The End Result Of Individualism And Freedom: Let’s Add Some Anal Talk To Teen Magazines

Just when you thought the time had come to take a breather after victoriously protecting your sons and daughters from all the smut and degeneracy on the internet…

Sorry, dads, but thanks to the concepts of “all men are created equal,” and total individualism at the expense of all that is good and holy, you now have to also worry about homosexuals instructing your kids on how to properly sodomize each other – in magazines available at most regular retailers.

Probably best to postpone that breather you had planned, right?

Well now, I certainly know what I’ll be doing at the Unite The Right rally at one point or another, and I highly urge everyone to join in, film the results, and send them to Peter-Puffer Picardi.

Actually, he’s technically a Tyrone-Puffer, but whatever…


  1. Teen Vogue…is owned by the usual Jew MSM media conglomerate. Faggot/lezzie propaganda is part of the kosher Culture of Death: a genocidal Jew assault on normal sexuality and White reproduction.

    • Who buys Teen Vogue? Who almost put Hillary Clinton in the White House? If you can’t oppose women, you can’t oppose anything.

  2. Naturally the horrible evil Catholic Church is to blame for not instructing all the would-be Jew Gatekeepers in the scat and fag.

  3. Day after day, year after year, every post and every comment on this site is negative. If the South is so incredibly awesome, why don’t you post something positive? Complain, complain, complain. Hate, hate, hate. That’s all you do. Wouldn’t it be great if Brad made a post about his favorite BBQ recipe or something? Of course, the edgy Denise is going to tell me to jump into an oven.

  4. I don’t know if you’re serious about tossing copies of Teen Vogue into the fire, but just in case you are, I don’t think you’ve really thought that one through. You have to buy copies to burn copies. Buying copies is what they want, and they will still be making money off you even if you’re burning their magazine. It isn’t a smart strategy.

  5. O/T but is there any way to get back the sidebar that had individual poster’s recent comments?

    I miss that.

  6. Dear Whitey, you have two options: Miscegenation or fudgepacking, both the non “racist”, moral high ground.

  7. Gravity and a tall building work for me. You know, to throw all those copies of teen Vogue off of.

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