The Clock Tolls For Thee: Senator McCain Diagnosed With Aggressive Brain Cancer

Our God is a just God – there’s no doubting that.

It may take awhile, but if your main life events revolved around snitching on your soldier comrades to the North Vietnamese, lying about your military heroism, betraying White America to the foreign invaders, helping to send White men to be maimed and killed in defense of Israel, and attempting to start a nuclear war with Russia, you just might be stricken with brain cancer.

And not just some weak little tumor that can be handled in outpatient treatment.

No, we’re talking about Super Cancer 2.0 right here, folks – the survival rate is abysmal to say the least.

Actually, it’s the very same cancer that killed slovenly traitor Ted Kennedy – just punishment for being the Good Goy that helped to deceive America into accepting the 1965 Immigration Act.

Funny how that whole divine judgment thing works, huh?

U.S. Sen. John McCain revealed Wednesday evening that he has a brain tumor.

The announcement follows a procedure to remove a blood clot from above his left eye at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix last Friday, where a pathology report revealed the glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor.

Treatment options may include a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.

A statement from McCain’s doctors say he is recovering from his surgery, but it is unclear when the 80-year-old Republican would return to the Senate.

“Further consultations with Senator McCain’s Mayo Clinic care team will indicate when he will return to the United States Senate,” the statement read.

Because glioblastomas can grow rapidly, the most common symptoms are usually caused by increased pressure in the brain. These symptoms can include headache, nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness.

Depending on the location of the tumor, patients can develop a variety of other symptoms such as weakness on one side of the body, memory and/or speech difficulties, and vision changes, according to the American Brain Tumor Association website.

Glioblastoma can be difficult to treat because the tumors contain so many different types of cells, the association says.

About 20,000 people in the U.S. each year are diagnosed with a glioblastoma. The American Cancer Society puts the five-year survival rate for patients over 55 at about 4 percent.

If he makes it more than two years without becoming a total vegetable I’ll buy shots for the first twenty people who ask and call me on the bet.

Other than that, I guess we should all express our condolences to Lindsey Graham in the hopes that he’ll find a new “Life Partner” before God decides to toss down a nice case of GRIDS to the esteemed Senator from South Carolina.

But enough of that – let’s enjoy the rest of the evening, shall we?


  1. The only reason I still read the New York Times is for the Obits – to hear about our sordid enemies dying.

    Looking forward to John McCaine and his bitch Hollywood wanna be wife dying real soon.

    • Not me….
      I hope he lives to 150 and spends it all in excruciating pain, with
      pictures of the POWs he made sure never returned placed in
      front of him. Eat molten death, you pit&ucker. Then go and join
      the rich man in Luke 16.

  2. I suspect Batshit McCain had a stroke but the kike press won’t come right out and say that. The jews must have some real serious dirt on McCain, because no shabbos goy ever served his jew masters with more dog-like obedience than he did.

    Poor Miss Lindsay, he must be beside himself with grief. Faggot.

    • I knew something was up with this “bloodclot” story a few days ago. I’ve long felt McCain has been hiding health issue for a while due to the strange growth on the side of his face. He’s probably been fighting cancer for some time now and things have only come out because he’s near the end now. Hopefully Arizona will get a better senator now.

  3. The reason I’m on this site is because I agree with most everything the writer and others on this site have to say. It’s spot on.

  4. In 2008 we had no choice at all. As horrible as Obama was, McCain would have been worse. Obama’s priority was Obamacare, which will someday collapse. McCain’s priority would have been amnesty and citizenship for 10s of millions of illegals– no way to reverse that– and more wars, including with Russia. In retrospect we actually dodged a bullet with The Negro.

    • We had no choice in 2012 either. Shitt Romney winning the Presidential election that year would have been every bit as unacceptable as Batshit McCain winning in 2008.

  5. We can all chip in and send him a nice “spray”. I have a great epitaph “Boy, Could He Sing Like a Canary” or how about “North Vietnam’s Favorite Round Eye”.

  6. Well we all have to go sometime. If it is time for the son of Cain to shuffle off his mortal coil, it would have been more edifying for him to get a public show trial and a gruesome public demise fit for a traitor and instigator of ZOG wars. Since they get off on this kind of stuff in Israel, refuse Tel Aviv the broadcast rights and make GOG almighty pay triple for any organ harvesting commercials they want to run for their (((humanitarian))) shticks in places like Haiti.

  7. I’m very very sorry for the senator’s family, though, I am truly happy for humanity that The Lord is callin’ him home.

    He has destroyed too many innocents and was, in recent decades, one of the greatest blights upon the world.

  8. Well, if this is about “Divine Justice” a lot more of these fuckers should be following soon?

    • Well, that’s the big question. Who replaces McCain when he is finally rotting in hell?

      Doesn’t the governor appoint an interim senator until a replacement is elected?

    • @Jack: It’s going to be difficult for the jews to replace McCain. Where are they going to find someone else with his dog-like obedience, coupled with his mountains of hidden crimes and scandals that could be used against him at a moment’s notice?

    • Satan is the ‘god’ of this aion Haxo. Read the Bible. Or if you are into the best versions of paganism -read the Norse mythology. Men and gods fight the chthonic forces and lose.

      In the world where the parachutes of the servants of Satan do not fail to deploy (unless of course they are offing one of their traitors), the old bag of guts may yet get an infusion of embryonic stem cells from their abortion industry and an organ donation from Israel.

  9. Ah, here’s one time where I’m with the OD mob. Hang him in Hell.

    Or thereabouts.

    Do people think the McCain hero story has any truth to it? I can’t decide, leaning towards that it does (he did get injuries to his arms in landing but also sustained more from being hung by the VC) but wondering if it isn’t just another psy op, like the Holohoax.

    Hard to believe that someone who empathized with the common grunt at all could turn on them so totally.

    • More than likely a load of crap.

      He was a snitch when a POW, but never grasped the fact that the Asiatics don’t play nice no matter how you suck up to them.

  10. Lots of goy slaves are waiting to replace McCain and do the bidding of their Jewish masters. Gingrich’s statement on Iran should persuade the doubters. “Iran must be free. The dictatorship must be destroyed. Containment is appeasement and appeasement is surrender.”

    John Bolton, another well known goy slave, has a reputation for bellicose utterances that make McCain look sane. John Bolton on Iran. “Tehran is not merely a nuclear weapons threat, it is not merely a terrorist threat, it is a conventional threat to everybody in the region,” “the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran.”

  11. I’ve hung out with nice white Latter Day Saint Mormons for the last 20 years. For some strange reason the LDS Mormons in Arizona keep re-electing John McCain. Patriot Tom Tancredo noticed this and spoke out against the Mormons.

    A big reason is that sheep LDS Mormons revere the US Military and anyone with a war record is respected even if he’s like McCain a complete traitor.

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