Tears Of A Blasian: South Korea’s First Black Model Discovers A Nation’s Ethnic Pride

Multiculturalism and Globalism at this point seem to be issues across the planet – it’s just that White nations have incurred the wrath of the Jews and Communists on a level unmatched by the homelands of the lesser races.

But perhaps, and the reactions are definitely worth studying and noting, South Korea was not the best choice for an aspiring Black male model to strut his stuff (even if he is a mongrel according to scientific definitions).

Honestly, you’re dealing with a people that believes any blonde and blue-eyed female in their midst is a Russian prostitute, and a people that oftentimes views workers from neighboring Asiatic countries as subhuman animals – a few of their phrases roughly translate this way.

So based off of this, do you really think an African would fare well?

Channel News Asia:

Teenage male model Han Hyun-min’s long legs and powerful strut have made him a rising star on South Korean catwalks, but his agent knew there would be a problem in the ethnically homogeneous country: he is half black.

Han, 16, has a Nigerian father in a society where racial discrimination is widespread and people of mixed race are commonly referred to as “mongrels”.

“A dark-skinned fashion model like Han was unheard of in South Korea, so recruiting him was a big gamble,” said agent Youn Bum.

Now Han is posing for top glossy magazines as the country’s first black fashion model.

South Korea has for years sought to foster the image of a modern, sophisticated and tech-savvy nation whose pop culture has made waves across Asia.

But behind the facade of an economic and cultural powerhouse lies a deeply-rooted racism – even as its immigrant population creeps up, doubling over the last decade but still only four per cent of the population.

Most foreigners in the country are from China and Southeast Asia, migrant workers or women who marry rural South Korean men unable to find local spouses willing to live in countryside.

Discrimination against them is widespread. Many are openly mocked at public transport for being “dirty” or “smelly”, or refused entry to fancy restaurants or public baths.

Mixed-race children are bullied at school and constantly taunted as “tuigi”, a derogatory term that literally means cross-bred animals.

You know what?

It may sound just a bit harsh, but when a people is set into a world that has gone absolutely insane with social engineering and pseudoscience, viewpoints such as the above are more valuable than a mountain of gold and precious jewels.

In fact, hatred of hybrid creatures is likely rooted in evolutionary biology – a method to preserve healthy genetic selection and the overall well-being of the species.

Han grew up in Seoul. “When I was playing with other kids at school, some mothers whisked them away from me, saying things like, ‘Don’t play with a kid like that’,” he told AFP.

Now let’s be logical here, and ask ourselves if what Han experienced was merely a reaction to a rash of neighborhood Samsung phone thievery.

Very likely according to statistics held constant throughout all areas containing Black enrichment.

He was regularly stared at in public, with an elderly woman once asking him: “What are you doing in someone else’s country?”

“I wanted to become invisible,” he said. “I hated my looks that stand out from everyone else,” he said.

Self-deportation to the land of your father’s ancestors would definitely have been the best option – everyone would have been happy, and I personally would have praised the decision as one of honor and dignity.

The duo were initially stonewalled by designers and magazine editors, some of whom openly dismissed the dark-skinned model as “bad luck” and urged Youn to recruit whites instead.

“Some of them told me, ‘We don’t do dark-skinned models,’ or, ‘For us, non-Korean models mean white models with blue eyes and blonde hair’,” Youn said.

But a handful of designers found Han’s look unique and charismatic, and he hit the runways at more than 30 shows at the two Seoul Fashion Weeks after his debut last year – an unusually high number for a novice.

If we have any Autists reading this piece, perhaps a good project would be to investigate just who exactly is in charge of the designing firms that green-lighted this unnatural endeavor.

My guess is that one will discover at least one Happy Merchant somewhere in the mix, although it has to be mentioned that many East Asians are in fact soulless beings with a love of profit that would make most Jews blush with shock.

The South has a growing number of foreign or multiracial figures on TV and other public sphere – but almost all of them are Caucasians, whose looks are favoured by many South Koreans as “beautiful”.

