arguing with the Oath Cuckers or Cuck Keepers or whatever down in Houston?

    • To my knowledge, nobody in VanAm has taken credit for the event, even to other Vanguard members. That doesn’t mean they didn’t do it, that just means I don’t know about it. Also, the leader of VanAm has said that they don’t use ethnic slurs in official propaganda/speeches/etc., so if it was a member of Vanguard that did this, it was almost certainly not an official banner. However, the poster doesn’t appear to have any slurs and looks like it could be an official poster. Vanguard does not fear the Jew.

  3. Brazen [free speech] anti-Semitic [undefined] hate [undefined] on full display [free speech] as #Holocaust[TM] memorial [propagandorial] in #Lakewood is defaced[temporarily covered over].

    • Who the hell says ‘brazen’ anymore, anyway?

      bold and without shame.
      “he went about his illegal business with a brazen assurance”
      synonyms: bold, shameless, unashamed, unabashed, unembarrassed; More
      made of brass.

      Clearly, whoever did this need have no shame- it’s merely a play on words, based off of (((Shia Le Boeuf’s))) inance ‘ performance art’ that failed.

      Deicides have no sense of humor

  4. ‘Hebes’ would be the appropriate spelling, and the fact is, it’s not a typical NJ pejorative for ‘jews.’

    I also question whether using a pejorative would suit the situation, and whether the white perps wouldn’t know this.

    In short, I’m iffy about the incident’s authenticity. Much of it seems effective, though.

    Anyway, Lakewood is not a ‘shore town,’ really. It’s located in Ocean County near the coast but not on it. Not unrelated, however, is Ocean County’s leading role in NJ’s extremist Stasi State. For decades the jews there have been conspiring to embezzle money from both the feds and the state/county into the orthodox jewish coffers. They had a semi luxury public-money apartment complex built that only their, uh, people can live in. This was accomplished by the construction, which has multiple small bedrooms for the numerous yidlets each couple (orthodox) is expected to have, and by sheer political corruption. No poor coloreds or whites are accepted in. This is how Reverend Steve Brigham’s tent city came about in the woods nearby, which I think has been fully disbanded for at least a couple years.

    But what’s truly nefarious is the Stasi State (((they))) rigged more tyrannically than any other NJ county. Because there are no homeless shelters in Ocean County (by jewish design), and because the area is much more middle class, as opposed to affluent, the Great Recession took a heavier toll on the mostly white failing middle class and homeless. Its drug epidemic became one of the worst in NJ, even as it’s not an urban center nor a ‘minority’ one. To ensure that the impacts of jewish greed and depravity didn’t spill out into ‘the open,’ Ocean County set up a literal psych system machine that was among the very first in the US to funnel drug addicts, binge alcoholics and other class system casualties into local ER makeshift psych wards. The police and jew-run ‘medical’ corporations partner (quite literally) to abduct, without any due process, these goyim refuse into the local ER where screeners from a centralized psych floor in the county’s capital, Tom’s River, come to ‘examine’ the various insurance profit-potential of their captives. The cops actually serve as the corporations’ strongmen, even entering the ER’s to restrain these disenfranchised citizens, many of whom still get insurance coverage from COBRA or other NJ commie programs. There is not even a facade of constitutional legality to it. Anyone can be ‘committed’ anonymously by controlling, imperialist family members, etc. The accused ‘patient’ has no right or avenue to challenge anonymous accusations. It’s sheer insanity.

    So along the pipeline that can end in long term institutionalization in NJ’s most notorious state ‘mental hospital,’ any goy who steps out of line is deemed ‘mentally ill’ by jewish diktat.

    Governor Crispie forced through a Pharma bill in I think February that mandates up to six months of insurance coverage for ‘mental illness’ and maybe one week guaranteed coverage without approval for ‘inpatient treatment.’ This will allow the system to establish ‘disease’ based on the machine’s lies, as once they can get custody of someone they simply lie to justify their racket. And since psychiatry has no biological medicine to it, there’s no way to challenge it. Consider, too, that the poorer hospitals (not necessarily corporations) make $$$$ off psych floors; even federal insurance can yield good profits. There is no overhead for truly trained medical personnel or real medical equipment, and the exploited rarely have money or wherewithal to defend themselves.

    Around the same time the bill was forced into law, NJ radio stations began blaring ads featuring fatass himself soliciting ‘the help’ of loved ones for addicts, claiming it’s not their fault, etc. No mention is made that to call the help line and inform on whatever supposed druggie in your life is to force commit them under guise of some supposed crippling ‘disease.’ Just this month I heard a hispanic PAC’s radio ad lobbying against Christie’s new health insurance plans as they want to preserve the resources – Medicaid especially – for their own use, as the state inevitably winds up reimbursing these hospitals.

