The End Result Of Individualism And Freedom: A New Daily Column

So I’ve decided to try and include at least one article per day reminding everyone here about the joys of equality, freedom, and lack of personal responsibility – constant prodding has been scientifically proven to be the best type of propaganda for the masses.

Understand that if left to their own devices (combined with a little Jewish interference), and if not contained and squashed on a regular basis, degenerates like the below will always rise to the forefront of a nation’s culture – it’s just the nature of things.


  1. I used to condemn bullies for being excessively cruel. But now I see that they are as important to the food-chain in terrifying the homos and sissies into submission as wolves are in keeping the deer population under control.

    • The power of The Southern Klan was largely broken in the 1960s, Spahn, and the benefits they used to provide have become abundantly clear.

  2. So is the freak in the picture a girl dressing like a boy? Can “Merica get more bizarre? Perhaps the little queer is so upset because not enough people have gone to the theater to watch the “Kinky Boots” musical that I raged against in a blog post last month? When you see churches with “God bless America” sings on the marque, and then you see what is become “mainstream” in American culture, you just want to laugh.

    • I can’t even remember the last time I saw a church here in the northeast with a God bless America sign out front. Lately all I’ve seen are those rainbow flags.

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