The End Result Of Individualism And Freedom: California Catholic Bishop Refuses To Deny Gays Sacraments

As Hunter stated earlier today, you cannot hope to achieve true cohesion in a society if you’re forced to deal with a multitude of deranged hyper-individualists more concerned with their personal crusades than the stability of the community as a whole.

And at the end of the day, it doesn’t take more than a few of these individuals to rot society from within, for under current concepts of liberal democracy and freedom, there can be no real punishment for those who push culture forever leftward.

No organization is exempt – not even one that goes back to the days of the Roman Empire.

Christian Post:

A bishop from California made it clear that under his watch practicing homosexuals will not be denied Holy Communion or Christian burial—as long as they are sincere in their request for this sacrament.

San Jose Bishop Patrick McGrath made known his stance apparently in response to a directive made earlier by a fellow church official from Illinois, Bishop Thomas Paprocki, who said Holy Communion and Catholic funeral should not be given to unrepentant same-sex couples.

Without mentioning Paprocki’s name, McGrath called his fellow bishop’s guidelines as “confusing,” LifeSiteNews reported.

“I take this opportunity to assure you that the pastoral response in the Diocese of San Jose remains just that: compassionate and pastoral. We will not refuse sacraments or Christian Burial to anyone who requests them in good faith,” McGrath said in his June 29th directive.

He cited Pope Francis’ famous quote to justify the giving of Holy Communion to “anyone”: “The Eucharist is not a prize for the perfect, but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.”

In keeping with Pope Francis’ vision for an “inclusive” and “diverse” Church, the San Jose diocese’s website has a “Catholic LGBT Ministry” that “offers a monthly ‘All Are Welcome’ Mass for LGBT Catholics, their families, friends, and all our brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Earlier this year the diocese’s newspaper carried an article claiming that Jesus would have joined in the pro-abortion Women’s March because the “values of the March aligned particularly well with Catholic Social Teaching.”



  1. Why oh why, Marcus German with a Roman name, is the sandnigger cult always being dragged onto a Southern website?


    • This specific story is meant to show that because of the current idiocies of freedom and liberal democracy (all churches have become infected with these viruses), one man expressing his individual sickness can shatter centuries of tradition overnight.

  2. If Catholics were to run a contest of most vomit-inducing bishop of the month (MVIBotM) Bishop McGrath would probably have it in the bag for several months running. He brings to mind the words of Our Lady of La Salette to the shepherd children of the French Alps : “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ. The Church will be in Eclipse.” 1846 published under imprimatur.

    As a ‘pope Francis’ Catholic, McGrath has made a shipwreck of the faith and morals of the Church. He has his own personal float in the pride parade on the road to perdition. I can see him now tossing NO communion wafers and chocolate kisses to the happy throng.

  3. Those two priests look so damned effeminate. Why don’t priests wear dresses like the sandniggers? It would certainly be appropriate for most of them.

  4. This Irish Roman Catholic priest may not even be the worst, and, is certainly not the highest ranking in the Catholic hierarchy in the USA.

  5. We don’t need this filth, the ancient ways are being reborn.

    As an aside, it seems like every few hours a new genetics / anthropology paper is coming out supportive of the following premises:

    1) race is real

    2) Aryans are the Princes of the Universe

  6. I wouldn’t leave any little boys around “Father” McGrath or his Mohammedan boyfriends.

    • The Catholic Church mass-raped girls and women as well as boys.

      Oh, but I should be ashamed for trying to cleanse Europa of Roman filth and degeneracy, according to you.

      Try for a little consistency.

      • The Protestant Reformation is the source of all Jewishness in the West today. Protestantism is little more than an attempt by the Jewish to abolish the religion created by Jesus Christ and entrusted to Peter and his successors.

  7. The fact of the matter is, that person is not a Bishop. According to Can. 1367, he’s not even Catholic. He automatically excommunicated himself when he allowed unrepentant homos to take communion. I wonder if Bergoglio has ever committed any offenses subject to Latae sententiae excommunication. It wouldn’t surprise me. If he approves of what this usurping ex-Bishop in CA has done, then I think he has. If he signs off on an action that results in Hosts being thrown away to sodomites who mock God, then he is guilty. How much of the Hierarchy are actually usurping criminals who excommunicated themselves years ago yet retain their offices unlawfully?

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