The End Result Of Individualism And Freedom: Cuck Island Set To Ban “Body Shaming” Ads

When you produce a society based on the ludicrous idea that everyone is equal in their own special and repulsive ways, you set the stage for a decline that would obviously seem like the height of comedy to an outsider.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch obese slobs crying over swimsuit ads, sub-80 IQ primitives demanding that college exams be edited to suit their needs, and transsexuals screeching for the right to push their degeneracy onto children?

Problem is, we’re the ones having to deal with the destruction of our civilization and all that made us great in the first place – all because of monstrosities who find the idea of common ideals and common examples of beauty to be anathema to their individual identities.


  1. The Left is one logical contradiction after another: If no particular gender role or body type is to be preferred over another, then the presentation and depiction of ANY such type (including traditional or “normal”) cannot logically be objected to.

    Their morality is an anti-morality.

  2. The whole idea of “fat-shaming” is beyond retarded. Any medical professional can tell you that being obese is very unhealthy, yet these libtards are encouraging this behavior. And why is it that “fat-shaming” only seems to apply to women? What about fat men? And what about short men? Is it “height-shaming” when women say that they prefer taller men? No one calls out these feminazis for that, yet even suggesting to a fat girl that she may be a little overweight(trying to help her) is supposed to be offensive? No wonder I’m hearing lots of good things about those Eastern European women.

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