The End Result Of Individualism And Freedom: Bearded Ladies On Parade

When I rip individualism and freedom, I don’t want people getting the wrong impression by thinking that I’m pushing for an Asiatic hive-mind sort of society.

Such a thing is anathema to the White Man, and would obviously never work due to the fact that despite having common culture, beliefs, dreams, and ancestry, we’re all cut of a different cloth on the personal level.

But the ability to express this “different cloth” must be restricted to some degree or another in order to protect the larger community as a whole – this understanding is what made great empires and golden ages occur in our past.

For without such restrictions (it’s a fine balancing act, I suppose), you will eventually wind up with the below – lately pushed by citing documents claiming that we’re all created equal, and are equally loved by the Creator.



  1. specifically, a Jew. And, in general, gender-confusion is part of the broader kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism – attack on White reproduction. So the problem isn’t “individualism”. The problem is


    • Individualism in its current form meshes perfectly with any sort of trash and filth the Jews push today.

      There is no loyalty to anything greater than the self – no ties to kin past, present, or future, no racial ties, and no feelings of duty to the nation-state aside from a watered-down form of “Patriotism” that can mean ten different things in ten minutes.

      Individualism in a restricted setting is fine, but when a queer, tranny, or creep tries to claim that their “identity” is part of who they are as an individual (pushed and prodded through Jew brainwashing, of course), you have a serious problem.

      And it’s funny because Tobia’s Wiki claims he’s of Syrian descent (probably a Kike, though)…

    • Both E. Michael Jones’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ and Michael Hoffman’s book, ‘The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome’ clearly point the finger at ‘THE JEWS.’

      For EVERY.SINGLE.THING.THAT. IS. WRONG… in the West, today.

  2. Back in the days of Jack London and Jack Kerouac being an individual free to roam around was cool. But right now that is a luxury the White Race cannot afford. We must either stand together as One or we shall surely die.

  3. The main problem with genderqueer Jacob is not that English pronouns box him in – but that he is a Jew.
    He is a toxic, buttfucker whose main mission is to screw White heterosexuals. He is promoted in the Jew media as a big deal with a victim schtick that he runs on those who disapprove of his genderqueer identity and expressions.

    Genderqueer hype is not an acceptable occupation.

    A free and open society can offer a lot of latitude to its members. Christ Law, good mores and customs gives to people a lot of room to be generous, creative, productive and humane. What it doesn’t offer is tolerance and social enablement for identities and occupations that are socially destructive and parasitical.

    In a society living under Christ Law, Jacob would be in therapy for his developmental disorder. As a Jew he would not be permitted to make any sort of contribution in areas of social influence and political power. These should be J-free areas of social endeavour.

    I think free market business would be where its at for Jacob – a landscaper maybe. He would have to adapt his creativity to something people will actually buy. And he would have to wear functional clothing that actually enables him to move and work. Organic food, fresh air, sunshine would eliminate synthetic female hormones in his diet and help him sort out his sexual issues.

  4. The Daily Caller is reporting that Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner is seriously considering a run for the U.S. Senate. He would be running as a Republican. It’s amazing how rapidly the mainstreaming of the “transgender” degeneracy has occurred in comparison with homosexual degeneracy. Obviously those who argued that same-sex marriage and the acceptance of homosexual degeneracy would open the floodgates for all manner of degeneracy were right.

  5. The depth of mental illness in these creatures is almost paralyzing. What will be the reaction by ordinary folks when a cluster of these critters come charging at them during Civil War II? I know what mine will be.

    And, what should we correctly call a group of these abnormalities?

    A pod?
    A murder?
    A battery?
    A sloth?
    A clowder?
    A gaggle?
    A cackle?
    A romp?
    A shiver?
    A crash?

    Or, should we make up our own? Just food for thought.

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