    NJ’s Jew Commie Racket coming to a state near you!

  5. Oh, and if people don’t know NJ is the seat of Big Pharma. Most of the central headquarters of the pharmaceutical companies were founded here and are still located here.

    So the mass force-drugging and lobotomizing of the goyim proles succeeds fairly unchallenged.

  6. Was listening to Azzmador on his Krypto Report. He cleverly pointed out that many substance addicted whites are simply lacking a racial consciousness.

    No doctor is going to prescribe 14/88 though. Even though it probably would have a decent placebo+ effect.

  7. To clarify, the six months health insurance that Crispie’s law mandates is inpatient treatment. No joke. This as real medical maladies go increasingly uncovered.

    That’s how much control the medical industrial complex wields; Pharma and the corporate hospital lobbies are subsidized by the middle class they poison, both literally-physiologically and spiritually-politically.

  8. Gotta love the ADL whining about “brazen hate”. First question that popped into my head:. “is it actually illegal to hate Jews?”. Too bad the pesky 1st (And 2nd) Amendments still exist.

    Oddly enough, even the Israel’s don’t really care for American secular left jewry. Benjamin Netanyahu said once that “while we welcome all those faithful Jews to return Aliyah by planes and ships, those (exact quote) “godless, bacon-eating cocksuckers can wait for the trains”.

  9. Onceler – thanks for the breakdown. I know how horrid Jewwood is; I lived in Jew Jersey for 4 hellish years. Yes. the filthy po-po do EVERYTHING the Spawn of Satan want.

  10. Jews need to get a sense of humor. They sure know how to dish it out. Besides, 50/50 it’s a “hate crime” hoax.

    • I think the only thing they could ever charge the guys with is trespassing – apparently they were smart enough to even avoid using that sticky glue crap a lot of people use for posters and whatnot.

  11. The townspeople must have magically known that the owners of the Funky Chicken are Jews. What, did they go to the courthouse and demand to see the public records? They’re getting sloppy with their sham attacks.

  12. Actually, if it’s a hoax, it should fall under the legal heading of racketeering. They’re using it to make money under false pretenses. The holocaust seems to have become the perfect business model for them.

  13. It’s been my experience that if you’re down South and someone (like a cop) asks you where y’all are from NEVER say New Jersey or Massachusetts. Those two states do have an unusually high concentration of A-holes.

  14. Thanks, for the great explanation of the Jew Jersey pharmaceutical (((racket))).

    Ever since (((they))) “invented” psychiatry, this type of “business” has been in operation but on a much smaller scale. You can’t have an endless supply of customers without an endless supply of ailments caused by an endless supply of toxins courtesy of Big Pharma and her twin brother, Big Agri. The phenomenal success of this well-established and well-structured family organization is largely due to the business acumen of their father, Big Oil, who has always had the unwavering support of their even more successful grandfather, Big Banking.

  15. “This has to be a false flag”

    That would certainly explain why they used a banner, listed the name of the organization on the banner and why the authorities seem to think they need to offer a $10,000 reward rather than just bring in the members of the organization listed on the banner for questioning.

    • Very easy for Jews to research some Nazi website and make a banner attributing a “hate crine” to the website. Again, the timing is suspicious, a bunch of Jews in the same exact town were just popped for welfare fraud and then BAM! and An “Anti Semitic hate crime” appears out of the blue.

  16. Nonsensical There are dual Russian Israel citizen in the IDF that have killed thousands of semetic palastenians.

  17. The jew bolsheviks are working tirelessly to destroy white majority countries by mass immigration. Yet they love to break away from their anti white cause to play the AntiSemite card. The holohoax memorial wasn’t vandalized but according to the k1kes hanging a banner w/ words u don’t like is now a crime?? Shlomo Shekestein & his minions wail & cry continually for the supposed 6 million h33bs who died in Germany from starvation but NEVER say a peep about the 50 million whites killed by the jew led bolsheviks in the USSR

  18. That is one of my big problems with them. Their people are responsible for the murders, including the forced starvation of children, of millions and they feel no sorrow, no shame for the Jews who implemented communism. There’s no reflection, no inward gaze to say why do my people keep committing these outrages throughout history.

  19. We aren’t allowed to discuss their crimes, their degenerate thinking, their arrogance and hatred of Christians.

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