So beautiful that the majority of South Koreans now receive plastic surgery to create an eye-shape (they remove the double lid) that is Western and not Asiatic in origin.

But I digress…

The story of Han Hyun-min definitely raises many questions, but foremost among them (I think) should be an inquiry as to why South Korea even has a single individual with Negroid ancestry.

In fact, why are there any half-castes in existence anywhere in the world – an existence that mocks the natural order, and the will of God in His decision to create peoples of different blood, different appearance, and different genetics?


  1. Asians in general prefer to look White not Black. Asians are well-known for having high IQ’s, and this is highly intelligent behavior. But no one, not even the Japanese, can out-mercenary the Jews.

    • @Haxo

      I don’t know – the Chinese can give the Kikes a good run for their money if they try hard enough, and they share that soulless cruelty with the Jews (Jews probably got it through their Asiatic/Turkic ancestry).

      • Jews are a step above the Chinks in verbal IQ and persuasion. And they look White, hence their ability to successfully subvert.

        The Jews are bridge for the Chinks to invade the West. Absent Jews and the multiculturalism they push, Chinks would have zero access.

        • @Ronnie

          True – without Jews and White cucks, the Chinese would still be repeating their history of rise, stagnation, mass death, and dark age.

          And with the IQ thing, there’s a huge difference between the Chinese we see in the West, and the African-level peasants (98% of their population) that never leave their country.

  2. I read about a study, conducted in China, a few years back, where-in little Chinese kids, who have NEVER seen a non-Chinese person in their lives, were shown pictures of “beautiful women” of all Races.

    The majority of children chose blue-eyed blonde White women.

  3. Good piece. It’s a shame, however, that the (perfectly natural) reaction those people exhibit towards mongrels (and “cultural enrichment” in general) gives people like us (who are racially-aware) a sense of pride … in THEM, rather than in our OWN people (a constant source of shame in this area).

  4. Heh, glad that nink is having problems. (I’ll let you guess what two words that’s a portmanteau of — got it over on Heartiste).

    It’s clear, though, that SJWs, like rust, never sleep.

  5. “If we have any Autists reading this piece, perhaps a good project would be to investigate just who exactly is in charge of the designing firms that green-lighted this unnatural endeavor.”

    Presumably, Cicero–you trite, alt-right jackass–the firms who green-lighted the endeavor are headed by persons who don’t disparage, as “autists,” persons capable of doing careful and thorough research. That’s why they’re winning–and you’re not.

      • PS That’s just the sort of stupid white man you are, Ronnie–or I should say typical white man. I point out an error that our enemies are not making, and you–with your steel-trap white man’s mind–conclude I’m on the enemy’s side. Your head is so far up your ass that, well, that you’re nothing unusual, in the white world.

  6. ‘Russian’s are prostitutes’, ‘other Asians are subhuman’, ‘mixed races are mongrels’, ‘immigrants are dirty and smelly’ , ‘refused entry into restaurants and baths’…….sounds like good ol’ tolerance and acceptance in full play there…..the kind the left never jumps on, yet fully expects it from all white nations.
    FFS…..the Koreans don’t even like other Asians- who look the same as them, so what hope does a lowly African have?
    Japan rejects 99% of all refugee applications- so they are worse. If any white nation had their immigration policies, they’d be exposed to tough sanctions and condemnation.
    As for the elderly lady asking the African what he’s doing in her country, I ask her- what are millions of Asians doing in every white nation on the planet? They can truly dish it out, but they can’t take it. Asian nations should take more refugees and enrichment to take the pressure off the West, who’ve more than done their bit.
    Finally, is it wrong for Africans to be in places like Korea or Japan? Well possibly, but here’s the rub- they expect our nation’s to take them, and their own expatriates as well.

  7. The moral of the story is to stick to your own kind and, even more important, gas the kikes.

  8. Progtards demand “mixed race” mongrels, then scold the normals for resenting and shunning them.

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