The End Result Of Individualism And Freedom: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Let’s all play a game that should remind everyone of the more innocent days of childhood, shall we?

So, I want y’all to take a few moments and identify at least three things wrong with the above image – an image that would never exist outside of a deviant’s imagination (or maybe a Jew’s) if not for the wonders of overwhelming individual freedom and the lack of will among so much of the normal population.

I honestly wonder at times if, and I don’t like doing such things because it’s demoralizing, we’re stuck in some sort of divinely-inspired mind warp drive that prevents the masses from realizing the sheer repulsiveness of two homosexuals marrying in a church – surrounded by a clergyman with a rainbow shawl and a woman holding a half-caste youth.

But seriously, think about what total freedom of expression has done to us, and also (very important), contact your local wetlands preservation agencies and let them know that all swamp draining must henceforth be halted indefinitely.

We’re going to need all the bog space we can get when the time comes…


  1. Totally out of context. One man’s freedom is another man’s slavery. We need to reserve the freedoms for the rightful majority demographic. Heterosexual, Christian (or compatible), native European American males.

    • @TJ

      But what you just declared has nothing to do with the freedom that has existed in the West since the Enlightenment period.

      What we have now is a cancer that has taken centuries to finally fully metastasize – think about how the Declaration of Independence’s wording has been used to push everything from abolition, to integration, to Feminism, to immigration and amnesty, to faggot “marriage.”

    • See Michael Hoffman’s new book- it was this bad in the Renaissance. Nothing new under the sun- just the overtness of it all.

  2. I can’t see anything wrong except maybe the candle flames.
    This is the day room in the local institution for the criminally insane, isn’t it? With a nurse that couldn’t find daycare?

  3. 2 fat faggots about to cornhole each other, a grinning, self-liquidating cosmic white bitch with a niglet, and a satanic priest.

    when the Jew rules, the Devil rules.

    (((Sodom and Gomorrah))). For as long as it lasts. Which, since it’s running on debt and violence, won’t be a whole lot longer.

  4. The homosexual marriage, and woman with a mulatto child are obvious. Less obvious is the top left corner, a drum set. A drum set has no place in God’s house. This new age church is so cringe-inducing.

  5. Individualism and freedom as defined by the Church of Political Correctness, our de facto state religion.

  6. In a sane culture all 5 pictured would be rightly shunned by the entire society. In a sane and just culture, all 5 would be tried, convicted and sentenced accordingly, the harshest sentences (death) meted out to the officiating clergy and miscegenating female.
    Our culture is neither sane nor just

    • One day, my friend, we’ll force the New York Times (which I would keep around in a different form) to use that phrase as their official motto.

  7. That offensive photo at the top of the page illustrates the inevitable result of Christianity’s unwholesome influence on Western civilization. All that “meek shall inherit the earth” stuff has taken its toll on our virility as a race.

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