Charlottesville Will Help To Unite And Properly Radicalize Those Still On The Fence

So, while we’re on the topic of real-life meetups and White Nationalism 1.0, I would like to say that I’ll be going to Charlottesville next month, and am extremely excited about attending what may turn out to be the largest Nationalist gathering in the United States in living memory – it may be the biggest thing since George Lincoln Rockwell showed up in Chicago back in the 60’s.

But at the end of the day, the thing that has me most thrilled is the fact that I’ll be meeting with good, solid guys from across the country and across the ideological spectrum of the Alt-Right, and will be able to network and converse about the future.

However, some have complained that they don’t want to attend the rally mainly because they feel themselves to be more radical than some of those set to attend – the whole purity spiraling thing.

Now, you may be right, and you might feel that staying home is the best thing, but history, logic, and basic human nature says that avoiding others slightly less edgy is a foolish and self-defeating decision.

And for my proof, I’ll be glad to cite our most dedicated enemies – Leftist, Communist Jews.

Now, while their methods involved far more insidious tricks than I’ll be describing here, one of their greatest coups – seizure of the universities and specific organizations – was due to their understanding of how human nature operates, and their understanding of how small groups of radical individuals can transform the opinions of groups hundreds of times larger.

Take a massive group of young students that at the time mainly hailed from traditionally more Leftist parts of the country (many were therefore at least somewhat in agreement with the agenda), keep reinforcing more and more radical Marxist theories from authority positions, let the somewhat conformist atmosphere of a university work its magic, and within a few years you had thousands of essentially Communist activists ready to topple the White Christian order.

From their universities, the most dedicated and outspoken spread out in waves that eventually shifted everything from the Democratic Party, to the rest of academia, to the Christian faith itself Leftward – all it took was two generations or so to bring us to where we are today as a culture.

It’s rather odd, but when groups of people with similar viewpoints are lumped together, radicalization often occurs in a short time span – don’t argue it because science.

Now, you may be thinking that such a method is devious or immoral, but what are those two things when the fate of your race and civilization is at stake?

As I have said before, I’m at this point not willing to play the nice cuckold game anymore with the enemies of all that I and everyone else here hold near and dear, and I am willing to learn from adversaries as to what tactics work best on this most decisive of battlefields.

Therefore, I encourage everyone who may be undecided to spend a few shekels, travel up to Charlottesville, and spend the weekend mingling with those who in spirit are already essentially our friends – some may not be radical as others but that is where you come in.

Talk to them, bond over common beliefs (many will be more far-right than they initially let on), and use the time given to you to educate others on issues such as the Jewish Problem, the Homosexual Problem, and the inherent evils that exist when the masses are granted overwhelming freedom and individualism.

You’ll quickly see that we can start to turn the weapons of the (((Left))) against them in a way that will prove overwhelming in a short period of time.


  1. Thanks for saying better it than I. You can’t fight Marxists being fair. They aren’t. I’m an Alt Right geezer and I don’t get around well but I’m driving 500 miles to be there.

  2. Jews have stolen our schools, universities, entertainment industry, churches, political system, media and culture from us…..every institution where they can change opinion and ultimately, steal our nation’s that should rightly be passed on to our children. How dare they!
    They’ve got the hide of a fuckin rhinoceros.
    Until we get these institutions back in our hands and whites talked about favorably, any demonstration-though a great morale boost- will never effect change. Having said that, its a good opportunity to network, exchange ideas, build up contacts and make friends.
    A stepping stone to real change is people agreeing on the basics.

  3. I got a great idea. Instead of calling them SJW, liberals or cucks we should start calling them scalawags.

      • I , of course, know what the term means. It rolls off the tongue much better than SJW. I like it. The base meaning is the same but projected to all Whites instead of just White Southerners. I shall from now on refer to the SJW as scalawags.

    • @Sam J.

      ‘I got a great idea. Instead of calling them SJW, liberals or cucks we should start calling them scalawags.’

      In some ways we are on the same vibe, as I have long regarded SJWs, from Dixie, as Scalawags, and have oft referred to them as such.

      No word more perfectly conveys the sense of traitor – not just in the cultural and national sense, but, in the racial, as well.

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